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GBM was Unanimously elected as Party VEEP by the entire UPND -HH

Headlines GBM was Unanimously elected as Party VEEP by the entire UPND -HH

UPND Supporters welcome GBM and HH
UPND Supporters welcome GBM and HH

Opposition UPND President Hakainde Hichilema says Kasama PF Central MP Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) was unanimously elected and accepted as party vice-president by the entire UPND structures at all levels.

Speaking when he addressed what UPND media unit described as a mammoth crowd that welcomed the UPND team at Kasama Airport yesterday morning, Mr. Hichilema told the people of Kasama to ignore those saying GBM was imposed on the people.

“I want to thank you people of Kasama and Northern Province for giving us such as gallant friend of mine and fellow citizens to be the Vice-President of the UPND, the party that will form government in the next few months with your support. Like we said, GBM has not resigned from PF, the party he tirelessly worked for to put in government but has now been hijacked by other people without a vision these colleagues had. But as usual they have appetite for creating bye-elections even when farmers have not been paid and there are other serious economic challenges facing the country,” Mr. Hichilema who spoke in Bemba told the jubilant Kasama residents that later lined-up the entire route from airport to town center.

And Kasama MP GBM said he was happy to be the Vice President of UPND, a party which represents all people in Zambia and has a clear alternative policies to economically liberate the country.

The Kasama law marker said Zambians were one people and must all solidly rally behind the UPND leadership that has people’s interest at heart.

“The entire country is now shouting ‘Zambia Forward. Are we people in Kasama and Northern Province going to remain? GBM asked the crowd that responded they will not remain”. I cannot mislead you people here and it is important you all come with me in the UPND and its leadership. I don’t just move anyhow like others who are being paid money at the expense of the country.

I know what I am doing and it is important we join hands and save our collapsing economy through Mr. Hichilema and the UPND leadership. I know the PF are pushing for a bye-election here even when they have not paid you for your maize and there is no medicines in hospitals.
If they push for it, we should show them that we can’t accept the nonsense of having wasteful expenditure when the country has no money,” GBM told the crowd.

The UPND team comprised President Hichilema, Vice-President GBM, National Trustee Bernard Mpundu, Senior Officials Fredson Yambayamba who was also losing candidate for Senga Hill, Former MMD National Secretary Richard Kachingwe, and other senior party officials in the province and district.

UPND Supporters welcome GBM and HH
UPND Supporters welcome GBM and HH

UPND Supporters welcome GBM and HH
UPND Supporters welcome GBM and HH

UPND Supporters welcome GBM and HH
UPND Supporters welcome GBM and HH

UPND Supporters welcome GBM and HH
UPND Supporters welcome GBM and HH

UPND Supporters welcome GBM and HH
UPND Supporters welcome GBM and HH

UPND Supporters welcome GBM and HH
UPND Supporters welcome GBM and HH

UPND Supporters welcome GBM and HH
UPND Supporters welcome GBM and HH

UPND Supporters welcome GBM and HH
UPND Supporters welcome GBM and HH

UPND Supporters welcome GBM and HH
UPND Supporters welcome GBM and HH

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  1. Double-speaking GBM, how can you be in two parties at the same time? Define where you stand unless you are fearing defeat in a by-election. Test your popularity in yoiur new party.

    • The bye election looming in Kasama is shaping up to be a bye election of all bye elections and will firmly shut the door to any more bye elections consciously induced by a sitting MP. This is a game changer.

    • GBM has got problems in submitting to other people, and it’s only a matter of time before he takes the confusion he brought in PF to UPND.

    • UPND let go of Kapita, just wondering why PF are making so much noise over GBM? HH and UPND have made a very smart decision. The gain for UPND in terms of GBM is more than a 100 times what PF will get from Kapita.

    • GBM was disowned by PF a long time ago. He is the one clinging to the party when they have clearly asked his fat behind to leave. He was a non-issue in the previous elections and he still will be in the next.
      Congrats UPND for your new Vice President who still wants to be PF!

    • It will be interesting to see what will happen to the top upnd leadership when they lose in the Kasama by- election…

      Let I said before and saying it again, it doesn’t matter who stands on a PF ticket in Northern Province or a UPND ticket in Southern Province, the opposition will always lose in any case.

      Setting the records straight here… this is not at all being tribal but only articulating the realities of where we are now as a country and our fledgling democracy. It is a very sad development but it is reality at this very minute.

      And just so know, this by-election will have a huge bearing on the victorious party in next year’s election…

    • Someone should translate to Edgar this:
      “Ukuteka imbwa mano, nga wapangula ichiti imbwa yaya”.

