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GBM will remain as PF MP despite holding UPND Vice president post

Headlines GBM will remain as PF MP despite holding UPND Vice president post



Kasama Central PF Member of Parliament Geoffrey Mwamba has been unveiled as opposition UPND’s Vice President.

Mr Mwamba has however not defected from the PF to join the UPND and will continue serving as PF MP for Kasama Central. UPND President Hakainde Hichilema clarified that Mr Mwamba has not resigned from the PF but has only joined the UPND.

He said the PF has been appointing UPND MPs and other opposition members to serve in its government adding that there is nothing strange with Mr Mwamba’s move.

“We are giving PF a taste of their medicine. They have been appointing our members in their government and we are have been watching and advising them but they don’t listen. Now we are playing their kind of game,” Mr Hichilema said.

Mr Hichilema also refuted reports that some members of the National Management Committee had opposed Mr Mwamba’s appointment as Vice President.

“This appointment was overwhelmingly supported by all our NMC members. This is what a united Zambia looks like,” he said.

This is what a united Zambia looks like

He takes over from Mr Richard Kapita who defected to the PF in May as Vice President for Administration.

Addressing a huge crowd that attended his news conference at Lusaka’s Cresta Golf View Hotel, Mr Mwamba said he cannot continue working with the PF because the current PF leadership has allegedly abandoned the vision under which the PF was created.

Mr Mwamba told the cheering crowd that he joined late President Michael Sata in the PF because he believed in Mr Sata’s vision of serving the poor.

He said President Edgar Lungu has embraced all the people that President Sata never wanted to work with because they are corrupt.

“Today, they are working with Dora Siliya, this is the same Siliya who came to Kasama and insulted Mr Sata. She is still court for corruption. They adopted Mr Simbao who was taken to court by Mr Sata for electoral corruption, ninshi umuntu alikwana (Is this person normal)?”

Mr Mwamba said he has decided to serve in the UPND because it is the only political party with a crebile social and economic programme for Zambia.

He said he will use his political and financial muscle to help grow the UPND across Zambia.

The Kasama MP said the PF has no economic development agenda for Zambia going by the way the Kwacha has been performing.

“I have never seen the Kwacha misbehave like this ever in my entire life, Kwacha naipena (Kwacha has gone mad).”

Mr Mwamba said in 2011, the PF worked hard to wrestle power from the MMD but stated that the same MMD is back in power using the PF.

He said his appointment as UPND Vice President is humbling saying the he is confident that the party will form government next year.

Meanwhile, UPND Vice President for Politics Canisius Banda said Mr Mwamba’s appointment will help unify the party.

“The President is from Monze, I am from Eastern Province and GBM is a Bemba, mu Bemba inkonko (he is a true Bemba,” Mr Banda said.

At the same function, UPND MP Stephen Katuka was unveiled as the new party Secretary General replacing ailing Winstone Chibwe.


    • Dr Banda has used a left hand while GBM,HH and his girl friend Maureen Mwanawasa have used a right hand to symbolise the upnd symbol.This shows how they will fail in 2016 and the direction in which they will go.GBM is no longer a factor in the politics of now days.He was disowned by the late Micheal Sata so is Winter Kabimba

    • Now this is Ba mwamba A.K.A GBM talking… people listen… … not Ka mwamba ka emmauel Mwamba ka kuluku

      Officially GBM has stop using Edgar lungu`s kwacha… him and his friend HH are now using dollar… yes US dollar like my firend @Nostradamus

    • Mutati is still an MMD MP. As much as his contribution during the last election shud be appreciated it’s no use for him to cross over now & lose his gratuity & cause unnecessary Bye election. GBM is already expelled from PF but just challenged the decision in court. I think he has made up his mind to forgo his seat. Mutati needs that money for compaigns next year. He also has a dented image of him & some ‘bokosi’ MP committing fornication in lodge while campaigning. In my opinion, GBM’s GBV case against his wife Chama is a lesser evil than Mutati’s alleged cheating on his spouse.
      If anyone else other than GBM from Northern block was supposed to be appointed UPND VP without causing bye elections then independent MP Mucheleka deserves it. Otherwise GBM is a better choice for political &…

