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GBM tells PF, Mwachepa Sana

Headlines GBM tells PF, Mwachepa Sana

GBM  and  HH
GBM and HH

UPND Vice President Geoffrey Mwamba commonly known as GBM says he does not have a problem vacating his Kasama Central parliamentary seat on condition that other MPs with questionable allegiances receive the same ruling by Speaker of the National Assembly.

Mr Mwamba said all the novices that wish to challenge him in for the Kasama seat are in for a rude shock.

He said questionable characters donating motor vehicles instead of tangible projects that would be of value to the community.

Mr Mwamba said the reacting to his decision to accept the position of UPND confirms that the PF is a confused lot.

The Kasama MP posted the following message of his Facebook page.

Dear friends,

Yesterday was quite a momentous day for me. The National Management Committee of the United Party for National Development (UPND) unveiled me as the Vice President Administration for the Party at Cresta Golfview Hotel.

I wish to thank all UPND members who travelled from all the corners of this country to give me that moral support and all other well wishers.

I am really humbled and graciously accept this appointment as I have the opportunity to work with diligent people that will stir this country out of the mismanagement of our beloved country currently prevailing under the current crop of PF leaders.

The lack of proper planning compounded by corruption that has been instituted by this Government leaves one appalled and disgusted to say the least. Service to the citizenry of this great Republic is not one of their objectives but to amass as much wealth as they can in the shortest time individually at the expense of the majority of Zambians most of whom are living in abject poverty.

I wish to also state that I have not resigned from the Patriotic Front, a party that i contributed enormously to see get into government in 2011 under the stewardship of the Late Michael Chilufya Sata MHSRIP. .

The PF leadership in their wise counsel have now embarked on a project to have my sit in Parliament be declared vacant and that the country should lose more money from a depleted treasury for a By Election in Kasama Central.

What is of irony is that this matter was raised in Parliament yesterday and the Honourable Mr Speaker responded that he had reserved ruling.

Opposition MPs also raised Points of Order in Parliament yesterday with regards opposition MPs that had associated themselves with the PF with Cabinet and Deputy Ministerial positions in Government, who in actual fact have been campaign managers for PF candidates in recent By Election and reference was made on the Late Hon Tetamashimba when Mr Speaker then declared his seat vacant when he associated with the MMD. This too Mr Speaker reserved his ruling.

My point here is I do not have a problem my seat being declared vacant as long as all the others that are enjoying the privilege, when their allegiances are questionable receive the same ruling by Mr Speaker.

The President of PF today said that my seat is vacant as I do not represent the PF, contradicting his Secretary General the infamous Davis Chama who yesterday said I was expelled from the Party sometime ago. So if I was expelled sometime ago, why then should the President say today that I have lost my seat. Again I say a confused lot.


To conclude for now I will still represent the people of Kasama Central and the novices that wish to challenge me in this constituency are in for a rude shock. Questionable characters that are donating motor vehicles instead of tangible projects that would be of value to the community.


GBM, HH and Canisius Banda
GBM, HH and Canisius Banda

GBM waiving the PF symbol
GBM waiving the PF symbol

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  1. GBM, I understand why you are so confused, you did not spend much time in school. Take a little time and read the Zambian constitution BUT I doubt if you can read at all. What is so special about you that you should belong to two political parties? Any body even a none party member can be appointed as a campaign manager.
    You recently bragged that you spend most of your time in South Africa. Well I hope the people of Kasama will take note of this fact.

    • Ala people are butt hurt, why dont you just wish him well the way HH and his MP’s wished Kapita well when he joined yall?

    • you are a black sheep of your family. whats your say on Monde and Siamunene? stop this madness, and you need brain implant

    • Your argument is so hollow and astoundingly shallow and i shudder to imagine you becoming republican Vice President if by mistake your new southern enclave party won.

      The constitution is very clear and does not even require a legal mind to interpret it.

      Your convoluted childish reasoning just confirms that twachepa ku mubili wenu but you have a very small brain.

