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Mumbi Phiri not moved by Chuundu resolution

General News Mumbi Phiri not moved by Chuundu resolution

Munali Member of Parliament Mumbi Phiri
Mumbi Phiri

Patriotic Front Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri says she is not intimidated by the resolution of the Chuundu meeting of the Tonga speaking for President Edgar Lungu to fire her together with PF Secretary General Davies Chama and Information Minister Chishimba Kambwili.

Ms Phiri has told QFM News that she will not be distracted by such calls, but will instead concentrate on growing the ruling party.

And Ms Phiri has accused UPND President Hakainde Hichilema of lying against her that she maligned the people of Southern Province.

She says the UPND leader is allegedly fond of lying as witnessed during his appearance on Muvi TV’s the Assignment program were he said she defended the people who attacked him in Kitwe.

Msd Phiri says she will not be drawn to join the category of liars stating that she is comfortable where she is in the ruling party.

And PF Secretary General Davies Chama has told QFM News in separate phone interview that his main focus is to ensure the ruling party grows and not on tribal issues.

Mr. Chama has however stated that those people calling on President Lungu to fire him are exercising their constitutional right and he cannot stop.


  1. Shame on you both! BANDITS who are Tribalists.

    2016 is fast approaching, those lips will be dry.

    The Skeleton Key

    • As for Mubi Phiri, let us leave it at what Antonio Mwanza FDD spokesperson has said. Clinton! lol….kwaliba ifikopo!

    • SG Chama has put it with sanctity, “his main focus is to ensure the ruling party grows and not on tribal issues”. The so called “Chuundu Caitwa” has delivered a hollow and despicable political resolution. It has turned out to be a gathering of emotional self confusing circus crusaders blind to see how they are maligning themselves instead

      Just how many of such resolutions this legion ever passed ordering Zambian political parties to fire their own members?

      What happens if Bembas likewise daily called monkeys and thieving kaponyas by UPND especially under Sata convene and comes up with their own resolution that UPND fires all its leadership starting with most incendiary Garry Nkombo?

      Late Sata was right never to fire Miles Sampa, instead he moved him to Choma as their Minister.

    • Come on guys we all know this Chuundu resolution is projecting tribalism onto PF members when all one needs to do is look at the voting patterns during the past elections. If any thing Tongas are the best at this tribal thing. The resolution is preposterous and if Lungu acted on their demands then he will be a dam-ned f00l.
      We all make fun of different tribes in Zambia. Easterners are known to be rodent eaters and notorious at giving their kids crazy names; Bemba’s for thieving; kalubale’s cleaning poop; Tonga’s for polygamy and stinginess. The list goes on but this shouldn’t divide us it’s what makes us diverse.
      So Chuundu Caitwa you need to take your resolution and shove it where the sun don’t shine!

    • Crusaders of sectarian strategies have lost it again, this time in a big way. They have gotten too desperate, and out of mojo to electrify the country against a unifying and inclusive leadership in view of the fact that ECL is amazingly giving his country.

      It is wishful thinking to believe that resorting to such unorthodox schemes can shift national political alignments. Subversively sponsoring such fronts as “Chuundu Caitwa” is being naive and delusional. As a united people allergic to tribal agendas we know that this another classic case of self defeat of a clique on the national stage. Its in a self asphyxiation overdrive. Their defeat is now “fait accompli”.

      Imagine, Lenjes, Bemba, Kaondes, Lozis, Lala, Ngonis, ushis, mambwes etc all come up with their own resolutions for…

    • pf as the ruling party must be seen to be uniting the country through constructive engagement.

      It is irresponsible for pf leaders to start issuing such irresponsible and inflammatory statements which have the potential of dividing Zambia.

      As a leader,one must be able to inspire people and not divide them.All of you who have been in support of such irresponsible senseless statements from the two pf cadres will be held responsible should civil war breaks out.

    • President Lungu will be a dam.ned f00l if he took into consideration the Chuugu Caitwa resolution demands. Zambian tribes are known for different vices. The Bemba’s are known for thieving; Easterners for eating rodents and giving crazy names to their kids; Luvales are known to be poop cleaners; Tongas for their stinginess and polygamy…the list goes on. This shouldn’t divide us as a people. It’s what makes us unique.
      So the Chuungu Caitwa can take their resolution and shove it where the sun don’t shine!