    • Otherwise GBM is a better choice for political & economic reasons. HH has single handedly sustained UPND for 9 yrs (Since 2006) & needs financial help.
      It also follows if ,by God’s grace, HH wins next year one of two power blocks (North & East) will be VP (GBM or Canisius Banda) meaning after completing his two terms HH may hand over power to one of them shud they still be around. Shud he lose, God forbid, one of the two esp GBM, with financial muscle, takes over & can easily enjoy nationwide support in 2021 elections.
      As for old members I think it will unnecessary for them to complain. It will be unreasonable for Nkombo, Mweetwa or belemu to want to be VP with the sustained unfounded accusations of UPND being a Tonga tribal party. Even Kakoma shud remain where he is else accusations…

    • Even Kakoma shud remain where he is else accusations of being appointed on chimbuyaship will surface.
      The only valid complaint to me may come from Kuchunga Simusamba who may have wanted to take over from the quiet SG Chibwe & WP who seem not well represented.
      All in all I wud have been comforted with a mini-convention to fill the vacancies.
      GBM, Welcome on board!

    • Just goes to show how little we understand Party Politics becoz it is still all foreign to us!!

      GBM will lose this one in court – you can ONLY be vice president or whatever post of a Party ONCE YOU HAVE JOINED IT!!

      What they have wrongly interpreted, is a “SHADOW CABINET OF THE OPPOSITION!!” The Opposition comprises all different parties that aren’t the ruling party – hence they don’t NEED to vacate the SEATS THEY HOLD IN PARLIAMENT becoz they HOLD SEATS FOR THE PARTY THEY BELONG TO!! They can form a SHADOW CABINET, which a court will gladly agree, has no constitutional implications.

    • Desperation at its best. HH is adamant on getting the Bemba vote. ECL appoints ministers from opposition for ministerial jobs not for cheap politicking. However it’s up to those appointed ministers to vote a certain way in parliament. Does this mean that when UPND comes to power no one from another party will get a ministerial job? HH has really lost it.
      As for fat Albert, he has no right to call any one corrupt when he is corrupt to the core. We all read about his corrupt tendencies when he was defence minister. I doubt he will even get to 2016 with all his clogged arteries, high blood pressure and knee pains due to excess fat!

    • When he was acting mature and giving you economics you wouldn’t vote for him. Now you have a taste of your own medicine.

  1. It was long overdue…there’s nothing to stay glued to the PF for! Everything’s in disarray. Good luck Mr.mwamba.

  2. GBM? UPND Vice President at the same time still a PF member! Ekupesha!Anyway you have done well by avoiding a bye election and saving tax payer’s money.

    • This GBM CHAP is just fooling us. All he wants is to get his gratuity. How do you divorce a woman and another man marries her but still insist she is still married to the other man…what nonsense. Just tell this nation that you what to cling on to power so that you do not lose your gratuity. We are not children to be cheated. Resign so that you test the people of Kasama. You will then know that you are a finished Politician. Even standing with a rat GBM can loose…….try and see

  3. GBM….

    Winston Churchill once said the only skill you need in politics is timing…

    You may not be educated but you are a wise man. Only a wise man can see whats coming

    • Nothing is coming! Only a very foolish man (GBM) would believe HH is now in love with the Bemba people because he has appointed GBM. The chanting of the mob at Mazoka’s funeral, only a Tonga can lead UPND makes it very difficult for anybody with a memory to believe this shred. If UPND won, with the current constitution, GBM wouldn’t even be appointed Veep to HH, I grantee you that.
      Last elections were based on the nega nega formula and we will also go and vote ichitinta ng’ombe! No moon or sun will give the UPND the win in 2016!
      I can’t wait for Speaker Hon. Matibini to declare the Kasama Central constituency seat vacant and we show these goons real politics.