      Here’s an adage for you too:

      You can’t have your cake and eat it

    • Article 71(c) od the Constitution, which is relevant to this case, states that “in the case of an elected member, if he becomes a member of a political party other than the party, of which he was an authorised candidate when he was elected to the National Assembly or, if having been an independent candidate, he joins a political party or having been a member of a political, he becomes an independent”. The question is: is GBM a member of UPND? Is it possible for one to be Vice-President of UPND without being a member of the party? What does the UPND constitution say?

    • Article 71(c) of the Zambian Constitution, which is relevant to this case, states that an elected MP may lose his or her seat in Parliament “if he becomes a member of a political party other than the party, of which he was an authorised candidate when he was elected to the National Assembly or, if having been an independent candidate, he joins a political party or having been a member of a political, he becomes an independent”. The question is: is GBM a member of UPND? Is it possible for one to be Vice-President of UPND without being a member of the party? What does the UPND constitution say?

    • @ Ka Nubian…. Kekekekekeke iwe ulemwena in size. It is everything, including ego. Ba PF mwachepa sana!!

    • Mwamba and HH are both very confused. Why blame PF for your selfish motives when you are the ones causing a by-election by making GBM join UPND. If HH thinks his MP’s are more aligned to PF than fire them.
      HH and GBM are the ones who should be scared. They may have the money but Lungu has the power and is smarter than both of them. Ask Guy Scot about the cleverness of Lungu!

    • President Barack Obama and President Uhuru Kenyatta opened the 6th annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES), co-hosted by the United States and the Government of Kenya in Gigiri and announced a Sh100billion kitty to promote entrepreneurship in Africa.
      Besides the goodies announced, Kenya will host one of the new women entrepreneurship centres in Africa alongside Mali and Zambia. Nation Newspaper Kenya

    • @ The jobless 6 on Article 71(c) of the Constitution, I was drawn to trying to decipher the GBM action with the word “Member” creating turmoil in my thinking cap thus my belief that the crafting of legal language can not be taken for granted. In statistical mathematics an item can belongs to a set but be not of the same set.


    • My dear elder brother GBM please just focus on what you know best growing your business politics is not your cup of tea yes you thought being Minister would give you all defense contracts or indeed FRA contracts! But do simple sums how much have you spent on “party” matters? Didn’t Wynter Kabimba that failed council lawyer now laundrying money through his party tell you to give them a bill so that they pay you back! Was all this necessary? Greed is a bad thing even as a form three drop out you ought to know that

    • What is the difference with MMD Ministers that were campaigning for PF in the just ended bye elections in Petauke, Mlambo and Mulobezi? Someone was even a campaign Manager for PF but comes from the RB MMD camp.

  2. PF thugs are just confused now. UPND the richest politcal party in Zambia and people are just jealous of HH and GBM. Leave HH and GBM alone you pf thugs because they mean well for this Country

    • Financial heavyweights will only use the gov’t to leverage their increment of personal wealth! #WakeupZambia

    • @Patriot and what are your guys in power doing right now? trying to be wealthy overnight, you are the one who needs to wake up. Financial heavy weights will ensure the environment enhances businesses including theirs, your new money vina bwela mu chedwa overnight millionaires (theives) can only enhance their skill to steal because thats all they know that is the only way they have acquired wealth. Why am I even bothering to explain.

  3. All the best in your new party, but remember bayafye tabaponta. People of Kasama constituency are the best people to judge you.

    • Article 71(c) of the Zambian Constitution, which is relevant to this case, states that an elected MP may lose his or her seat in Parliament “if he becomes a member of a political party other than the party, of which he was an authorised candidate when he was elected to the National Assembly or, if having been an independent candidate, he joins a political party or having been a member of a political, he becomes an independent”. The question is: is GBM a member of UPND? Is it possible for one to be Vice-President of UPND without being a member of the party? What does the UPND constitution say?

  4. Waffler Mwamba. If you are so popular how come you don’t want to let go voluntarily, rather than engage in things that have no relevance to your situation. Reason; you are stiff scared to stand against a bonefide PF candidate!

