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President Lungu urges Northerners to reject tribalism

General News President Lungu urges Northerners to reject tribalism

President Edgar Lungu being received by Northern Province Minister, Freedom Sikazwe when he made a stop over at Mbala's Samora Machel Airbase on his way to Mwansabombwe from Uganda
President Edgar Lungu being received by Northern Province Minister, Freedom Sikazwe when he made a stop over at Mbala’s Samora Machel Airbase on his way to Mwansabombwe from Uganda

President Edgar Lungu has urged the people of Northern Province to reject some individuals propagating tribalism in the country.

Speaking upon arrival at Kasama Airport this morning, President Lungu said Zambians must at all times promote peace and unity in the nation and shame those advocating for regionalism.

President Lungu said he was happy to be in the Northern Province to grace the installation of Henry Kanyanta Sosala as Paramount Chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba speaking people.

He praised traditional leaders who have travelled from different parts of the country to witness the coronation of the Chitimukulu and also attend the Ukusefya Pa Ng’wena Bemba traditional ceremony.

The Head of State observed that traditional ceremonies are good platforms that should be used to promote unity-of-purpose among different ethnic tribes in the country.

President Lungu is in the Northern Province to attend the coronation of Henry Kanyanta Sosala as Paramount Chief Chitimukulu Kanyanta Manga II of the Bemba people in Mungwi District.

The President was met on arrival at Kasama Airport by Chief and Traditional affairs Minister Joseph Katema, Northern Province Minister Freedom Sikazwe, Labour Deputy Minister Alfridah Kansembe, PF Secretary General Davies Chama and other governmental officials including PF members.

President Lungu is accompanied by Energy Minister Christopher Yaluma, Commerce Trade and Industry Deputy Minister Miles Sampa and State House officials.

Earlier this year, President Lungu officially recognized Henry Sosala as new Paramount Chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba speaking people following the death of the predecessor.

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    • Yes reject tribalism but tolerate wako ni wako umodzi kumawa appointments and left overs to Bembas and very lucky few for other tribes.

  1. Sir, your message is null and void because Davies Chama who is part of your entourage has been heavily associated with promoting tribalism! You are just empowering him to say the least.

    • Leaders, you are stressing me the more. There are so many challenges the country is facing and needing to be addressed. Each time i hear and see leaders being more worried about tribalism, tribalism . Can focus on important issues and tell us how and when you will address the problems of poverty, etc rather than the issue of tribalism.

    • That’s the ONLY message from Lungu all the way through 2016 Victory “Tribalism”. He has nothing else to tell Zambians as he has no clue about the solutions for the BIG problems that the ordinary Zambians are facing. Unfortunately, victory he will have because the majority of the people buy into this nonsense.

      Honestly, there is no tribalism is Zambia; we drink, we live, socialize (have se.x), we marry, we run businesses, we work together. But only in politics we have problems. Regional voting we call it Tribalism. What is wrong with regional voting and regional strongholds. The U.S.A ” the mother of democracy” has serious regional politics, the red-states mainly in the south and the blue states in the north and north-east. No cries for regionalism coz thats politics

    • You Edgar katwishi …. Why even think he can go to preach tribal stuff in that province? Moreover Edgar need fight other belief than TRIBALISM.
      KK found the “One Zambia One….”
      Chiluba developed the “Christian nation”.
      Edgar may win the “Tribalism”

  2. …too much of anything is bad….the president needs to tone down on such pronouncements….bembas say… ‘ushufwa patunono napafingi takomfwe..’

    • But if he stops he will have nothing else to tell the people (his voters). Lungu has no solutions for the problems that the Zambian people are facing. So he will ride on this tribalism message (uniting the country, us if we are coming from a civil war) until he gets another term in office.

      One cruel truth is that he will get it.

    • I liked Edgar when he was minister, but when I heard of him with those talks of CARTEL, TRIBALISIM, then I new this guy is a bastard.

  3. Change the subject and discussions likewise will change. If you do not change some of the officials who call others trib*alists, do not expect different results.

  4. I cannot remember KK travelling “to attend the coronation” of any chief, paramount or otherwise! Things have really changed. I guess one should do whatever it takes for any vote one can get!

    • He was too proud. At one time he said he would allow his smartly dressed ministers to SHOLOLOLA before any chief and indeed KK never kneeled before anyone.

  5. From the same mouth comes 2 conflicting messages. Is this president demented or confused? A couple of months ago during a bye-election in Chipata he told his fellow easterners to embrace fellow easterners under the infamous ‘wako ni wako’ RB slogan and in Kasama he is singing the direct opposite. Indeed no vision, just about anything will come out of that mouth.

    • It all makes sense. In Kasama, he wants Bembas to vote for him instead of GBM or another Bemba. In Chipata, he wanted easterners to support another easterner instead of anybody sponsored by bakachema. This is all coded language by Lungu for his own people and supporters.

  6. Is this man serious? He doing a good job at trying to keep UPND out of office. That appears to be his preoccupation.

  7. deal with economic issues you ka drunkard. That pronouncment is out of fashion. You are the same chaps promoting tribalism. rubbish.

  8. “wako ni wako” when they go to Eastern province, when they go to other provinces its “one zambia one nation”. hypocrite. Deal with economic issues first. your mouth is stinking

  9. Edgar is a very divisive chap. He is now consolidating his position in Northern Province with the chiefs. On one hand he’s taking about wako ni wako on the other one Zambia one Nation. At home when drinking Jameson he thinks Zambians are stup.id. He wants to win Northern by aligning with Sosala. This chap is dangerous with his RB formula. Get him out. He has marginalized the Tongas using his bulldog Chama. Things have not changed they have just gone to the dogs.