    • “It is amazing how many people think that they can answer an argument by attributing bad motives to those who disagree with them. Using this kind of reasoning, you can believe or not believe anything about anything, without having to bother to deal with facts or logic.” — Thomas Sowell

    • History lesson for the young ones for you to understand why the two regions are like water and oil:

      At one time there were two separate territories: North Western Rhodesia/Barotseland (current Western, North Western, Copperbelt, Lusaka, Central and Southern Provinces) and North Eastern Rhodesia (Eastern, Northern, Luapula, Muchinga). In the 1911 Order in Council the two were joined to be Northern Rhodesia. NER was the impoverished part of the Union.


      After the 2015 presidential election, I came across a text message allegedly sent by Mr Davies Chama, EC Lungu right handman, which read,

      ‘We have hammered the Tongas, the Luvale and the Lozis. They thought they can come together and give us a Tonga President. God is good.’

    • Women’s Lobby Applauds President Lungu for pardoning General Kanene

      kikikikikikikikikikikikiki.. Lungu

      Where is he driving Zambia to???

    • EL vs LPM:

      Mwanawasa reduced debt from $7 billion to zero.

      Chagwa/PF has increased debt from zero to $6 billion and increasing ….!!

      Guess on exchange rate…..Chagwa from K4 to K8. LPM from K6 to K3.

      LPM fought corruption and removed FTJ immunity. Chagwa is wed to corruption and is restoring RB immunity!

      LPM reduced fuel and mealie meal prices. Chagwa increases taxes, fines and prices everyday!!

      Chagwa is bad corrupt opposite of LPM.

  2. The dilemma the Chuundu guys have is that they are trying to give directives to a President they never voted for and will not vote for in 2016, and he knows that. Why would he fire people from regions that supported him? I think this meeting will do HH more harm than any other politician, in 2016 he will not get the number of votes he got from other regions, every region will do their Chuundus on him.
    I get the feeling this meeting is not just about anger over insults but frustrations of a region stuck in regional opposition.
    For the record I think HH is not president becuase he has failed to connect with the people not because he is Tonga, but with this type of meetings his tribe will grow as a factor.

  3. Why should you apologise? Leave those tribalists who still think that we are leaving in caves. Ifisushi fya ng’ombe fyalibafulunganya. These vermin should never under any circumstances be allowed to have the instruments of power as they are a danger to the survival of this country.

  4. I bet President Lungu has more nightmares dreaming what next controversial statement Mrs Mumbi Phiri, Kambwili and the” waste of position” Chama will utter next. More than the opposition can ever for that matter hahahahaha.

  5. The advise to you Mumbi is to work for the betterment of the govt NOT for the party you belong to. Most peace loving people love mother Zambia not the ruling party.

    Masebo has complained of dirty Lusaka.. what are you doing to improve cleaniness??

  6. If I was Lungu, I would use this opportunity to cleanse the party. Firing the trio would make the general populace view him as a great and listening leader

    • Please don’t tempt the man to jump into an inferno……..if he fires Kambwili, the Bemba group will remove him from the position he holds as surrogate. They put him there to warm up for mubemba nkoko and he will pack faster than a nyau dancer if he dares them…….mark my words!!!

    • FYI

      Chagwa assumed PF presidency through consent judgment entered by Davies Chama and Inonge Wina; both ECL appointees.

      Mumbi Phiri ni mwana wamuvumo wako-ni-wako kumawa of Chagwa.

      Kambwili is from the Bemba votes of whom Chagwa is their surrogate.

      And you think Chagwa can unlink his tripod of power?

  7. @salamat

    Can you state the period from the time lpm became president to when the debt was reduced also when the exchange rate dropped compared to six months of Edgar in office. If you can make comparisons based on the number of months held in office I will believe in you. Remember mwanawasa first term was crucial due to hipc completion and that costed his re election in 2006. Sata capitalized on that just like hh is capitalizing on load shedding . Next time try to make wise comparisons full.

    • Spongy Bob….

