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Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda Vanishes

Columns Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda Vanishes

One man party...Heritage Party president Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda arrives for the meeting that was held to demand for the release of the draft Zambian constitution
File: Heritage Party president Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda arrives for the meeting that was held to demand for the release of the draft Zambian constitution

By Field Ruwe

I believe I have the nerve to write about Zambia’s perennial politician Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda, a man who can dazzle his nominal audience with unexpected whiffs of brilliance. After he pontificates, he, like the cumulonimbus cloud, vanishes into hibernation only to appear at an opportune time. For the sake of the reader, cumulonimbus clouds produce violent storms of rain, thunder, hail, and lightning. Just like the General, they rattle the serene scene and vanish.

Senior politician Godfrey Miyanda aged 71 on his birthday, has vanished from the political scene. He can best be described as a not too large man, moderately tall, and solidly built just like the soldier he is. In suit and tie his stature befits the image of a national leader. At first sight, his face, a mixture of infantile and mature features radiates amiability, competence and leadership. Soft-spoken and courtly, he tries very hard to sound intelligent, and well versed.

Miyanda’s adherents do not know where he is, and yet they still believe in him. They hold him in high esteem and extol him as one of the sharpest knives in the kitchen. They believe he can handle any weapon with the greatest lightness and skill; that he articulates ideas with rare precision. Some say he is presidential material. Others say had he survived another four years as FTJ’s deputy, he would have succeeded him.

Why didn’t he survive the four years? Why has he vanished? Who is Godfrey Miyanda really? Why is he such a disaster at politics? Is he a masquerader, a fraud, a narcissist, a selfish and dangerous man, or is he the real McCoy?

There are many clues to the questions. I have chosen to begin with Miyanda’s demotion of December 2, 1997. I use it as a crochet to weave through several beads of his political muddle and show that he has vanished because he has a leadership problem. By the way, the date in question is when Chiluba relegated him from vice president to Minister of Education and dashed his tantalizing prospect.

Although it was speculated that the demotion was due to his failure to respond to the growing pressure of the opposition, Miyanda’s tendency of driving in and out of ZNBC in full presidential motorcade, and issuing important policy statements in “the state of the nation” style each time Chiluba was out of the country, was the main cause.
Miyanda’s role as acting president exposed his leadership problem. It showed that he was not as judicious as first thought. He was not a fluid thinker—a tactician; that he was power hungry; and that power was causing him to flip his lid. Left with the instruments of power, his narcissistic trait took over. Narcissism is an excessive interest in oneself. It was this odd behavior that triggered suspicion in Chiluba.

Michael Sata, Chiluba’s confidant at the time, summed it up fittingly when he described Miyanda as a danger to society; “especially as he was linked to an attempted coup plot.” Sata was referring to the 1980 coup attempt on Kaunda.

Miyanda’s role in the coup attempt is best described in the Musakanya Papers as that of drawing blood by the barrel of the gun. And in the book “One Zambia, many histories,” edited by Jan-Bart Gewald et al, Miyanda was assigned to smuggle weapons to the Chilanga farm. A trained battalion commander, he was to take charge of a combination of rebellious Zambian soldiers and Katangese rebels. The attempt failed. Miyanda and eight others were arrested and sentenced to death in 1983. He escaped to Zaire (DRC) and was later captured.
Since 1980, the coup stigma has stuck to Miyanda like a leech. The name “Godfrey Miyanda” is never far from dreadful political speculation. In 1989, he was implicated in a plot to topple Kaunda but was acquitted. In 1991, he was accused of plotting Levy Mwanawasa’s death, but was exonerated. From the 1990 Luchembe abortive coup to that of Captain Solo’s in 1997, Miyanda’s name chimes in the ears of too-many-a-soul even when he is innocent.

