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Davies Chama laughs off reports of his dismissal as Inonge Wina apologises to Tongas

Headlines Davies Chama laughs off reports of his dismissal as Inonge Wina apologises...

Vice President Inonge Wina and PF Secretary general Davies Chama confer
Vice President Inonge Wina and PF Secretary general Davies Chama confer

PF Secretary General Davies Chama has dispelled reports that he has been fired along with Information Minister Chishimba Kambwili.

And Vice President Inonge Wina has today issued the long awaited apology to Tonga speaking people for the disparaging remarks issued by some high ranking PF officials.

Rumours surfaced on social media Friday morning that President Edgar Lungu had fired Mr Chama and Mr Kambwili for apparently bringing his administration into disrepute.

Mr Chama laughed off the reports that he has been fired when asked to comment the reports.

“You are the one telling me now, right now, I am with the President in Kasama for the coronation of Paramount Chitimukulu and I still have my job,” Mr Chama said.

He added, “there is nothing of such. Get it from me, I have seen those things on social media. It is not true.”

And Vice President Inonge Wina told Parliament that it is unfortunate that remarks against one traditional political leader have penetrated the entire Tonga land and were met with some disquiet.

Mrs Wina observed that this matter appears not to have been resolved despite efforts by President Lungu to meet the traditional leaders in Southern Province over the matter.

She hoped that the people of Southern Province will accept her unreserved apology from the bottom of her heart and on behalf of the PF.

She also revealed that the Mr Chama has been disciplined administratively.

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    • Too late for that apology Wina. Your party is leaving government next year. You and your cronies have caused enough damage to this country for too long due to the short sighted ness of the poor Zambian electorate.

      It’s your Time to leave government so that Zambia can restore its dignity

    • Who is this Chama kanshi! He seems to have been born prematurely where there was no incubator.

    • @Nubian, My interpretation of what you just told Chama is that the aborted babies were better off, than a leader like Chama.

    • What’s shocking is that President Lungu and the Party have advisers who do not do there job. The i dont care attitude by PF is just carelessness. Its either Lungu failed to win over the southern chiefs or he does not care. Either way its his choice to add more fuel to a small fire or extinguish it anyway. It doesnt help his call of a united zambia. Be a man boss, fall on them like a tonne of bricks.

    • No one gives advice with more enthusiasm and less knowledge than an ignorant person and, too often, an educated person is someone who knows how to be ignorant intelligently. Its all right to be ignorant about some things, but its ridiculous to make a career of it. John Rayoa

      Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper. Robert Frost

      Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude. Thomas Jefferson

  1. Stop treating us as if we are your Cadres,mind you chama used his big mouth to insult the entire tribe,may god bless him, ,,,,

  2. you tonga also! find Davies Chama`s father,, he is tonga, he ran ran away from him when his was 1yr old,,,, chama is angry at his tonga father not all tongas……… Chama really wanted to be a kachema, when he was denied a chance by his father,,,, he declared war aganist his tonga tribe,,,,,,,

    • @Nubian, My interpretation of what you just told Chama is that the aborted babies were better off, than a leader like Chama.

    • Hoo Sorry @Ndobo, please leave fathers in these stuff, we have left so many children in villages of Nalolo, Monze (Lamanshingo), in Mansa etc. Unless his father was a sangoma.
      Children born without plan, like Given Lubinda, do not act as evil and ugly minded like Davies Chama. Kabimba alitumpa but not evil.
      A Tonga or any Bemba man can not ejaculate such a a dirty minded man of a Chama. PF need to keep on using condoms or castrated to break these bleed of thugs.!!

  3. Does it have to take Inonge, a traditional Cousin of Tonga’s to offer the apology? ZNBC reports that the apology was offered in response to Nkombo’s question in parliament meaning if Gary did not ask, no apology was forthcoming. I don’t believe its a sincere apology. Worse still the article above claims Chama to have laughed off his reported dismissal. I hope he didn’t laugh teasingly against the Tongas.
    Chama himself or ECL should have apologized no matter how belatedly. Otherwise I don’t take it seriously.

    • The fact is that the whole lof of a Vice President has apologised, period. Lets pick up the pieces and move on ala!

  4. “Mr Chama has been disciplined administratively” , with due respect be truthful madam coz this is no time for donchi kubeba.


    Lubansenshi independent MP, Patrick Mucheleka, has lost his seat after a supreme court ruling. He joins his uncle GBM in the political wilderness.


      HH and your cronies, please don’t heap us with rejects you cranks! We are rebranding our Party as you give way to intellectuals who will bring glory to mother Zambia. All these thieves can remain in the so-called wilderness, including the “Fat Albert” who mus lead his own “Obesity People’s Party” because UPND is not a rubbish pit neither is it a trash can for used condoms.