      I do compare apples with apples and oranges with oranges. I am not malicious but putting facts which you also know.

      Edgar/PF inherited a sound economy with abundant reserves. In a short time, this man and his opinionated minions have nose dived everything ; fx, debt, jobs, taxes, road musonko, corruption. Zambia under Lungu is broke for the first time after KK one party mismanagement.

      I live in Zambia and the failure of Lungu is everywhere. Today, I found the 3 ltr pure juice in Pick n Pay at K54 from K18 a year ago!!!

      Which shops do you go to?

    • @Spongy Bob

      What positive economic data do you have attributed to Edgar Lungu on:

      1. Exchange rate
      2. Foreign reserves
      3. Interest rates
      4. Employment figures
      5. Food production
      6. Price reduction in essential commodities
      7. Level of foreign and domestic debt
      8. Personal emoluments as proportion of budget
      9. GDP growth
      10. Corruption perception index

    • You are saying LPM’s first term was crucial coz of the hipic completion which was positive. What crucial thing is the current ruler doing apart from increasing the debt and messing up the kwacha value?

  8. Onwards….with business on hand. Fools can look back and turn into a bag of salt!

    Best to ignore these characters and NEVER give them Power by responding in Fear.

    Well done Ma’am Phiri, for throwing the Salt over your shoulders.

  9. The Barotseland nationals already have their resolutions:zwa. Soon it will be northwesterners. Zambia is breaking at the seams. And f00ls bury their empty heads in Kalahari sands

  10. The tribal gathering witnessed this weekend should open peoples’s eye and never give power to their leader. No one will drink water if the impossible happens God Forbid.

  11. @ salamat

    You are a kind of person who compares the size of a shark to kapenta simply because they all live in water.
    I don’t live in Zambia but in the most expensive city in the whole world. When you mention of those tuma prices here it’s nothing same as a freebie.

    • No, he does not.
      He is permanently licking the floor for the crumbs which fall from the “high table”.

  12. Chama,Mumbi and Kambwili have not done anything wrong to deserve being disciplined.UPND is just trying to consolidate the Southern province vote after noticing that PF is making headways in the province.They have called bembas all the names and yet the bemba chiefs have never called for such a meeting to complain.What is so special with this tribal party ?

  13. Yes its all just desperation,desperation ! Is it an offence to be told that u are a polygamist when indeed you are ? It is common sense….Chama in my view was stating a mere fact that if you continue being tribal,it will be difficult for you to produce a President cos other tribes may also decide not to support you.Mathematically,it means that you have to find another formular for you to make it.

  14. Seriously however, this meeting should read something in people who hid Zambia at heart. Small as it may seem, it’s a very serious matter. Ethnic genocide START just like this. My advice to those belittling Tongas, be careful. Tongas may not be the only ones offended. I will give an example, people say Zambian music is only bemba and
    nyanja music. And this is the only music playing on znbc radio and tv. It’s a shame. So be careful you chaps who just yap yap. So don’t think it’s only Tongas who are affected. This country is smoldering and may catch fire soon.

  15. Mumbi Phiri is a brilliant lady and indeed an asset to PF.She is sharp and talks alot of sense.UPND is jealousy.

  16. All those who gathered in monze are upnd card carrying cadres, why are they too much worried about the pregnancy of their neighbours dog!! PF must be left to run its affairs as they see fit. No sane person would think of telling the president to start destroying his party ma rubbish. Its only seven months since you lost your chance to rule ,and pf was at its weakest koseni come 2016 you will face a pf at 120% fit it will be kolopa.com


  18. Why is tribal UPND busy asking President Edgar Lungu to fire PF senior officials?HH and his party followers are tribal-period!!honestly how can wise men attend a meeting called”chuundu chaitwa” over a simple statement from Davis Chama?indeed most tongas are tribal!!these guys call us bembas thieves,monkeys etc and not a single bemba has called for a meeting to discuss tribal issues!!THIS IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN TONGAS AND OTHER TRIBALS IN ZAMBIA!PRESIDENT LUNGU MUST NOT LISTEN TO THESE TONGAS WHOSE AIM IS TO WEAKEN PF SO THAT THEIR HH CAN WIN IN 2016!!THESE TONGAS ARE DESPERATE FOR THE PRESIDENCY!!THEY 100% KNOW THAT 2016 WOULD BE HH’S LAST ATTEMPT!!