What is not clear is why Chiluba appointed Miyanda as vice president even after a report from the Mwanawasa accident commission of inquiry insinuated he planned to assassinate him. The Global Pentecostal Movements book edited by Michael Wilkinson provides the clue. It points to Miyanda’s Pentecostal credentials, and I might add, to his role in cleansing State House of “evil spirits” and hounding out his chief foe Kaunda. His tenacity to face an overpowered Kaunda head on, won him some considerable fame.
Actually, Miyanda’s rise to fame was not so much as a Christian or soldier but as an artist (artiste). Back in 1976, members of the Chikwakwa Theatre founded Tikwiza Theatre. Among the pioneers and early members were Masautso Phiri, Faniel Sumaili, Mumba Kapumpa, Matilda Malamfumu, Parnwell Munatamba, Dickson Mwansa, Mapopa Mtonga, and Godfrey Miyanda.
Before their trip to Nigeria for the Black Arts Festival (FESTAC‘77), leadership and theatre policy bickering developed between Miyanda and some Tikwiza members and led to his subsequent exit. Some members described Miyanda as an egoistic individual with a grandiose view of his own “talents.” Others said he was obsessed with power; that he wanted to snatch the realms of power from the actual founders.

Miyanda’s obsession with power was best described by Sata in 2001: “Brig. General Miyanda was Aide De Camp (ADC) to former president Dr. Kenneth Kaunda and because of that he was [in 1976] promoted and sent to run the Mechanical Services Branch (MSB) which he took over at 04:00 hours like it was a coup and instead of running it effectively as a company he used it for military exercises which he later used and was implicated in a military coup.”

It is his preoccupation for power that earned him a demotion in 1997. Some observers say that another reason for his demotion to Minister of Education was due to his lackluster attitude. This forced Chiluba to voice his concern about the lack of enthusiasm in some members of the cabinet. “Lackluster” synonyms include undistinguished, uninspiring, and lifeless. The word is associated with laziness.

General Miyanda is a good example of all that glitters is not gold. Since he entered politics he has proved that although he has an insatiable appetite for power, he is not a leader. He is not a team-builder, but a team-exploiter. He is not open to vigorous give and take. He takes all. Most of all he profits from the vulnerabilities of others.
Let me explicate: When Miyanda was appointed Minister without Portfolio (1991-1993), he vanished into his own cocoon and left no tangible achievements of lasting impact. As vice president (1993-1997), he left FTJ to his own devices and concentrated on his own reveries. He did not understand his role vis-à-vis the dynamics of pressure groups. By the time he was fired as Minister of Education (2001), he had contributed only lip service to education in Zambia.

Miyanda’s lackluster attitude is even more evident in his Heritage Party. It shows that he lacks the sense to lead the people along the path they wish to travel. His self-authored party manifesto exposes him as an obtuse politician dangerously disconnected from reality. It is an indication he is unfamiliar with the great ideas of success. The so-called Village Concept which he defends fiercely lacks intelligibility and coherence. It shows that the man is a hammerhead committed to the cave.
The afore-stated explains why his Heritage Party, which he formed in 2001, has continuously polled poorly 8.1% (2001), 0.76% (2008), 0.17% (2011), and 0.34% (2015), the worst performance by any approbated politician. These results are proof that Miyanda lacks the flair to engage the public’s emotions; that as much as he is a senior politician, his failure to win the hearts of the electorate is symptomatic of his poor leadership.

After fourteen years of mediocre performance, the Heritage Party can be termed as a titular organization masquerading as a political party, and its leader as a catastrophe. Sadly, Miyanda ranks among the most intractable politicians in the country. He will not give up his Heritage Party because it makes him politically relevant. He is able to rub shoulders with those in the corridors of power. It is this that makes him a masquerader.

Most of all, the Heritage Party is his kingdom. The title of “president” exudes power and confidence. It helps him to get funding, attend state functions, shield his ineptitudes, and go on air to voice his “village” opinion. And as party president he can run the party the way he wishes, and vanish whenever he can. This is what makes him a fraud. It’s time members of the Heritage Party dragged him out of hibernation, or better still, replaced him.

Field Ruwe is a US-based Zambian media practitioner, historian, author, and a doctoral candidate. Learn more about him on his website www.aruwebooks.com. On it you shall access his autobiography, articles, and books. Contact him, blog, or join in the debate. ©Ruwe201


    • Waiting for the General’s reply. Surely he will spare no arsenal; he will come out with all guns blazing. Field is no f*00l, he must have a nuclear shelter nearly, if not, he will wish he had.

