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No load shedding for Mines-Yaluma

Economy No load shedding for Mines-Yaluma

Mines, Energy and Water Development Minister Christopher Yaluma (right) and his Deputy George Zulu (centre) inspect the Lusaka fuel storage depot with Lusaka Province Minister Obvious Mwaliteta before commissioning of the plant
Mines, Energy and Water Development Minister Christopher Yaluma
(right) and his Deputy George Zulu (centre) inspect the Lusaka fuel
storage depot with Lusaka Province Minister Obvious Mwaliteta before
commissioning of the plant

Government says it will not allow any reduction in power supply to the mines without dialogue with concerned parties.

Mines Minister Christopher Yaluma says this is because the mine sector is very important to the county’s economy.

Mr. Yaluma says there have been proposal’s to reduce power to the mines in view of the current power deficit.

The Minister says the proposals have however been received with mixed feelings by mining firms.

However Mr. Yaluma says it is gratifying that all concerned stakeholders have agreed to meet this weekend and dialogue over the mater.

Mr. Yaluma pointed out that disruption of power to the Mine smelters has a huge impact on productivity levels in the sector.

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  1. How about my household. Stop the loadshed to my house too. May I should come and discuss with you since I am also a stakrholder.

    • Nice try, but in this case I think you probably need to be able to spell stakeholder (or have someone on staff to check your spelling) to actually be one. Cheers.

    • Goooooong!… Goooooong!…….Gooooooong!

      Visionless Yaluma,

      Now the you unhonour able Yaluma and fellow visionless PF have become increasingly pathetic failures in everything!

      The only best known works of PF is? Your guess is good as The Undertaker, DEBT! Other words are KALOBA or CONGOLAY.

      Primitivism Family [PF], now you even have the audacity of who to load shed or not! The Problematic Fascists [PF] needs the Undertaker to give them a “TOMBSTONE” so that all the visionless ones can ‘Rest In Pieces’ of backwardness!

      Instead of saying, No More Load Shedding for All Zambians, but Yaluma wants mines alone. Load shedding belongs in the Morgue or cemetery.


      Gooong! Gooong! Gooong!

      Goons in PF.

  2. The mines are your voter base, so please don’t disturb their power supply. Without them you will lose elections.

    You need not worry about the rest of us Zambians

  3. But Mr Yaluma, parts of ngwerere and kabangwe have lost supply just now, and it was the same yesterday again. And this is despite under going load shedding in the day from 6 in the morning.

  4. Can someone please tell me what is so called Yaluma is yapping about? He has special people to load shed, can he first load shed the state house so that chagwa can also experience it period.

    • Lazy Bone Edgar and Ester are hardly ever in State House so if you load-shed its only the cooks and OP security will complain!!

  5. This empty tin just last month he uttered contrary to this; clearly these dimwits do not know what they are doing…my question is are the mines paying full electricity tariffs!!

  6. And these are the very people who have made government look foolish over mineral tax trial en error all the way

  7. It looks like the Mines Minister Christopher Yaluma is disoriented. He is so confused and is not thinking in his right mind. Whatever comes to his mind he just yaps without thinking. He is inconsistence in his statements. Today he will say this, tomorrow he will say another thing. This is what happens when he doesn’t know the exactly cause of load shed. All what he sees at Kariba Dam & Kafue gorge is low water levels. He can’t see beyond low water levels that with the current low water levels we can generate at least twice the amount of electricity we are producing currently due to load shed. He should reflect at the basic principles he studied at the University of Idaho: series, parallel and series-parallel to capacitors and resistors, and apply to generators with respect to water flow.

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