  4. So UPND have caused another by-election, a deliberate waste of our resources which would have been utilized to develop Sinazeze. How irresponsible is this??

  5. Thats how the game of chase is played.in chase we utilize and protect the pieces which have dangerous moves.GBM adds more value to upnd than kapita does to pf.

  6. Interesting – the man does not believe in the PF but does not want to leave the PF!!! Anyway, join the only party with multiple VPs (but preaches a lean Govt.)

    • Wasosa webo! The facade of the UPND lean government unveiled.
      These goons are surely unbelieveable!

  7. “The President is from Monze, I am from Eastern Province and GBM is a Bemba, mu Bemba inkonko (he is a true Bemba,” Mr Banda said.

    • That is exactly what GBm represent! The fact that UPND is trying to trick Bembas into voting HH into power. Even a little kid knows that if GBM resigned from PF today and went and recontested the Kasam Central on the UPND ticket, he would lose miserably, hence the hanging on! It is all an illusion mwebantu!

  8. Same old and lame game. U politicians are all the same. Wasn’t UPND courting Maxwell Mwale for the Malambo seat? And where is Mwale today?

  9. Ow HH this is so embarrassing. I was hoping you were wise but this explanation of they did this to us so we’re doing the same is terrible. A really bad move on your part which is actually making you look childish. I was really routing for you but I am now at a standstill and will wait and see who wins. Maybe if you incorporate new graduates and pair them with ministers might be a good thing. They may not know how things run but they have the smarts of education and can contribute and learn quickly while the older generation is also learning from them. This recycled system needs to end here because there is no way forward. You talk about education but exactly what most of the older generation lack in today’s forever changing technology world. To win in 2016 you need fresh new ideas HH.

    • Childish indeed, but if you tray to read out of “partisan” box, you may see a “legal game” which will exploit legal voids of current Laws (Constitution included).
      Who will win?
      Brains or thugs?
      Let us wait and see how much “independence” our Judiciary has retained, or lost?

  10. He knows he cannot retain his seat. Like some one has said above it’s a question of timing! By the way why not Mutati or any of those who had endorsed HH?

    • If you want answer, read couple of comments by people which use brains to think outside “cadre” or “tribe” box, you may found something called “LAWS OF THE LAND”.
      The choice is very simple: Rule of Law or Rule of Mob.

  11. One Zambia One nation.Country men and women if a government has not performed to our expectations why should we keep it in power?
    If PF has failed us we should show them the way.
    If UPND forms goverment and fails to perform we chase them out.
    Who has been spared by the kwacha depreciation,fuel increase,poor farmer sleeping in cold,Univesity closed,no water,load shielding? Bemba,Tonga,Ngoni,luvale,Lunda,Kaonde,Lozi are all affected.
    Let us look at quality leadership country men we only have one Zambia.Abashi kalova.
    Kindly take care of the out going Secretary General UPND we need to support each other in what ever situations we are in.Thanks Chibwe for your job well done

    • Stup1d id10t f00l of nonsense. Go and clean your backyard wemwana wakwa pushi iwe.

  12. What happens to Felekisi Mutatisi? What about Sylvenia Mabesho? Thought she could make good SG for UPND!

  13. That’s the way to go. Well done HH. Give posts to some PF and MMD members of parliament, those who want to develop our country, not those who only look at their bellies. HH you must work very hard in Lusaka and copper-belt in order to win 2016 election. Also you must state practical ways how you’re going to raise most money locally in order to build our economy because we have both manpower and resources are available. Do not listen to people who are telling you that your party is a Tonga party. Remember this is a strategy PF has used to undermine your party. Tell them, UPND is not a Tonga Party, but it is for the Tongas, mixed Tongas (Children not pure Tongas), friends of Tongas and all Zambian, i.e. all who love this country to be developed. It is not a secret some Tongas have voted…

    • Yeah right??? “UPND is not a Tonga Party, but it is for the Tongas, mixed Tongas (Children not pure Tongas), friends of Tongas and all Zambian, i.e. all who love this country to be developed”. That sentence is hogwash! Too much of Tonga in it!