    • GBM those other Hon. MPs you are comparing yourself to have not joined PF, but are simply executing duties of the government as appointed by the President. In case you don’t know its the prerogative of the Republican President to appoint anyone he wants to serve in his administration. By appointing these MPs as Ministers and Deputy Ministers, His Excellency President Lungu didn’t ask them to join PF they are still members of their respective Parties. They don’t hold any positions in the PF. Its different with you because you decided to join UPND and holding a position in the Party. Therefore, you are ok to relinquish the position of MP for Kasama Central so that when you win back the seat through the bye-election President Lungu can appoint you to serve in his admin as opposition MP.

    • To avoid an unnecessary by-election I guess, we honestly don’t need all these by-elections. Zambia is not that rich to west resources like that. The money spent on these by-elections can be better utilized to restock empty shelves in in hospital pharmacies, not many Zambians can afford to go to SA for treatment.

  5. Money really confuses people- especially if its found in a big mass of material like GBM. Let the Speaker declare this seat Vacant so that an Election is held as soon as possible. This Dinosaur needs to be relegated to the Dustbin. This shouldnt be a matter for the Courts to decide. The Speaker should make a ruling on the matter as the case is very straight forward.
    When such useless people want to cause confusion they rush to friendly Judges who make Ex parte Rulings. When the other side wants an injuction , they call for inter parte rulings. Of course we know how an inter parte case is handle.This dinosaur will be going with excuse and excuse till 2016, and the case wont be heard.

    • @Karl Marx Reloaded
      Your country is bankrupt and you are talking of declaring the seat vacant.Where are you going to find the money for elections when your hospitals don`t have medication…Your Universities are closing down…Zambians please wake up.whats wrong with you…Is it reasoning?

  6. so what will tongaz call bembas now. already there are praises from tongaz. lets see. us loziz love bembas and bembas love loziz

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    • Forgetting that the wife beater was part of the PF that according to you has onongad the economy! UPND is so desperate that they even accept wife beaters to join them! GBM should not be a member of ANY political party in Zambia, he should be in jail for being a violent thug.

  8. Reading some of your comments for you PF supporters, one wonders what future this country has with those supporting a person like EL. GBM has always stood by what he believes and for that I have great respect for him. On the hand, EL pretended to be by the late MCS and now he is undoing and aligning himself with people the late MCS disassociated. In short, EL is a coward. Reading what he is saying and he has a valid point that is the speaker reserved the ruling. GBM had nothing to lose but the tax payers will have to foot another 3 billion(old)currency when this money should be used to improve Health services or build manufacturing companies so we can export. See how fast EL commented on this but has never commented on the economy or kwacha or constitution. EL must go

    • Ba wise commentator – ECL is running the country on behalf of Zambians not on behalf of late Sata. Late Sata was not an angel.

  9. My hurt breeds when confused MPs in the like’s of gbm go to parliament and represent us.Is he a lawmaker or a lawbreaker?You hyena!And we expect to reduce crime in this country when we have criminals in parliament like gbm.Nincompoop!foolish MP.I don’t know what our security agencies are doing in this country when they can let wife barterers,criminals,robbers scot-free like gbm.It’s very unfortunate

  10. Bembas say UKO UYA CITI CITI EKO UBWELA NYA NYA. The best time to advise a girl who has tested a manhood is when she is pregnant or HIV positive. If a word was always a good teacher even a dog could be educated. By the way when is pilato’s next song coming out?

  11. Oh go away you Great Big Buffon!

    Zambian gov’t needs to use the secret services more. Where would USA be without the muscle of FBI to look over deranged elements in power. These people are derailing our government system. What we have is fabricated ‘opposition.’ Most of them are trying to turn us into Zambia inc., selling us to groups of investors. Our country is beleaguered with political NGO’s with similar agendas. It’s messy and dangerous.

    It’s time to make a strong concerted effort to balance our political stage to improve our demoracy system. Voting in business men on the take into local representation is a danger to us.

    Hellooooooo….is there a gov’t LISTENING. Please rid us of corrupt *****ic representatives like these.