    • Not a fan of Field , but this is great collation of a worthwhile read.

      From the headline, I thought he was in trouble and needed help.

      In all fairness I have never understood Brig Miyanda. His pride has been his downfall in my opinion.


    • While I concur what ruwe has written on General Miyanda I don’t accept everything.Miyanda is one open and straight forward person who detests lies.he is highly principle and he has failed to embrace this corrupt type of politics.He’s only problem is he trusts no one and he believes only him is the best.He is not a team player were is expected to ruled,he expects to on top and control his team according to his wishes.In short he is dictator.Using his dictatorial tendercies he diminish corruption in Zambia and bring some level of economic development like Gadafi but his human rights record can be a little bit bad.Since he lacks enough academic education his capacity to develop the country can be limited,thats why I have used the term some level of development.Compared to Lungu miyanda is…

    • Correction Mr. Historian Ruwe, or whatever. General Miyanda was never sentenced to death for the 1983 coup attempt. He was acquitted. Those convicted and sentnced were Edward Shamwana, Yoram Mumba, Deogratias Simba, and someone called Chimbalile. Get your facts right before you publish wrong history.

    • Ruwe, Guess you have been paid to write about Gen Miyanda. With all respect, what’s the point of you wasting time on such an article, It shows that either you know that Gen Miyanda is the man to change the country hence your trying to write negative about him.

      I ,must say that you know very little about the man you want to attack, when someone is quite does not mean he is a fo.ol. you will be the same people who will condemn if he tried to push his way to power.

      Zambia is in real trouble at the moment and if you mean good, write on what’s happening, corruption is at it’s pick with this Government.

      Wait for General Miyanda’s response…. and my advice, don’t starting throwing stones at your neighbors if you live in a glass house.

    • St Jude.

      Miyanda from what I have read if you see court cases, with Kapwepwe , Sikatana and himself were part of the group that wanted to overthrow Kaunda and the entourage from Zaire (then).

      He was found guilt and was jailed, and his release and was eventually dismissed from the army (By Kaunda) As a result of a Mr Musakanya who at the time collated money from some European countries. From what I am told, he was in the forefront and they were backed by trade Union (Chiluba was in charge then), but after the mysterious death of Kapwepwe, who was thought of having been poisoned by the Pro Kaunda people, the trade Union refused to back the mavericks intending to overthrow Kaunda.

      I respect Gen Miyanda but it seems he is an ignoble man.


    • @Nostradamus…
      kekekekekek! maybe Field is right this time around…. where is the General?? he has not seen or heard of since amililo aba Sata

    • @Nostradamus
      i have one question for my friend,,,, boi shuwa, you dont invite me ku mutomboko ceremony you instead go with Lungu ni museveni`s hat.. why? have you changed camps now?

    • @Mushota
      Indeed Gen. Miyanda was implicated in the Shamwana coup, but he was never convicted. He was acquitted but in consequence he was ‘dishonourably’ discharged from the army. President Chiluba restored his commission. There was no other coup where he was implicated. Check the 1985 Zambia Law Reports

    • @Ndobo, You Lozis stopped Kuomboka, you blaming the Zambezi like Edgar & Zesco. Did you see so much water in Luapula, we even have a Marine base now!!
      Those Lungu hats were launched by your 2 presidents: Mpombo and Milupi.

    • The headline is criminal, to say the least! One would wish that the author vanishes without a trace.

  1. He will be back to spilt the vote in 2016. I think he gets paid for it and that’s all he wants. He gave up vying for the hot seat a long time ago.

    • Does Heritage Party has a structure? Who is the secretary general?

      The General will re-surface in the run up to elections in 2016 to raise money for fertilizer ! What a politician.

  2. Come back my brother from USA to hear you live in Zambia.
    Zambia at the moment is between a rock and hard ground, a revolution by evolution is necessary to create a safe landing. You could be a catalyst.