  14. which consititution is the oposition using to appoint some one from another party to come and serve them? Is HH the republican president who can appoint one to come and serve him?If mwamba still have popurality let him resign and recontest the same seat. I dont think our consititution allows the oposition leader to do that

    • And who said that HH has appointed leader of the opposition in parliament? GBM has joined as VP of the UPND and is still PF party member but is exercising his fundamental rights of association with people which have elected him on late Sata (RIP) “manifesto” and his term as MP is ending in 2016.
      On the other hand, do you think that CONVICTED CRIMINAL, pardoned but still convicted, should be allowed to serve his electorate as MP after betraying their trust, never-mind his political affiliation?

  15. Iam disappointed with HH and GBM….! The opposition mps you are refering to are serving in the government of Zambia and not in pf as a party…! Childish politics at work…! Plz think b4 u talk…! You have lost my vote…!

  16. It is not a secret some Tongas have voted… for PF. That means Tongas are not tribal. We have been made to think by some foolish politicians that Tongas are tribal.

    • Stop mumbling rubbish, all Zambian tribes have some tribal inclinations. Your statement has nothing to do with why HH loses. He loses because he is not convincing as a politician and his ascendency to the UPND leadership on the background of a mob chanting “only a Tonga” just worsened things for him.
      He may win next year, but not because he has made GBM his VEEP for admin, NO!

  17. Those MPs vote for PF side in parliament as they are Government ministers why do you think they are given jobs, parliament is about numbers for bills to go through.

  18. gbm knows he will lose his seat if he stood on the UpDn ticket. gbm and HH are hoping that by next year things will so bad that people will vote for UpDn party but I have news for gbm, ECL will win the elections next year and that will be the end of both HH and gbm political careers.

  19. My gut feeling is that this is just the unmistakable gust of winds before the category 5 hurricane makesthe inevitable landfall in PF. If EL continues with his mismanagement style , by this time next year it will be helta skelta in PF. Any I said it on this fora that EL was a disaster in waiting just as the gulliblecadres were running riot and judges/courts allowed themselves to be abused to see him rise to power by hook or crook. Just my thoughts!

    • Quest @ #24 your thoughts have been rubbished by 6 people already, five b y voting and myself! ECL is not a disaster at all. M CS started a lot of projects on roads infrastructure which are getting completed so that ECL fulfills the late HEMCS’s promises. These infrastructure development have been gobbling alot of US$ while mines went into almost care and maintenance mode until the same ECL lead government revised the mining taxes.
      Currently the copper production has stabilised despite world copper prices still being sluggish. The implication is that by next year same time, after most road projects are completed the Kwacha will strengthen and the same UPND opportunists will claim that it is being manipulated for elections.
      Be around and see what has happened before commenting anyhow!

    • @ Mutendele #24.1: If failing to control simple things like Chama & mumbi, kambwili’s verbal diahorrea, running a 50% budget deficit within 90 days in office borrowing $2bn usd within 1st year in office to fund a budget deficit (greece style/ funding recurrrent expenditure /what has the 750m Eurobond done for ZRL if I may ask?), indeni crude oil saga, galavanting abroad aimlessly, being arm twisted by the likes of Mwamba (kanene pardon saga), covert support for frivolous court case to try & postpone 2016 elections, prioritising to fix the DPP over important national matters, are not sure signs of an impending disaster then lets agree to disagree because our thinking is miles apart & at very different wavelengths. Needless to say I think with my brain not my “heart” Cheers

  20. Whatever next?
    Indeed nothing is stranger than Life!
    I’m waiting to see RB heading the PF as a natural progression.
    Watch this space.