  12. Appears to be some level of caring on the part of GBM for his people. The man resigned from an influential position of Minister of Defence, which comrade Lungu is still holding onto. GBM resigned on principle about a dispute involving the people of Northern province with PF govt. Now he says he’s no resigning to cause a costly by election, and it would be very costly because Lungu, RB and DORA now have the government resources at their disposal and will relish a fight with GBM. Last Election GS prudently stopped the waste. Now someone says GBM has not been to school. Tell you what RB has been to Cambridge, DORA has a Masters and Lungu is UNZA graduate but who’s behaving like they have not been to school?

  13. BA GBM

    The president is empowered by the constitution to select any MP to serve in govt. Our constitution does not limit the president from which political party he may choose from. But in yo case the situation is different.

  14. When PF score a deflection, by Kapita, resigning from UPND and joining PF, there a moderately loud noise. Now, UPND has just been given a penalty, by GBM accepting to be vice president, PF supporter are bitterly complaining as if they are the only once entitled to score in the game at play. The ma-ma-ring from PF supporters is louder than the cheers when Kapita defected. Mean while UPND supporter have just stood up awaiting to see a goal being scored from the penalty given.

  15. Monde and Shamunene, both UPND, are serving government. They belong to government and not to a party, a club of like minded members.

    Please appraise yourself with the constitution as regards the powers of the president, not the opposition president, to appoint any MP or any citizen in the population he wishes to be MP or to serve.

    Ba Mwamba na Chipwa. Finito.

  16. You thief in the PF u don’t think u are so useless and full foolishness Mweee mbwe let GBM do what he thinks is Right coz he have the Right of free choice viva GBM via UPND. We welcomed him and he is more welcome than the Word and if there are some other candidates from PF please we welcome u to UPND where there are no Pangas. A peaceful Party

    • It’s not GBM doing what he thinks is right – there is a document called a Constitution by whose guidelines you should play. You think like GBM also right?

  17. GBM WILL BE SHOCKED BY US FELLOW BEMBAS!!HE THINKS HE OWNS US.WAIT FOR THE VOTING DAY AND YOU WILL CONFIRM WHICH A FAMOUS PARTY IN BEMBALAND BETWEEN PF AND YOUR NEW PARTY UPND!!all i know is that even a mad person from chainama will tell GBM and HH that with or without money GBM will 1,000% lose if he stood on UPND ticket in kasama central!!it would be a landslide in favour of any PF candidate or even a dog on PF would defeat fat albert in Kasama!!!

    • @Eddy

      Your voting for a “dog” as long as its on the PF ticket is a sign that you guys think with your emotions and not your brains. Explains why there is so much poverty uko ku side don’t you think???

  18. GBM is real. I like the development – Bembas and Tongas joining hands together! Who doesn’t want to see that?

  19. Lack of education is a big disease ! I don’t think being rich is an outright key to leadership.Any body bringing cow dung to Kasama will be disappointed.

  20. Is it possible for unschooled Fat Albert to wait for the ruling of the High Court and the bye-elections? Only then can he boast about his popularity I think, because apart from his money, (God knows how it came bout), and the belly, (maybe due to careless gluttony or lyange lino in Lozi), he is still the same, like everybody else. So brother GBM, hold your fire. Already, there are rumours that UPND stalwarts have rejected you. Do you want a mass exodus from UPND and split up the party and help create a one party state? The same thing that most opposition political parties are complaining about? Sukulu itandiza sometimes.

  21. Old man Sata was wise enough to only give this GBM the Defence Ministry as he was wiser to the fact that GBM is power hungry and not Veep…just last year this man put his hat in the ring for PF leadership after the old man passed…its folly for HH to have him as a number 2 this man has no loyalty to no one….any way Zambian politics is a Jamboree filled to the rafters with recycled corrupt jokers!!

  22. What ever the situation,we want peace to prevail and not what is going on in Zambezi where it is believed some traditional leader is involved in organized crime killing perceived tribal opponents with guns.The Police should do a good job and bring every one to book to avoid the Burundi\Rwanda situation.