      “Mucheleka” whatever his name means cannot become another stranger to take our positions. We are calling on Nkombo and other to create a hedge around our Mazoka-founded party and protect it from plunder by our narrow-minded and myopic HH and his cohorts.

      Uchiyanda achileke!

      BB in Kalomo

  6. PF has no respect for the Tongas. How can the V/President say “….remarks against one traditional political leader have penetrated the entire Tonga land……”. She is saying the tongas have failed to comprehend Chama’s statement-which is belittling.
    Chama dragged the Tonga tribe into politics when he said the tongas should reproduce more through polygamous marriages until the tribe is so big to vote tribally for a tonga could be president. So who is tribal here?

  7. Why did V/President have to apologise for Chama as if Chama is a small child who can not apologise for himself?
    And why did the V/President have to apologise after being asked a question in parliament? Did she apologise because she had nothing else to say?
    And why hide the disciplinary measure against Chama? How else can Chama be disciplined apart from being demoted, fired, censured? PF is playing donchi kubeba on this.
    This shows weakness in H.E E.C. Lungu’s leadership because it shows Chama is so powerful that he can insult a tribe and refuse to apologise and no one can touch him. Imagine the whole of a V/President apologising for him! I will not be surprised to see another PF person doing the same.

    • Please don’t be petty. PF has apologized and that’s what is important. Anyone can make a mistake but do they deserve death sentence?
      You are the chaps our Lord Jesus Christ remind that “if no one has committed such a crime, (adultery) let him be the first to thro a stone at this woman”.

      Lets look ahead and bring on board issues that will help us instead of harboring hate for nothing. Don’t forget too that the memories are too fresh in our minds on how the certain sections of our country voted in the 20th January 2015 elections. The more you remind us the more we get to the drawing board.

      2016 is just around the corner and we have not forgotten if you want us to remind you. We learnt a big lesson NEVER to be forgotten in our lifetime. Viva pa bwatoooooooooooViva ECL 2016

  8. Has this now please some people? Now lets be serious and be like civilized people who are factual. PF has been developing Zambia from its inception to power but others don’t see this, why?

    Could it be true to conclude that the opposition is basically irrelevant today in Zambia’s politics? What alternatives have we seen or heard given to the Government if indeed they care for the same people they claim to represent?

    The President was in Southern Province to meet with our chiefs there, did HH acknowledge this good thing in public or otherwise?
    Zambians are too intelligent to be taken for a ride, H.E. Mr. Lungu is a performer and the development we are seeing is not from opposition but from his leadership and so no one can cheat us, tulefimona fwebene…… 2016 its PF, its ECL…

    • If Zambians were too intelligent, PF would not be in power right now. Dunderheads like you outnumber normal people in this country and that is the sad reality.

  9. Are telling me we have a Secretary General who wears a jacket with that ”label” thing?? Were did these guys come from? Come on we need some serious characters to run our affairs. YES l m PF!

    • Mpika man, you damn right that’s PF’s secretary general with that “label thing” on his jacket am suspecting it could be a tag from our prestigious chainama mental hospital, and like one guy has already said he is probably one of the PFool cadres suffering from TONGAPHOBIA.

  10. Complainants please when are you going to grow up? Someone as high as VP apologizing you still can’t get it? what kind of a people are you? How can you rule like that when you don’t want to forgive? Mwebantu?

    • We are humans, contrary to Jackass Chama. To forgive without receiving apology?

      Please, try to use brain instead of dick.

  11. Why must the entire vice president apologize on behalf of a cadre? It clearly shows that he is very powerful such that not even the president can touch him. HE HAS REFUSED TO APOLOGIZE and the coward lazy president is powerless to do anything about it!

  12. u can’t fire the person you fear. As long as Lungu remain the president ,Kambwili and Davies are untouchable and safe. only Mumbi is risking, she should be careful,she shudnt imitate kambwili and Davies chama.

    • What are your feelings about your tribesmen Chama?

      Is he fit and morally suitable to hold position of Secretary General?


    The entire Northern Province UPND is trash! That UPND is only known to HH and his PF turncoats like GBM not us in Kalomo! Lessons will be learnt by those celebrating over a reject from PF. We all know this man from the time he mismanaged his own workers, mistreated his own wives and publicly ridiculed our party UPND including our blind leader HH. In Jan 2015 we borrowed all sorts of crooks from other parties because of HH’s inferiority complex and lost even with vast mobilization on the ground. Some of us lost our last ngwee for the love of UPND and now we cant even have a decent meal. I strongly believe this GBM has been sent by very advanced intelligent systems to create a rift in our Party. HH must leave us now! Mother Mutinta advise us please.