  21. HH is dull, i thought he uses his brain to think….
    I think he uses tribe to think……that moment when you appoint a dull bemba guy to become your vp…lol
    tribalist indeed

  22. GBM has betrayed Sata and PF.We shall enjoy his money but teach him a good political lesson in Kasama.

  23. This sounds very foreign. The clause GBM leans on is constitutionally challengable to say the least.

  24. wait a minute gbm resigned from his cabinet position because they disagreed with MCS. After losing the elections in Kabwe gbm was quoted in the local press as saying he was willing to campaign for ECL if ECL could make gbm campaign manager for Northern province. When ECL told gbm that he was not a factor in Kasama (let alone Northern province) that is when gbm started supporting HH. The results of the last presidential by elections proved ECL right. gbm failed to garner enough votes for HH even in his constituency, Kasama central. Is gbm a factor in Northern province? I don’t think so.

  25. Dream on GBM and we’ll see how you’ll cry after seeing tribal HH losing in 2016!!GBM will add nothing to UPND!!HH is indeed is under 5 politician!he should have given this post to Felix Mutati or Maureen Mwanawasa!!ever since GBM joined UPND after losing the PF presidency in kabwe to Miles Sampa,he has added nothing to UPND!!TO CONFIRM THAT HE IS NOTHING IN KASAMA OR NORTHERN,GBM HAS FAILED TO RESIGN FROM PF FEARING TO LOSE TERRIBLY IN CASE OF A BY ELECTION!!

  26. The difference is that UPND have lost it.Those UPND MPs serving in government are not holding party positions in PF whilst GBM is holding a party position in UPND and is a PF MP. So he has lost it and there will be a bye election in Kasama. HH has no constitution power to appoint someone from another party without causing a bye election if such a person was an MP. Such is my understanding and i know Cornelius Mweetwa knows it very well that HH on this one has caused a bye election.

  27. Yaba kuti waseka sana, Very parallel statements between HH and GBM here ” He is now a vice president and member of UPND now and but still an MP for PF” and GBM goes like ” I don’t believe in working with PF anymore” citing current accused corrupt people who have joined PF from MMD among other things. Mr HH there no such a thing of serving two different positions for two different political parties. I think HH and UPND they want to use GBM as an informer from within PF to UPND. By the way When GBM was in PF with president Sata UPND called him names like ” Kaponya’s” and today a Kaponya is their vice president.

  28. The appointment of GBM as a vice president to HH is an act of desperation and emanating from a tribal motive. Just because GBM is Bemba, one conjures up massive Bemba votes through GBM. Yet, the same party he has joined has done irreparable image damage to him when he served as minister in PF. government.

  29. Haha haha check mate ba Jemasons! Let’s see what parliament and indeed the courts will do. Your move PF.

    • You don’t say checkmate when your king is already on its side! Terrible chase player HH. Soon and very soon there will be a bye election in Kasama and GBM will lose.

  30. In its current form, Zambia needs financial heavyweights to rescusitate the economy. HH’s team is well composed to liberate zambia from the cruciating poverty.

  31. Very strange reasoning by HH, GBM and their ‘special advisors’. Anyone above the age of 16 with a functional brain can see that this won’t work!

    Not surprising though as UPND have no strategy in place that would win them the Kasama Central seat.

    • There is a Mr. Siakalima as senior adviser – who has now taken to insulting the president as a preoccupation.

  32. PF is extremely impotent. This is the wisest move any politician can make. If PF expelled GBM, they blessed him, PF is dead, it’s just the power of incumbency that is keeping it going

    • Maria Mungu indeed you are the Maria Mungu from Idi Amin. Just look at what you are thinking …its just she.it. Well we all know how Maria Mungu behaved in that movie kikikiki. If he was in Zambia the only party he would join is Useless People Nationally Dull (UPND)

    • Stop barking! PF is still very much alive as they just beat all the opposition parties in all the bye elections that took place recently in Petauke, Malambo & Mulobezi! No wonder you are Maria Mungu, brain quality is that of the inside of umungu! Shaaa!

