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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Government confers with Mopani and Mine accident families

General News Government confers with Mopani and Mine accident families

Chishimba Kambwili
Chishimba Kambwili

Government has held a consultative meeting with Mopani Copper Mine, the families of the four miners that perished in the mine accident and other stakeholders to determine the way forward on the accident.

Chief government spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili told ZANIS in Kitwe yesterday that the nation will be informed today about the decision that has been arrived at in the meeting which he described a fruitful.

Four miners died at Mopani Copper Mine in Kitwe over a week ago after a rock fall in an underground pit when the area curved in at the South Ore Body (SOB) shaft.

The search for the remains of the deceased miners has continued as it enters day 11 today and so far a limb which was confirmed to have been retrieved is the major retrieval that has been made so far.

Vice President Inonge Wina, Mines Minister Christopher Yaluma and First Lady Esther Lungu have also visited the funeral houses for the four minors in Kitwe.

The deceased are Arnold Mambwe, Honest Mushota, Emmanuel Kyongola and Abel Munthali who were all machine operators.

The cause of the accident has not yet been established.

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  1. Who is the safety Manager,

    Who is the mine Manager?

    Who is the geotechnical manager?.

    The section boss?

    The shift boss on duty?

    All the above must lose their jobs immediately.

    • Due process must be followed.
      I would argue that the mining method, Vertical Crater Blasting, although it has been in use for a long time, has inherent flaws which must be reviewed objectively.
      Let’s keep emotions out of this.

    • Let me announce in advance, ladies & gentlemen!
      The bodies have not been & will never be recovered. This meeting was meant to buy off some family members to seal their mouths & then empty coffins stuffed with weights will be labelled with names & buried. These bought family members will be used to convince others not to insist on body viewing as ‘bodies are in decomposed state’ & are therefore too unsightly to look at.
      With this “Njala Ya Zed’ money can buy anything even a ‘life’!

  2. The mining method used in the area where the accident happened should be critically reviewed.
    Mining regulations emanate from accidents like this tragic incident.
    Mines Safety Department should marshal all necessary expertise to review Vertical Crater Blasting which is the mining method used in the area of the accident.

  3. The gvt doesn’t care about its own people as long as foreigners siphon the country s humans and natural reaources

  4. @ armchair critic, you seem to have concluded that the mining method is at fault. Where else is the method in use? For how long has it been in use. What is the accident rate for this method?.

    I guess a Mining method largely depends on the geometry of the orebody and the economics for recovering the orebody.

    Do we have alternative methods which can recover this orebody economically and in a safer way?.

    I know the name itself sounds scaring, particularly that words like crater and blasting are mentioned.

    • @ Tutu your comments are welcome.
      My concern is that the deceased were made to stand on ground that had been undercut through the mining method. One does not know how much was left from a previous blast. The fact that the unfortunate men were drilling on the remaining slice of ground thus inducing vibrations raises issues about the practice and consequently the mining method. Thus the need to review the mining method. Thanks.

    • @Tutu you are right about the mining method choice depending on the geometry, dip of the Ore body, economics of extraction and geotechnical factors etc.
      My point is that even though the method has been used before, the accident has exposed its flaws which can’t be ignored. Thanks

  5. Pa Zambia everything no mbwesese or useseless just to retrieve the Bodies of our Be Loved Heros for them to be Hurried decently, they have failed. Bazakakwanisako chani Baimbwa aba Kansi.? Eleven days no Good Results of Bodies to be retrieve. I Pity this Country.

  6. This is very sad,let’s hope whatever the outcome from that meeting will satisfy the all families.This act by MCM and the Government seems like they have fail to find and retrive the bodies.But if it was copper,they would have done it QUICK.may there soul rest in peace.

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