    • @Aquilla

      Do not be deceived by people who write about the politics of the country whilst abroad. It may be some kind of distraction when troubles abroad weigh heavily on them. Particularly when they are a perpetual PhD candidate who never finish their studies. They just go on and on, some “Bumler Student” as they are called in the German language. Wait till they get back home. You will not even notice their presence by their “velvet” silence.

  3. It is not often that one comes across such interesting, witty yet serious writing on Zambian politics or its actors.

  4. The major difference between HH and Miyanda is this, please listen carefully; HH will NEVER say anything about the separation of secret societies and Freemasons lodges from politics, General Miyanda is principled and has the moral courage to separate politics from masonic lodges. HH will never mention rural areas, women sufferings and abuse, violence against kids, in any of his speeches, because he intends rule for a small elite. Ask the hard questions. Ask HH where he has found money to finance his campaign? If Zambia wants transformational leadership like that of late President Yew of Singapore, they need the likes of General Miyanda the author of the village concept. The little I know of Gneral Miyanda is that he would serve the interest of the country first.

    • You ask where HH gets the money to finance his campaigns? Are you for real or some still-evolving species living under the Arctic somewhere? Hichilema’s investments cover almost every spectrum of economic activity in Zambia, from cradle to the grave. He’s never made secret of that. You should be more concerned about your self-aggrandizing PF MPs and cabinet ministers who award themselves three inordinate pay rises in three years while imposing a wage freeze on the humble civil servant and keep millions more young people out of work with a needless employment freeze. You should be worrying about a president who lets out of jail a convicted rapist so he can go abuse defenceless women. You should be worrying about imbeciles like Davies Chama, Kambwili and Mumbi Phiri who think it’s smart…

  5. I think the General is one of the smart politicians around. He just needs to stop his disappearing Act and only emerge during the elections.

    This is what Sata did to stay relevant and now Nawakwi has learnt something..you need to stay relevant and be vocal even during off elections season.

    I hope the this article kicks the general out of sleep. General Miyanda your country needs you and needs your voice. There are not an many people as smart as you. You might not be a president but your voice is loud enough to be heard

  6. Much as I have mostly enjoyed your writes Mr Ruwe, the buck stops here for a Scholar of your stature. This tirade against the General is damn irate, out-of-the-blue( unless you’ve left out the trigger ); you appear to have gone back years to sttle an old score schrouding it all in a semi-scholarly piece. Kafupi was busy stealing and Gen knew that, Sata was preoccupied with inheriting Kafupi’s seat so much that he was prepared to publicly rip cabbages apart with the blood-grunt of a simpler Primate…No kudos here from me – tell what triggered this paranoical delirious piece. BTW know who’s REALLY disappeared? Try that Full General at Lumwana Mines plc named Kingsley 🙂

  7. Le’ Generale has disappeared. He pontificates. He is a masquerader. He is a fraud.
    I have always thought of him as a GENERAL, but the Field has described him, I can’t help myself laughing.
    So there is a paper General.

  8. Iwe ka Ruwe, leave the General alone! Who asked you about him? By the way, how long are you going to remain a “doctoral candidate”?

  9. Please stop politics of slaying political players. It demeans our democratic system and is encouraging to politics of violence.

    Weird as the chap is, he is entitled to be a representative to those who care for his sort of politics and style. He is hardly the only one who raves up during election periods only to choose a side! Most opposition Leaders do so, with the exception of diehard HH who is always in our face making a presentation constantly for our consideration. Most of the opposition do not possess HH’s staying power (annoyingly so)!

    Let’s respect the democratic/gov’t stage and allow each player their constitutional right to make a play for Leadership.

  10. Wait until the general replies. i would not mind the war of words between these two. i hope the general also entertains us

  11. funny – my post has disappeared! Ruwe’s tirade is drenched in dishonesty and sounds less than fiction…a collation of opinions is NOT historical fact – leave the General alone !

  12. This man (Field Ruwe) is brilliant. Very detailed and captivating article. Perfectly outlined, too. I feel sad for General Miyanda if these “facts” are really true.