  33. GBM, the nation is behind you. Just marshal support among the opposition, don’t you see that each time a bye election is held the opposition lose though they have more votes cumulative against the late ruling party PFp

  34. Dull bloggers, understand the simple radicalism literature in the article-not your own hollowish compulsions!

  35. The nation is behind you GBM, all reputable credit rating agencies have down graded Zambia economic outlook. If that is not failure, what is it? It is logical to associate with progressives, good move

  36. One wonders why a normal adult person can support PF or join PF proudly under such economical miseries & policy inconsistencies!

  37. Education or not, go forward GBM. We have had many educated chaps who have been porridge in politics. Do not be detracted ba GBM please

    • Which ku vina? GBM was with HH even in 2015 and they performed dismally in Northern, Muchinga and Luapula provinces. The way you get excited and politically ejeculate prematurely is what leads to most people referring to you as under 5s. Learn to be politically conscious and analytical. See far, see 2016 when most projects initiated by late HEMCS, MHSRIP complete and the mood of the people. HE ECL is not RB, he doesn’t have son’s pilfering money and he is not doing any deals at state house. UPND will lose again in 2016!

  38. The confidence of 2016 for PF is like for Rupiah in 2011. The ball game on the ground is something else. Even the relatives to corrupt PF politicians posting on this blog will wail

  39. Please if somebody has GBM’s number, I would like to congratulate the man. Even MMD tried, mealie meal 30 kwacha, exchange rate very stable, Fuel price predictable. And somebody is still singing PF. You did the roads, we now need people who will sort out bread and butter issues. The issues that matter the most

  40. Today have seen bu under 5 in politics of Zambia. Ministerial post is different from party president. HH you are not fit to rule this nation.

  41. This no longer about the wealth of HH or GBM, Opportunism yes, timing yes but MORE SO about frustration not just about how power was usurped in PF & founder members sidlined. About the reality on the ground & the future, nose diving ZMK,abuse of the Judiciary/ACC, high fuel prices, embracing of corruption, Kaloba by govt, nonsensical pardon of Kanene which only reinforces the notion of a compromised, weak, almost immoral Presido, indiscipline/lawlessness among party officials/cadres. Load shedding Zesco fracas & indeni wrong crude fracas whilst the Head of state keeps galivanting. Davies chama, kambwili & mumbi phiri’s verbal diahorrea! If u truly believe in PF look squarely in the face this is self inflicted pain than burying your head in the sand.

  42. I can see a lot of empty tins making alot of noise and praising GBM when Article 71 (2) (c) of the Constitution clearly states that ” A member of the National Asembly shall vacate his seat in the assembly; ..in case of an electected member if he becomes a member of a political party other than the party of which he was an authorised candidate when he was elected to the National Assembly…”

    Where was lawyer Jack Mwiimbu to advise these under 5 politicians kanshi who use their money to think?

  43. HH will never cease to amaze us?

    @ Kitwe Boys
    You are right to say that they use their money and bellies to think and not their brains! Clear desperation to replace Kapita, how can yo say im no longer in PF but again say I will be a PF mp. Dont they teach simple logic in the economics that we hear that HH is an economist? “Lazalo lazalo nau dull wanu.. mudzifelukako naulemu” says one old advert.

  44. This is what you get for Lungu camp’s arrogant attitude that “we don’t need you!” Soon we will see if you were right or just overexcited by your good fortune


  46. Can I hear UPND cadres tell me about MMD/PF as being corrupt when they’re getting the same into UPND and in high leadership positions?
    And I though HH as a leader he would have understood the simple legal issue of Party and Government appointments. Cabinet is executive branch of government and separate from a political part though formed by a governing political party but legally independent from political party and that’s why an opposition MP can be appointed to Cabinet but remains I. His party. An MP can support or campaign for opposition MP OR President without joining the party and its up to his party to find legal grounds to expel him/her if they conclude he has fallen short of part rules and warrants expulsion and thereby loose his/her seat in parliament.
    So I expected HH to know

  47. I am left with no words. So UPND is the alternative to PF. How different is it from PF? Just wondering and crying for mother Zambia

  48. Ba GBM you are not the only one who dishes out money to voters in Kasama. Some do it quietly and they dont show off.
    Dont forget that there are people from the Bemba Royal family in PF who can and will influence northerners not to vote for
    you as you have betrayed them and Sata.