    • Pictures 4,6,7,8,9 the same!!
      Its like leading up to January 20, 2015.
      “Stupidity is doing the same things but expecting different results”

    • @ Mist, you can have both. You can drink cow milk and eat cow later. GBM wanted to continue milking the PF cow they sold to RB.
      But styupidy PF decided is to slaughter a cow, so GBM says fine then lets go and buy another cow, this time a Tonga bleed.

    • Woooow!!! The mammoth crowd that lined the streets of Kasama included pupils coming from writing their mock exams!!!
      Now! I can feel the heat! Can see the ‘winds of change’!!!
      Let me wait for the live ammunition at the lodges and panga stuffed land cruisers in GBM & HH’s rooms!

  2. This is where UPND loses it or as we used to say in Lusaka AITAYA..

    Number 1: ..how can this be a mammoth crowd?

    Number 2: When were these elections held at every UPND branch level to elect GBM and who were the other contestants?

    HH and his crooks think Zambians are sleepy and dwanzy and all you need is lie to them to get them vote for you. No UPND you have lost it , stop lying We all know GBM was hand picked by you HH the great financier of UPND and the rest had no say

    • GBM is going to regret joining UPND the day the rest of party starts talking behind his back in Tonga after using him. I hope he understands Tonga.

      Sadly, upnd goons are have seared minds. Ififine abepa HH, they’ll all be repeating the lie & defend with their blood.
      That will NEVER make it the truth.

    • @Ndahje

      You have never been an admirer of HH. There is no little admiration that you have lost.

      Say the truth bro.

    • Don’t bother answering Patrick, he is so blinded a cadre that he cannot know when one is telling lies!

    • @ Ndanje,

      My brother, you have never liked HH EVER, so he has not lost anything from you which he never had in the first place. Yours is pure hatred, nothing to do with ideology or issues. Stop lying just be happy as you have always been.

  3. Regardless of which party GBM belongs to, I have just never been a fan of this fat dude. The fact that people see leadership qualities in GBM worth praising just goes to show how poor we are when it comes to having a pool of quality leaders to choose from.

    It is the same characters jumping from one party to another who add no value to our development as a country. I know that it is said “numbers matter in politics”. I would rather have quality than quantity. I would rather be right and in the minority than wrong and in the majority.

    • What is also disconcerting is how people change their opinions about someone simply based on the party that they belong to. Just look at how GBM and Masebo are being celebrated on Zambian Watchdog now simply because they are supporting UPND. Equally, the Watchdog was an ardent supporter of RB when he was facing his trials now he is persona non-grata number 1 simply because he endorsed Lungu! GBM is a known violent thug who beats his wife, has made ethnically inflamatory statements including one in which he falsely accused some Tongas of plotting to kill Bembas two years ago and has faced allegations of corruption in his business dealings but UPND are prepared to overlook all of this simply because he has joined UPND! The fat b’stard should be in jail and not a VP of a political party!

  4. Bah is successful in what he does and so is GBM hate them or love them. Watch the space.
    The country is crying and in a hurry to boot out PF who have proved largely incompetent to rule

  5. GBM has betraying us the people of Kasama and he will lose big time for causing unnecessary election.His behaviour politically is uncalled for:All he thinks of is how he can become president….selfishness.

  6. @csar I agree with you 100% I don’t see anything worth praising about GBM his followers mistake his wealth to wisdom. The man amazes, surprises me when he fronts his wealth at all his political adversaries eg calling Mwimba Malama and Chisala mwenchushi mwe when they were challenging him to resign and show his popularity in Kasama. Now that his seat is vacant let him contest and we will see if people of kasama will vote for him.

  7. My brothers and sisters. What is happening to this years marketing season? Is govt going to buy my maize? Im told the bus fares from Katete to Lusaka will now be at K170.00 and a small luggage bag K20.00.
    The spares for my tractor are costing twice as much due to the ailing Dora.

    Is this the meaning of Kolopa?

  8. Ignore the plot at yo own peril you verbal-panga weilders! UPND have won a very principled son of the soil, who clearly and undauntedly rejected Sata’s gun-point politics in the Chitimukulu saga – GBM chose FAMILY above political promise! I for one found that very astute, read what Mwinelubemba has been writing and fill-in the blanks! Elo lwanya I tell u Folks – FOWARD !!

  9. Since the speaker has declared the seat vacant, let’s see how it goes but seriously speaking, GBM has lost it all.

  10. Speaking when he addressed what UPND media unit described as a mammoth crowd that welcomed the UPND team


  11. HH I really was routing for you. Comments by people discrediting you I found a logic way to make sense of what you were trying to say. I thought because of your education was the reason for me to elect you as my president so you can move our nation forward. I am sorry to say that this is not moving forward with GBM. It won’t be long before you have a miscommunication which might end up with blows and insults. In my opinion GBM is not the right candidate for the position because he is not a team player. He has aspirations of being president and everyone knows that. Maybe your strategy is the wealth you gentlemen have but you need more than that when managing a nation. You know your economics and one key indicator to a nation is education. There are far much better candidates than GBM.