  23. President Lungu defeated all of these people. They need to remember that he was and still is minister of Justice and defense as well lol.

    Viva President Nawakwi.

  24. I think HH thinks he is president of the Zambia and therefore he can appoint anyone in his ‘Cabinet” and he chooses to appoint an elected member of another party.

  25. This is what I meant by HH choosing Felix Mutati instead of GBM. How can a person claim they belong to two parties? Does that even make sense? He wants to hold on to the past yet claims it’s moving a nation forward. He also talks about corruption but if I may remind him of his daughter who was ambassador to a country with no qualifications and his corruption with the Trafigura dealings with Kabimba and forcing a tender from Zesco for his family businesses. Now GBM is crying corruption from PF yet neglects to mention his name. HH talks about education and moving forward. This is concerning when I suspect GBM lacks education. He maybe be successful but money doesn’t buy brains or skills. This is a recipe for disaster and we have all seen GBM’s outbursts which HH does not need at all.

  26. Why the panic PF (political fools) GBM has exercised his democratic right to join any political party of choice. Stop the craps concentrate on destroying Zambia as your mission. You will account for all the wrongs you are commiting you PDA

  27. Haha,aba PF na waZambia mwanichekesha sana with your hypocrisy.

    Both sides want to have their cake and eat it too.

    • Zambia my mother land I am very much ready to come and camp to show GBM ba mubila ati bachepa sana. Please resign then let there be a bye elections . History is the good master, the late Emmanuel Kasonde and the late Bodwin Nkhumbula

  28. Joblessness, you are very right. Now GBM claims that he did not resign from PF, so the question is to UPND: How does GBM become your vice president when he is not a member of UPND? If UPND can disregard its party constitution like this, what more if they formed government?

  29. The aim of recruiting a member is to increase quality not to spend time insulting your former party. When you divorce you move on and forget your former spouse

  30. GBM is suffering from hallucinations and this is the problem of not going to school. He thinking is so limited and its frightening. It is GBM who achepa sana for PF and he will suffer a political Tsunami when he stands on the UPND ticket in Kasama Central for he will be white washed and then we shall see if he will still have the courage to say what he is saying now.

  31. A terrible mistake on the part of UPND ! How do you make someone who is not your member as vice president ? is it a govt function to be Veep for UPND…..does our constitution say so ? For a republican president to appoint any member of parliament,yes,its allowed.How do Zambians trust people who do not even understand their constitution ? We don’t want try and error because it will take us five years backwards again.

  32. Nawakwi quoted in today’s Post newspaper begging Zambians to wake up…..I thought it is herself who should wake up and see the good roads,Schools,Clinics and bridges that PF is doing.I beg Presido EL to take this madam on a guided tour of Projects govt is doing thru out the Country.Are you sure madam Nawakwi even in Lusaka where you stay you can’t see anything good your colleagues are doing ? How do you expect us Zambians to stop people bringing development ?

    What is it that you would do differently if you were given a chance ? You would stop building roads,schools,clinics,stop social cash transfer being given to the vulnerable ? Stop unrealistic politicking pliz.

  33. It’s sad to read such nonsense from a man who should know better, considering he calls others upstarts. GMB has a problem and suffering from`richitis’. He seems to confuse affluence with wisdom. What amazes me is how HH would see such a person as being material for vice presidency in his party, presumably being groomed to be the national VP. The reality is that GBM has little credibility in his constituency, hence his loudness and resistance to step down honourably as an MP for PF. How can anyone have loyalty to two parties? The honourable speaker has to rule against GBM, otherwise we are going down a slippery slope as a nation. Political anarchy will rule. Let GBM face his people to all challengers and then prove his popularity. Otherwise it is all hot air to cost HH his place in…

  34. Firstly it is insanity to think that any one can use his personal wealth to develop the country and secondly there is no individual in this country who is richer than the country Zambia.

    My point is the richness of an individual should not be the basis for electing some one to the office of President because after all no one other than themselves know what they did to become rich.


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