    Just because you invite and give His Royal Highness Chitimukulu millions of kwachas doesnt mean he’s on your side. Other
    people are giving him more, mind you.

    Very soon, and I mean very soon you will be eyeing HH’s position because you are so greedy. Just go and settle in RSA.

    I can assure you, you are not a factor

  49. HH, you just lost one! You cannot have a new vision with re-cycled, corrupt, “go with the flow” politicians. The load shedding is already one of the nails on the coffin of the govt in power and you were already plain sailing…..

  50. Patrick Chisanga was there when upnd didn’t know its tribe, Sakwiba Sikota was there until Sejani pronounced the tribe of upnd. “ONLY A TONGA IS GOING TO TAKE OVER FROM MAZOKA” announce the great ACKSON SEJANI. The rest is water under the kafue hook bridge.

  51. Big tribe is back in town, according to Zambian constitution the republican president has power and right to appoint ministers from MPs, (from anywhere). The president of any opposition party has no right to appoint any MP to any position, it’s not in our constitution. I therefore advise my brothers to re-visit the zambian constitution and do things aright. it’s not tit for tat but what the law states. Zambian politics is full of dirty, we always want to see the goverment in power to fail so that we can takeover. Lets do politics in a mature way and develop our nation, if PF fails its the whole nation which has failed. All opp. political parties in zambian should understand that they are goverments in waiting, therefore they should contribute handsomely to the wellbeing of the nation

  52. The appointment of GBM is really desperation of the worst kind by HH. In MMD there are two camps Nervous Mumba’s MMD and RB’s MMD. A mature politician could have looked at opportunities of working with Nervous Mumba’s MMD. Not GBM. GBM will drive Nervous Mumba to the PF. Nervous Mumba can accept a subordinate position in PF and the Northern Province numbers will follow . With GBM in UPND what will be there for Nervous Mumba and Felix Mutati if not to drive them to PF. Watch the space Felix Mutati will be Finance Minister by December and Bo Chikwanda will be Minister without Portifolio. And all the schemes by HH will result to zero.

  53. Oh my my what a terrible combination! Under 5 plus icikopo plus ing’anga (some very ugly woman) and failed doctor and what do you expect?

    Now those who have been doubting when we say that this Under Five is very dull can start believing us. This person called GBM was beaten clean by Miles Sampa in Kabwe remember? He took all his his tu cash but was shown the way.

    ECL came on the scene and its all history. Mu 2016, anso you shall sing pelete imwe baice ba UPND, we shall teach you a lesson which will take the majority of you to the grave. Watch this space. After all we know what you did in January 2015 elections, we shall ensure that we hammer you big time! All our children, relatives, abeshikulu, imisepela yonse will revenge that stup1dity you showed and it will horrible for UPND…

  54. But Zoona Lesa wamulinganya,abapela money abatana amano.kuba mwena kufichitwa zoona .kumwabo Bali nu na chuundu chaitwa uku kumbi baleputa kikikikikiki tiye nayo munyamata ku 2016

  55. But surely you pipo surprise me with your comments. Some people say EL is a failure because he drinks too much but they forget that he is the most powerful person in this country at the moment. How can a failure become a President and a graduate from the best school in the country?

    Some claim HH is a failure yet they know that the gentleman is extremely rich and you can combine all the wealth owned by your great grand fathers and all those politicians who say HH is a failure and it wont even be 1% of his wealth. The gentleman is doing great and very successful indeed. Whether he becomes president or not will not make him poor. You will continue wallowing in poverty while he amasses a lot of wealth.

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