    • @Mr. Intelligent

      Ruwe has had his troubles with being a PhD candidate for too long. He wants to appear to be an intellectual when he is not even one mixing up history about Miyanda’s association with attempted coups by claiming he was sentenced to death in 1983 when he was not. That is a historian for you who never even bothers to check the veracity of his claims.

  13. …I wonder what was really the purpose of this article….has Field got some info about GM’s political change of course …. its like…before GM makes his big political announcement…Field was told or bought to kill the last of GM’s character still lingering about in a few peoples minds..??…known as character assassination…
    …I wont be surprised if in near future..GM dissolved his heritage party and announce to throw his weight behind a particular party and leader….so in an attempt to pre-empty the excitement and suppress the whirlwind his pronouncement may cause…hence this article…..
    …I await to see similar articles on Mulyokela..Danny Pule and the likes….

  14. Iam sure Luwe wouldn’t have had the nerve to write this story if he he were in Zambia. Careful, this is a General you are talking about. He will ambush you even in the states

  15. …as for those revelling over “dictatorial” characters…well Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia under the Young tigers started and are still somewhat dictatorial. In Afrika Uganda,Ethiopia and Rwanda are show-piece resurections – what is Ruwe’s take on that?! That is the danger in Ruwe’s hypocritical article. I know VJ and RB are the “spoilt-young-turks” of Kaunda’s time who till today use “higher authority” as bulldogs whilst bootlicking the same. Milner was NOT, Kapwepwe was NOT, Criston Tembo was NOT, Mazoka was NOT, Daniel Lisulo was NOT…that was disappearing Mr Ruwe! Don’t alarm unsuspecting Folks for nothing!

  16. In under than 30 minutes my comments have been deleted by the editors of the LT blog because like their master HH, they hate truth. I didn’t insult anybody, but I merely stated the fact that HH will NEVER say anything about the separation of secret societies and Freemasons lodges from politics, while General Miyanda has been known for his moral courage and can separate politics from masonic lodges. LT and their journalists and proxy commentators are not attacking HH overtly or covertly, or belittling him, because HH would not serve the interest of Zambia first, but would take orders from the evil empire system and work for their corporations interests. Mr Ruwe, let’s have an intelligent debate; ask the hard questions. Ask HH where he has found money to finance his campaign?

  17. We should credit Miyanda for refusing to be mixed with the corrupt. You will never find any trace of corruption in General Miyanda. He refused a jobs from Mwanawasa, Sata & Lungu and yet the man is poor but he never complains

  18. Clearly there is something odd here. A media practitioner’s role is to INFORM, EDUCATE and ENTERTAIN. This article is none of these. This man Field Ruwe has a hidden motive behind this hurtful article. From the word ‘go’ it is all about ad hominien i.e. character assassination. From the alarming heading, to complete failure to mention even one single thing that BGGM did right speaks volume about Field Ruwe. He thinks readers are gullible and f00ls. I have to say I gave this man Ruwe more credit than he deserves.

  19. The Heritage Party’s village concept has been the easiest to understand among all parties. It provides a better model for balanced development between rural and urban areas in our Country. Among other things, most western Countries have used this concept over the years to get to where they are today, and are still using it. As such there is a seamless joint between rural and urban in infrastructure and services. If anything, the village concept is ahead of its time for Zambia.
    For instance, I live in a village in UK along with the majority of the UK population, and easily commute to work. The design of the buildings, tarred roads, security, health services etc…are as good as in the urban centers, and if anything more spacious. Locations of Industrial Areas are not restricted…

    • Jah man, tel’dem !
      @St Jude hanks for the FACTS – Ruwe this is what Sosala meant – head-based intellectualism IS narcisstic…u conjured-up a Cocktail of mist and hoped for what? I do not even think the General Needs to answer the cr!p. Most mortals would Long be dead in the face of the Tribulation GM went through but for his astute character!

  20. Cont’d …. not restricted to urban centers only, but evenly spread in villages too. Such a model for Zambia would provide a solution for reversing the unsustainable urban drift, mushrooming shanty townships, cholera, etc we face. And it provides a platform a Country to plan and put measurable indicators in development before getting funding from big money lenders. Stakeholders will know where they are at any given time, and what the target is.