  12. GBM caused a by election by law. Where is this blame game coming from. Lies in people’s faces and they say nothing.

  13. Scientific Data Obtained by Political Weights and Measures Agency

    Physical Weight of Fat Albert – 240 Kg or 0.24 Tonnes

    Political Weight of Fat Albert – 0.0000001 Milligrams

    Political Weight of Fat Albert on UPND Ticket – 0.0000000001 Micro Grams.

  14. GBM will cry because he will lose the Kasama seat.He is a power hungry man.How do you leave PF which took you to parliament and you opt for UP and DOWN.Who told you that we want a tribal party here ? they want to use you and cheat Zambians that they are nationalistic in nature……shame on you !

  15. GBM has lost the seat. People of Kasama, get the money materials from GBM but dont vote for him. How can he resign when there are few months of Presidential elections. What was the rush. He was supposed to be patient and wait for the right time. “TEACH HIM A LESSON HE WILL NOT FORGET”

  16. This is were HH loses wisdom.GBM wwas in kasama just before the bye eletion supporting Lungu.he then accused Lungu of not showing him the respect he deserves,and quickly shifted to UPND.can u trust such a man.HH is surrounded by traiters.wat is GBM’S CV?WIFE BEATING,EMPLOYEES BEATING,INSULTING,BOASTING ABOUT HIS WEALTH,BEMBA TRIBALISM.is that the CV of a vice president under UPND.watch out for a UPND government.

  17. When where the elections for JBM held? GBM should just know that he is just being used by HH to gain popularity in northern province and he will be replaced by a Tonga if by any chance UPND forms government. UPND is a tribal Tonga under five party which failed to accommodate even their tribal cousin Sakwiba Sikota.

  18. Two worthless idi0ts millionaires or are they billionaires who have never donated to any charity or sponsor any sporting team or event unlike guys like Patrick Motsepe of SA , Aliko Dangote of Nigeria and Melinda and Bill Gates of the USA.

  19. Donchi kubeba ! we shall chew their money but vote for PF.
    We are not blind….would rather vote for a wise man though poor than vote for a rich man who is less intelligent.


  21. Administer PF’s own prescription of medicine as panacea for PF arrogance.
    All days are not sundays, monday will surely arrive.

  22. This is how HH and his blind followers always cheat themselves!!how can one call those few young people mammoth?UPND said same things in Petauke,Malambo and Mulobezi,but when results came,it was tears as usual for them.ITS IMPOSSIBLE FOR GBM TO RETAIN HIS SEAT UNDER UPND JUST LIKE JACK MWIIMBU CANNOT RETAIN MONZE CENTRAL IF HE JOINS PF!!which politics do you guys in UPND practice? Its like you enjoy breaking your hearts by giving yourselves fake hopes!!WHERE ON EARTH CAN GBM DEFEAT PF IN KASAMA CENTRAL?THATS A DREAM GUYS!even people like Felix Mutati,Patrick Mucheleka will most likely lose their seats in 2016 if they stand on UPND!!!

  23. If you’re able to see on pictures,its only GBM and HH who were showing a UPND symbol and those few pupils by the road side.meaning majority of those just went to look at GBM and HH.only a f00l would deny the fact that PF is too strong in bembaland!!THERE GBM WILL BE FIGHTING AGAINST SATA’S LEGACY!PLUS ONCE AN ARMY OF BEMBA MPS ARRIVE IN KASAMA CENTRAL,IT WILL BE TOO HEAVY FOR GBM AND NOT EVEN UPND MPS MOSTLY FROM SOUTHERN AND UNKNOWN IN KASAMA WOULD HELP HIM!!dont forget that all PF members will try to shame GBM and HH bcoz of their boasting that they’re rich!!KASAMA WILL GIVE DIRECTION ON HOW 2016 RESULTS WOULD BE!!LET RAINBOW PARTY ALSO STAND IN KASAMA!!

  24. The people of Kasama must exercise their highest use of their morals and natural intellect in balancing their opinion on a man who had his feet in one party then played for another until forced to give up his seat.

    He is a man eaten by unfulfilled ambition. We have seen him change his support of PF after a long charade of forgiveness. He is a deceitful man joining another in a campaign of corrupting the minds of Zambians in an attempt of winning power.

