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Government denies boundary dispute with DR Congo over Lake Tanganyika

General News Government denies boundary dispute with DR Congo over Lake Tanganyika

Government says it knows no known boundary disputes between Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo on Lake Tanganyika.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Rayford Mbulu says in as much as there are no known border disputes, meetings to mark out, demarcate and reaffirm borders along the lake are underway.

Mr. Mbulu said the meetings are in an effort to address the issues surrounding common borders of the shared waters between the four countries.

The Deputy Minister was speaking during the oral answer session in Parliament today.

Lake Tanganyika is shared about 500 kilometres between the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), 90 kilometres of Tanzania and Zambia and 110 kilometres in between the DRC and Burundi, respectively.

And Mr. Mbulu said other Riparian countries will also be involved during the reaffirmation or in other cases during the demarcation process especially when dealing with the tripartite points.

Is it against this background that Zambia is engaged in the African Union (AU) boundary programme (AUBP) which was established in 2007 to mark out, demarcate and reaffirm boarders based on existing protocols as well as bilateral agreements.

Mr. Mbulu explained that various line ministries will collaboratively undertake this delimitation exercise by an auto rectified satellite and global coordinate system on the lake and the physical establishment of the median line and tripartite points common to all the four countries.

He said each of the four countries will contribute in the procurement cost of the satellite service in proportion to its segment of the waters on the lake.

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  1. The simple rule is never to agree anything, never to share anything, never to co-invest with the Congolese. These people, like Bembas, thrive on chaos and confusion. They will not allow peace and order to rule the day. Any attempt to clarify anything with them is a waste of time and money. It is even better to just build a wall between Zambia and DRC so that we can keep out these barbaric monkeys.

    • You do realise that the vast majority of the Zambian population is of Congolese descent? Lets not forget that the current borders are arbitrarily drawn lines by the colonists and can not therefore be used as a basis of judging supposed national characteristics.

    • @Buck Teeth Lungu maybe you should change your name to Backward Lungu because you are the barbaric yourself. Go to Russia or any xenophobic country and hear what they call all Africans -monkeys in case you didn’t know. In Bemba we say ‘bakolwe basekana ifipato’. So if you call other Africans as monkey you are just insulting yourself. Read your history and see where you came from and don’t just end at your last migration. An example is that the Bembas (Luba/Lunda) migrated from Angola into Congo before migrating into Zambia. Don’t be so ignorant my friend.

  2. @Buckteeth Lungu,unfortunately your hatred for Bembas will not take you anywhere. You cannot throw them out of Zambia just like you cannot change the neighborhood of countries. DRC is there we have to see how to live with them. We cannot shift Zambia’s position and move away from the DRC neighborhood. Bembas in Zambia you have to know how to leave with them since you cannot throw them out without the international crime of ethnic cleasing catching up with you,more so that Bemba speaking people represent quite a good chunk of Zambia’s population. The chaos you see in Zambia is reflection of our entire society which has nothing to do with Bembas but our collective failure to solve problems.

  3. That’s just being lazy. How many times do we hear of poor Zambian fishermen being arrested and killed b the Congolese for fishing in “their waters”?. Government must own up and take responsibility and not stick their heads in the sand. Its an open secret that we have serious border contentions not only with Congo but with Malawi as well.

    I remember in the first and second republic we had a clear cut policy on the Zaire stating the country had serious governance issues and KK was not afraid to say so like the current crop of leaders.

  4. “Lake Tanganyika is shared about 500 kilometres between the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), 90 kilometres of Tanzania and Zambia and 110 kilometres in between the DRC and Burundi, respectively” highly senseless demarcation. LT rephrase this to make it sensible

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