    All this means nothing to Field Ruwe? Does he not know that current haphazard development in Zambia with no plan can lead some young Zambians to run away to Countries like RSA, or to join the thousands of African migrants we are watching on TV trying to cross the Mediterranean sea?

  21. Yaba, Bamushooter general! Gen. Miyanda reminds me of the Man in Ayi Kwei Armah book, The Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born! Being perceived as incorruptible in Africa and vying the highest office is unattainable!

  22. When are you competing your PHD Mr Ruwe? I find your articles rather unbalanced and a blow below the belt. Please give the old man a break and perhaps spend more time to finish your studies.

  23. Field ruwe, leave the General alone. He never participated in any coup, or tried to kill mwanawasa or whatever nonsense u r saying. He is one of the best Presidents Zambia has’nt had apart from HH and Nawakwi.

  24. I wee ka Ruwe, or whatever yu are called,you must be a very stupid chap with no respect for elders,how do you use such kind of a language to an elderly man.and doctorate candidate should not be used to scare people

    • You are the one who does not respect elders, clearly you don’t know that Field Ruwe is as old as your father. This man used to do comedies in the 70s when we only had black n white Tvs. I just thought I should let you know because I can see a lot of bloggers referring to him “iwe is Field”

  25. This short thing called Ruwe can from the comfort of his toilet defame an innocent person in the name of General Miyanda.
    Mushota you must be very young General miyanda defended himself in count and was acquited as mentioned by St Jude. The late Kapwepwe was already dead by the time the coup plotters had been convicted and in any case there was no evidence presented that showed that kapwepwe was involved in at coup.

    • Yes Kapwepwe was long dead by then. This is why this Ruwe will never get his PHD. Reading his article they are so many incorrect things you will even wonder how such a person can manage a degree.

  26. ?kci,

    Miyanda is greater than under five. hh is a baby still learning politics while Miyanda is well seasoned politician. How on earth does one equate Miyanda to a nonentity politician…..who has never been a political leader at any level…not even at grassroots’ level?

    Unheard of in the world.

  27. Does “vanishing” here means being in the absence of, or rather out of the limelight of the media? Not being covered in the media doesn’t necessarily mean he has vanished. Besides his family and friends need him too. Plus he might need time to reflect and strategies. Being in the USA, perpetual ‘doctoral candidate’ Ruwe must be aware that American politicians almost vanish indefinitely after every election cycle. Do you know where Mitt Romney is? Or Sarah Palin?

    Every person has their flaws, but honestly given the mediocre calibre of today’s Zambian politicians, General Miyanda is without question a cut above them all; he is the best when it comes to honesty, integrity and trustworthiness. He is not president because of the level of education of the voters.

  28. In Zambezi we salute IG Stella Libongani and her officers.Its like they are making head ways to arrest the sponsored tribal gang headed by a notorious traditional leader.
    My advice however is that be on the look out for some people sending huge amounts of money from Lusaka and other areas to try and corrupt the Police.Please do a good job by arresting all those connected to the tribal killings in Zambezi to avoid another Rwanda Burundi situation.

    Our worry is that if the other tribal group will retaliate…it will be a real war.Govt should pay attention now and do a good job.

  29. Ruwe , you self righteous person, what has General Miyanda done to you? Please leave him alone in the same way you are left alone. Zambians know that Miyanda of-course resurrects at election time and that is his right. This does not justify your disparaging him.

    Guys , please if you have any data about Ruwe, can you bring out his stinking skeletons to the public? He is an embarrassment to Zambia.

  30. He has never been seen in public places for some time, goverment should look around before some one became a rebel leader.

  31. The General will not succumb to bribery and corruption for political gain and herein lies the problem. He lacks the funds for mass mobilisation and only appeals for Zambians to undersand what he stands for. I have known the General for over 40 years and I have no doubt in my mind he would be the best leader Zambia has ever had.

