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Mumbi Phiri tells PF in Chongwe to start looking for a new MP candidate for 2016

General News Mumbi Phiri tells PF in Chongwe to start looking for a new...

Former Munali MP Mumbi Phiri and PF Chairperson for Elections Sylvia Masebo in angry verbal exchange
FILE: Mumbi Phiri and then PF Chairperson for Elections Sylvia Masebo in angry verbal exchange during PF Convention

PF Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri has called on the PF in Chongwe Constituency to start looking for a person to stand on the ruling party in the 2016 tripartite polls.

Ms Phiri says the party in Chongwe should be very careful this time around because the past has been disappointing.

And Ms Phiri says the PF was not formed on the basis of money.

MS PHIRI says the party has always grown from small donations from members who want to make a difference in the lives of Zambians.

She was speaking in Chongwe when she received 18 bicycles from a PF member from Chongwe.

Ms Phiri has urged the party to use the bicycles to sensitise people to get National Registration Cards.

And PF Ntandabale Ward Chairman Robert Mwenda who has donated the bicycles says time right to start resource mobilisation for the party ahead of the general elections next year.

Meanwhile, Evangelical Youth Alliance President Moses Lungu has cautioned opposition political parties and Non-Governmental critisising President Edgar Lungu’s pardoning of musician Clifford Dimba also known as General Kanene from prison.

Reverend Lungu says it is sad that some opposition political parties and NGO’s are trying to gain political mileage out of the head of state’s decision to pardon Kanene.

He says organisations should emulate president Lungu’s demonstration of forgiveness.

The clergy man was speaking to ZNBC News in a walk in interview in Lusaka.

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  1. Masebo’s time as Chongwe MP should expire for good,come 2016.She has grown so big headed and thinks that the seat is her personal to holder.Lets bring back Mwakalombe to show her some reality.

  2. Amazing news to come out of a country so besieged by huge challenges! Surely, should we be talking about by-elections and General Kanene everyday??

  3. @ Permalink while I agree with you on the need to get ride of Masebo even b4 2016 but the issue of bringing Mwakalombe here is a non starter. That ***** abused his family here to a point of impregnating his sister in law. When we gave him the Chongwe seat he abandoned us without saying bye. While in Maputo, he abused his fellow Diplomats with a view of getting them hurt by then new PF regime. He is simply an *****. I need to know him. Never for chongwe!!

  4. Let us have a people-driven constitution and do away with the expensive and divisive by-election nonsense.Mumbi Phiri and Davis Chama won’t be heard of when a new constitution is enacted.

  5. Bamumbi please let pipo give you who should be their MPs. Yes we have those who helped PF but we have given them chance. lets have pipo who can help thr party and our pipo

  6. I conquer with Mumbi Phiri people of Chongwe should look for a credible Mp to contest in 2016.This constuency has been neglected for some time now.That prostitute Mp(masebo)is mute like a rotten pumpkin.She is the worst Mp in this country.Galu iwe(dog)

  7. Don’t you feel sour in the mouth after insulting? I always miss your point and logic in your argument. Once insult pops up in your message. By the way, I am no angel to condemn you.

  8. Don’t play with Masebo, and don’t play with chiefteness Nkomeshya, that’s our mum, she decide who to stand.

  9. Very dull Mumbi Phiri. I challenge you to come and stand in Munali we chipuba. Why did you ran away from Munali and you go and talk about another person in a different constituency.

    Removing a grass in your frind’s eye when you have a log in your own eye. You were an MP in Munali what did you bring and why did you ran away without explaining? Failures look for faults in other people.

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