    • Yayayayaya! Serious ayi? kanshi iliko bad. I believe every word you have said. So right now am calling all UPND member s and we get rid of HH! Thanks mudala, apa mwa baza zoona. Who would you recommend replaces HH since mwalikwata data imwe mudala? I trust your judgment! (Fcking a$$hole)

    • Yes, HH has barked enough. It is time to go…Munzi wayaka…Uchiyanda achileke….We cant fail to win 2016 with big brains in Parliament…People in Kalomo are just waiting and can never celebrate anything from a thief who insulted worse than any other PF Members…Him was even mocking the entire tribe very loud on the microphone in Kabwe just before elections….Please UPND strongmen HH must and this I started long ago, I was not taken serious…ati Brian is a Kalomo Mad man…If I am mad why was I vindicated when I said borrowing reject during 2015 election would cost us victory? If if wasn’t for sympathy and patriotism in Southern Province the man would have lost and parked before 20 hours that night…He abused us, but no more! Let him go with chi Fat Albert chake!

    • Iwe Chi Brian Bweengwa just shut up. You don’t even hail from southern province. Whom do you want to lie to with that one tonga phrase?

  14. Madame VP, whilst yours “unreserved apology” may be welcomed, the issue of Mr. Chama utterances and continuous refusal to apologize make your attempt plain mockery.

    If your party is unwilling to discipline this certified tribalist, I am afraid that your sincerity and integrity of your party has hit rock-bottom in the opinion of all Zambians which cherish equality, unity and mutual respect.

    As to Jackass Chama, as far as I am concern, any party harboring such individual, never mind a tribalist as a Secretary General do identifies its values with tribalism values of its Secretary General.

    Shame that at your age you are in the company of such scum.

  15. @Brian Bweengwa-you fool,can you tame your irrational air headed grey matter!Who cares if you donated to the party UPND-Adults are known to be radical,proactive,objective,prudent,focussed & rational!GBM was not single handedly picked to be our veep-why didn’t you contest if you have the balls or mean well for UPND!Stop your nonsensical hollow compulsions & start thinking outside the box!Back to the article,Tongas are way far above this cosmetic useless apology from Bo-Inonge,I know she may mean it but its water under the bridge,you will never corrupt Tongas,we are civilised & sustainably enlightened on polite & civic issues! This is the second attempt from Bo-Inonge,but please ade madam,don’t underrate Tongas,they already made their demand,its no turning back!

    • @ Civilized Sam and ZZ

      I have received your comments, you were almost insulting me. Thank God for both of you. Please allow me to express my self, and I know I am not the only one who contributed to UPND. Please let us not pretend. ZZ there is no such name too. Some of us have braved up to put our heads on the chopping board most of you are hiding but I will not insult you the way you have done. If some one speaks his mind please introspect into what he is saying first you might lose a valuable thought. I did not say I want to stand as Veep, but I still do not believe borrowing people because of their being Bemba or Ngoni is good for us. Those leaning on HH please forgive me. I feel he has to give way to others now is the time, and 2016 will be ours coz we deserve it..

  16. @new born. To me Chama has no meaning and only embarrasses himself if he has any feelings stall.

  17. @ Dudelove

    Mudala, tiyeseko bene Garry…Although HH will stop sleeping from now on…I was in Choma and people are so mad with HH the 4 time loser…This guy believes PF is so strong he needs to poach people from that Party. Do you remember that Mazoka was just dribbled and the matter went to Supreme Court? He did not poach any MMD chaps mudala…this is total ma rubbish we have enough big brains in Parliament and we have enough time…Mebo just give me Garry..He is not tribalistic, he loves everyone including Ngonis and Bembas…He is so popular.
    In Siavonga there is a fake Rumour that HH has so much money that is why people including us UPND members are jealous and even big parties borrow from him etc..Just to make him wamuyayaya…Atu zumanane… Battle!

  18. What is Inonge saying , apologizing to the people of Southern Province !!!!! Never , never . Inonge must know how to use her shrinking hole (mouth). Last time she said ‘government’ is going to issue a statement over Chama ‘s stupid and *****ic statements about the Tongas. Chama himself has said No to apologizing and co existing. Why force Chama madam Inonge? You leave him. The people of Southern Province and indeed Zambians have have heard him saying, ‘if I have offended people its unfortunate’. Please leave the ***** Chama alone. Please keep your apology to yourself. Shame on you.

  19. @ Brian Bweengwa, please don’t include us all in Kalomo. Can you please speak for yourself. You’re obviously a bitter man from your comment. Did you think at any point think you could be chosen UPND vise president? You are a joke!!
    Koya ukalijaye naa ulayanda. Uliciyanga ..

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