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Ministry of Foreign affairs PS receives submissions from the Zambia Diaspora for Diaspora Policy



Ministry of Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary Mr. Chalwe Lombe says government recognizes the diaspora as key stakeholders in the country’s development.

Mr. Lombe says President Edgar Chagwa Lungu is committed to ensuring that Zambians in the diaspora fully participate in the economic development of the country.

The Foreign Affair Permanent Secretary was speaking when he received submissions from Zambians in the United States for consideration in the Diaspora Policy that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is currently developing.

Mr. Lombe explained that the Ministry had set up a Diaspora Survey that will assist in capturing data on why and how Zambians in the diaspora were not fully participating in economic development.

He added that once reviewed, the ministry hoped that the recommendations from the survey will enable government create more space for Zambians in the diaspora participate in national development.

Mr. Lombe noted that government is committed to partnering with the diaspora in developing the country adding that the purpose of the study tours is also meant to see how best they can contribute to the development of the country.

The Permanent Secretary revealed that following the collection of data to the policy, government will host a diaspora indaba in September.

The Permanent Secretary, who began his mission in the United States capital Washington DC, held a conference call where over a hundred Zambians participated. During the conference call several Zambians made submissions on the diaspora policy but also used the opportunity to pose questions on pressing issues.

Mr. Lombe who was accompanied by Zambia’s Ambassador to the USA Palan Mulonda responded to the queries that were raised.

Later, the Permanent Secretary appeared on Zambia Blog Talk radio, a radio show that caters for Zambians in the diaspora all over the world.

The delegation that includes officers from the ministries of Justice, Education, Lands Commerce and Home Affairs then met Zambians for a second consultative meeting at the Zambian Embassy in Washington DC.

The Permanent Secretary held his last consultative meeting in Atlanta Georgia, where several Zambians also made their submissions to the Diaspora policy

The key areas of discussion for the consultative meetings included remittances, dual citizenship, trade and investment, political participation and land acquisition.

Issued by
Patricia Littiya
First Secretary (Press and Public Relations)
Embassy of the Republic of Zambia
Washington DC


  1. Patricia naiwe the way you wrote the story as if we are not serious here in USA.
    You even forgot that part of submission is to have MPs in diaspora, and minister of diaspora.

    • Waste of time and energy. If Govt didn’t bring you to the US, how are they going to help you now? Just work hard and do your thing, you will be successful!

      The suffering masses in Zambia NEED Goverment’s help not you ba muselela kwakaba

    • The writing itself is below par. An embassy in the US coming up with a report that includes the word, ‘then’! Iye.

      …and the misuse of the word diaspora….yaba

  2. So the diaspora is USA only.. Were all Zambians in other countries given a chance to submit? Doesn’t sound right.

  3. @One Zambia, you’re so right; the guys think Diaspora = Overseas. And the reason is simple – an opportunity to travel kubulaya!

  4. Not all Zambians abroad can meet the PS who travelled to the US. Open a website for such submissions. The same website should enable open registration for all those that are interested to participate in the conference in September.

    • Rightly observed! Did I even know that there was a Zambian PS visiting the US? What websites does one access the goings on regarding Zambians in the diaspora or at least for my interest those in the US?

  5. This whole diaspora survey is not serious as they are just focusing on the so-called Society Of Zambians In America SOZA which is just a bunch of Zambians from Atlanta and Houston who have taken it upon themselves to speak on behalf of all in the diaspora.
    A better approach was to publicize the PSs tour and have town hall meetings in ares know to have large Zambian populations. That way interested individuals can go air their views.

  6. Of course Lombe does not need to go to Atlanta to meet a selected group of Zambians in the diaspora.
    In this age & time he can meet (or is it get submissions) with most zambians right across globe from his office in Lusaka.
    But then how is he going to make his per diem. By the way who even supervises him when his CEO is chief kamwendo munjila.

  7. As a Zambian who is part of the “Select America” investments promotion and have seen its beauty in attracting and partnering with investors across the world better than the AGAO,I expect those in here including the ambassador to have sang “‘Select Zambia”‘ You can use the skills in aristo Chitafya Zambia tourism promotion presentation type and sing “”Select Zambia”” in USA investors forums

    Its a pity most in diasporas are only seen on LT and with little presence in the streets and centres of influence in the US

    Hardly you see and meet a Zambian even on the wall street or Feds

    We want to see impact like Nigerians and Kenyas later now lwandas not talk shows there…

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