  25. lts tok abt real issuez here nd not jst politkin:1 reopening of cbu.2 fuel adjusts.3 load shedn etc,thoz r the thingz afectn our livlihood at the moment nt pet thingz like byelectionz nd so fourth.b real pipo,no need 4 being petty here.

  26. Wabalasa mwana they will continue lamenting. Eat for the last time, change is
    inevitable. This is not the Zambia I used to know.

    Sad politics at its worst. No motivation in the country

  27. UPND’s desperation with the lack of talent is pitiful. They have nowhere to go now but put up the last decomposing apples in the bottom of their rotting barrel. Nothing like knocking nails into your own coffin is there?

    GBM is an !d1ot who is very volatile and goes off at the drop of a hat and cannot deal with pressure. He is pathetic weak with zero charm or leadership qualities. Well and so are HH and Banda so am sure they will make a interesting ‘leadership’ team.

    This gives a whole new meaning to the old saying – “Any chain is as strong as it’s weakest link”.

  28. Was he elected by a handful or there was a general conference. I really don’t understand the UPND structure. Please clarify

    • Don’t bother asking Din, their structures are as complex as their constitution; where one person keeps standing and losing all the time, doing the same stup1d thing over and over and expecting different results…no National Convention nikisi! And anyway why even bother explaining that GMB that sack of maize was overwhemingly or is it unanimously supported by the Unproductive Now Defunct Party structures, who asked them, if I may ask, telltale signs of deperado!

  29. We will still vote for GBM is our man. PF has lost direction. Only a fool can talk of voting for PF this time.

  30. I think its time for Zambians to vote out PEF government,how do you continue borrowing like this,You can’t always plan your debts repayment on revenue collection from people the few taxpayers are over stretched by these unplanned debts that Lungu and his government are incurring we as the Zambians deserve better,i love mother Zambia and its my hope that when I return home I can save in a corrupt free government,the only party that can save Zambia from this mess according to me is UPND,look at the party!,put a side tribal lines,the party has great minds,its full of men and women of great wisdom the likes of Mutati,Mr Patel.Vote for UPND for what it stands for not tribe,if Zambia voted on basis of tribe then Mwanawasa tribe lines would have continued becoz that was the best government ever!

  31. Lungu is only 6 months in office and you say he has failed. Do you know what it takes to turn around things nationally. This is where you should begin to weigh the lies of opposition saying they can turn tables overnight. Under5 yesterday confirmed he can only manage to see progress of economy after 5years. It took mwanawasa a term before we could see real working govt that’s why in 2006 sata nearly won because things were not good in levys first term. So all you opposition should grow a brain and start looking at real challenges the present govt is facing. It will be retrogressive to replace pf next year after they have now gotten to know the system.

    • @Sponge Bob stop cheating which development can PF bring apart putting as in huge debts.Mwanawasa was paying back huge debts in from 2003 to 2006.He and Magande ruled realistically not this PF who are leaving on borrowed money Nkonkole.There are no projects that can produce profits to pay back Nkongole.These thieves are just stuffing their pockets with stolen Euro bond money,while we are suffering ,no electricity,Water ,high rentas,Meal meal is expensive.Shame on you PF Bakabolala.

  32. Fintu kyachinja (Kaonde na Landa)This is time for HH.Sata’s time when it came everybody knew it was his time.Think of Lozis voting for a Bemba Sata.It is for Bembas to vote for HH.Kasama will show the true tribalists in Town that things have changed. I am sure many PF MPs who are sitting on the fence will jump to HH and GBM’s side. They are just waiting for gratuity only. Ba Lungu Moslem Chagwa Kaminamisa jemasoni Vodka will cry like Lupiya .

    • Sido Mark after all these years of bloging your UPeND messages, you still have not managed to evolve into a better class of being. You are trully bitter! We shall meet you on the ground in Kasama and I am personally inviting you to come and campaign for your fat sack. Don’t just sit on your fat a.rse and punch the keyboard spewing trash on this site; ”things” its on the ground. When are you going to learn?

  33. HH-GBM mariage is on rocks before they clock a day. GBM will lose the kasama central seat so badly.

    Darkness has befallen us again. We have in UPND a mad man called GBM, who is so illiterate with his money that after insulting Tongas in Kabwe just before 2015 elections he can turn around and fool Zambian that he is not tribal. HH has made a double mistake because I know deep in my heart my MPs in Parliament are weeping and lamenting where our Party is going.
    I have not heard from our mother Mutinta Mazoka speak on the GBM saga because there is enough nausea in Southern Province at the site of this insulting cruel, hard-hearted fellow who even fight and beats up his own workers openly.
    MP Nkombo’s comment on GBMwaits, but my advice to my brother is “Take courage and surprise your enemies by standing in 2016.” To hell with the 4 time loser!

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