  32. when he establshed heritage party, he used to publicise the party hiriechy in all the dailies. showing pictures of his party exeutives from the president going down in order of rank. and of course he was right at the top with the caption – “Gen. Miyanda, Party President and vision carrier”. vision carrier my foot, what a self absorbed jerk-off.

  33. Iwe ka ruwe first you are of Zimbabwean stock leave zambia alone. Secondly you have been living off your wife get a life

    • The chap got tired of dusting and playing records at ZBS. Just as he got tired of making a fool of himself in his Tiyende Pamodzi Comedy Show thinking he was doing comedy. Next he thought of going to America to live of his medical doctor wife while posturing to be a PhD candidate at some little known college. He even calls himself in his dreams a Professor. What an impostor of a thing!

  34. I personally see the General to be the most dangerous man of our times in ZAMBIA. Ruse’s article may even just be speculative. No one knows the GENERAL, who has even been speculated to have beet friends with and trained with the late GADAFFI, whether reality or myth will never be known.

  35. Field of Grass! General Godfrey Miyanda is respected by the Zambian people. Whatever your analysis, he has earned himself a lot of respect.
    I cant wait for him to respond and he is good at it.

  36. Thanks Ruwe, may be this might smoke the General out of the kitchen where he is interfering with Angela’s job. The man always makes interesting comments but as they say, Generals never retire, they just fade away- that is Miyanda for you.

  37. Well written article! Thanks Field. Got me glued from start to finish. We’ve good authors in Zambia kanshi. Humorous and serious at the same time hahaha



  38. General Miyanda always responds to everything said about him; he will even disagree with you if you shower him with praises. He is meticulous and never wants to be faulted. Dismissing him completely may not be a good idea. He still has enormous positives.

  39. I hate to pretend and I will not start now.

    I was too lazy to read this long damn article. Can some kind friend out there please give me a two sentence summary so perhaps I can throw in my 2 ngwee thoughts??



  40. Apparently the last time Miyanda was seen he was in the company of Katele Kalumba “walking” from Nchelenge to Kilwa (see link below) in Katanga to look for Sangoma-mukulu Kabongo Kuku Ngbendu Wa Za Kaboke. He gave them medicine for “disappearing”, Abracadabra!


  41. I agree with Mr Ruwe, General Miyanda is a shameless political failure.. I remember how he had so much support from people specifically on the Copperbelt. And this was largely due to his ‘ Christian’ element to him. But because of his ‘absence’, he became irrelevant and his members started leaving the Heritage and joining other parties.

    In addition ba General has often exhibited unchristian characteristics to his brethren, these include hatred, unforgiveness, jealousy, pride etc. general should just retire from politics coz he has completely failed. Unless yasanguka akalilo during presidential elections

  42. Field Ruwe. What a name. Zimbabwean indeed. look Field, while you were hybernating in Zambia, free education and all, General Miyanda was in the FIELD at the frontlines fighting your war and protecting Zambia For you to insinuate that his fame came through Tikwiza theatre and not the military YOU ARE FULL OF HORSE CROW!All those you mentioned in Tikwiza were drunks! And you mean to tell us he is so power hungry he will fight tikwiza menbers and gain what? Be thankful he fought your war so you can post those insults from your Glass House. i am not going to waste time but merely ask you to collaborate the factual elements of your stories. i will only say that everything you you have said is a lie or misguided opinion.If you are writing a fiction novel goodluck to you. With your talent iam…

  43. With your talent and a true leader like Mugabe in your country, you should offer your people there a lot to read and laugh about , so they can take time off to appreciate their govt more! you write well, but you are not Ngugi Wathiongo or Chinua Achebe but you could copy cat Peter Enahoro “s YOU GOTTA CRY TO LAUGH !

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The Civil Society Constitution Agenda (CiSCA) has cautioned the youth calling themselves Bill 10 Advocates to stop harassing Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu or any other...

Finance Minister calls for Routine Maintenance of Roads

Finance Minister Bwalya Ng’andu has called on the Road Development Agency -RDA and National Road Fund Agency -NRFA- to adopt a culture of carrying...

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