  19. Senior Cotizen you have equally run out of the few ideas you possessed in 2010. In issues like this, you place those cards onto the president and he knows the intrinsic consequences Are deeper than what is said. If the president is wise, he knows what to do. These three who have called Tongas names are officials and cannot be likened to Kaponyas. You get that?

  20. The biggest problem with PF is that the majority in leadership are opportunists, fortunate seekers with weak moral judgment on issues. Most of these we see now we’re once cleansed by MCS after realizing they were Kaponyas. Hisain oversight was entrusting one of them to act in his place.

  21. All the noise was just share waste of time by these tongas te. Useless thinking, ati remove this one and that one, they just wanted to make some noise to be heard ati baliko pa chalo.

  22. Well said Mumbi and Chama. Just focus on growing the might PF and leave those who dwell on tribalism continue.

  23. She is just a fool without any proper credentials anywsy in Zambia we would vote for any fool that makes noise without any direction.Our voting depicts what we are as a people.Thus why I wouldnt be suprissed if this moro called Mumbi stood as president Zambians would still vote for her because they cant see beyond the nose.


  25. who is tribal a person who votes for good, dynamic and visionary leader and a person who votes for static, drunkard and visionless leader.

    If tongas are tribal, then why are bembas and nyanjas not voting for HH. this tell us that all tribes in Zambia are tribal. It is therefore wrong to pinpoint one tribe as tribal.

    who is tribal a person who doesn’t want to speak other tribes’ language and a person who joins in other languages. Bembas and Nyanjas despite all the leaders you vote for you are still poor and live in abject poverty. you are tooooooo lazy to work and comprehend realities.

  26. who is tribal a person who votes for good, dynamic and visionary leader and a person who votes for static, drunkard and visionless leader.

    If tongas are tribal, then why are bembas and nyanjas not voting for HH. this tell us that all tribes in Zambia are tribal. It is therefore wrong to pinpoint one tribe as tribal.

    who is tribal a person who doesn’t want to speak other tribes’ language and a person who joins in other languages. Bembas and Nyanjas despite all the leaders you vote for you are still poor and live in abject poverty. you are tooooooo lazy to work and comprehend realities.

  27. @analyst continue with your analysis and we’ll see where your god HH will get votes to rule zambia!!for you only a tonga is a saviour and under HH zambia will be america,shocking!!HOW I NOW WISH ZAMBIANS IGNORED YOUR TRIBALISM AND VOTED FOR HH THEN SEE HOW TONGAS god-HH WILL FAIL US!!i wonder what makes u feel that only HH and UPND has solutions to our problems!!YOU LIVE IN UTOPIA LAND”!!THIS GOVNTS IS RUN BY GREAT BRAINS WITH SPLENDID WORK EXPERIENCE AND OUTSTANDING UNIVERSITY DEGREES!!SO WHAT MAKES HH WITH NO GOVNT EXPERIENCE BUT WITH A KA UNZA DEGREE SO SPECIAL?ALL HH KNOWS IS BU KACHEMA(FARMING) AND SELLING GOVNT FIRMS!!so its only triba1ism which makes u tongas support him-full stop!!

  28. It is time for politicians to tone down their language. This issue of resorting to insults and name calling once you loose an argument will divide Zambia.
    Many people in PF are scared becuase HH came close last time and are doing everything to widen the gap by dividing regions and name calling. Let them learn from late Levy. It is simple, just deliver and people will vote for you. Mwanawasa never lost the MMD base in the north and luapula even when late Sata was agitating in the opposition. He simply delivered. Zambians are not stupid. They can be cheated but are quick to correct a wrong by voting somebody else. The Chuundu meeting was allowed becuase PF thinks are exploiting it in their favour. Zambians when time comes vote somebody they think will solve their problems.

  29. How can a political party have two arrogant people working together? Chama and Mumbi? This woman is arrogant and will cost EL votes. Chama knows he is in deep trouble and seems to be lying low.

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