  10. HH is surrounded and advised by people who persecuted bemba people during Mwanawasa’s rein and called them stinking thieves:

    1. Dipak Patel (moved motion in parliament to torment Chiluba)

    2. Ngandu peter magande (secured foreign funding to prosecute and persecute Chiluba and other bembas).

    3. Maureen Mwanawasa – supported her husband to persecute bembas.

    4. Felix Mutati – Looked the other way when Chiluba was being tormented by Mwanawasa.

    5. Mutale Nalumango – Active member of Mwanawasa’s govt.

    Bembas and other tribes in the north and east must consider these facts before supporting HH. HH will make Mwanawasa’s act look like child’s play. Please take heed, you may regret handing keys to the devil. Do you honestly think GBM can stop bemba persecution? Think again.

    • If Bembas are thieves and stealing the Eurobonds, then your judgement day is coming. Zambians are tired of being abused by Bemba thieves.

    • It was not persecution it was Justice for the plunder of the economy and most of the chaps who were found guilty weren’t Bemba. They were greedy Zambians who took too much of the cake. Say what you want the Economy was better under Mwanawasa. Unlike Now.

    • You are the biggest liar this nation has ever had. When and where did Levy Mwanawasa attack the Bembas? You just heard kamwili’s lies and you believed it. Mwanawasa wasn’t a tribalist like this chagwa, kambwili, chama, Mumbi, Rb, Dora etc. Quit tribalism it will set Zambia on fire. Lungu is craftly promoting tribalism. sooner than he realizes it will hurt him and his party.

    • Ba Buck Teeth Lungu naimwe. Are you telling me RB and sons are Bembas? Just condemn the deed without demonising the whole tribe. A man named Lungu has been arrested for allegedly exhuming, roasting and eating human flesh at a graveyard in Nyimba. It would be id.iotic to label everyone from Eastern province as a man eater. There is good and bad everywhere Mr Buck Teeth.

    • you suffering from tonga phobia. its a deseas that touches your mind and leads to dementia. you may not be a tonga hater per say but you are tonga phobic

  11. I expected to hear that this man was welcomed by a huge cloud of people to beat the kind that thunderously welcomed GBM and HH

  12. Your message lacks meaning! You talk about something you don’t believe in! What a joke of a president! You go to eastern and you say, ‘wako ni wako’ and now you tell the northerners to desist from tribalism! What hypocrisy! This is the same visionless idi0t who has failed to discipline his Chama and Mumbi over their remarks against Tongas. ECL, you are such a coward and know that you are on that seat by a very big accident! Stop that outdated talk and focus on the economy that you have so excellently managed to destroy! Lazy chap!

  13. This tribalism song is now boring. Shall we hear issues about reducing the cost of living, fuel and mealie meal, safe water, proper sanitation, more access to education etc

  14. Is this the only language in lungi’s mouth and PF ? This man Lungu is brainless. Improve the enconomy situation. Don’t bring in cheap polites. you are just showing how useless and your party. We haven’t head HH talking about tribalism. Come on grow up Lungu.Zambians want bread and butter.

  15. Yayayaya ya! Exactly mental here. Isn’t this guy who whilst serving as a Minister of Home of affairs sent police to throw this guy out of the palace?

    Shame Shame!

  16. You can never satisfy all the people all the time, especially all the 72+ tribes in Zambia. That is why it is easier to deal with and satisfy the white tribe in Zambia, they seem to have one united interest, which is not the same our people who even want dowry paid for their sons, as one opposition MP said recently in trying to justify salary increments for MPs!

  17. We owe the world so much in al the Bonds and development loans we have taken.

    Foreign countries have backed Zambia to the hilt. We need a calmer political environment to allow our economy to grow and facilitate the repayment of our debts.

    The people of Zambia must understand that even a caretaker Military and Civilian gov’t is better. Our opposition groups are very irresponsible and merely want power for revenge and personal aggrandisement.

    Every citizens must understand this. No opposition party is going to do any different than PF. Our country needs to be brought to scratch by development and grow benefits further to an inclusive Zambia. #Stability #NotPersonalityPolitics.

  18. The challenge to democracy in Zambia is not the prevalence of ethnic diversity, but the use of identity politics to promote narrow tribal interests. If not handled nicely, tribal forces could quickly bring a country to the brink of civil war.

    It’s good that our President has touched on this sensitive issue, but utterances alone are not enough. Actions should be taken to discipline those advancing tribalism through their talk and deeds. Government appointment should also cut across ethnic all groups. Nepotism and cronyism in job offers should also be stopped.

    Zambia is a diverse country and no tribe is bigger than the other. We are all one under one God.

  19. Is president Lungu drunk again? I thought he stopped drinking kachasu since he became president? What kind of tribalism is he talking about? Remember, he who asks a riddle becomes a riddle himself. STOP, STOP, STOP TALKING ABOUT TRIBALISM. It died several months ago.

  20. This is the only imaginary issue the utterly dull lazy bum can talk about…the bum has lamentable failed to host a press conference and tackle presssing issues like corruption and the economy!!

  21. The guy has no plan at all. He is in fact promoting tribalism. He has no time to deal with national affairs as he is always on the move. What time does look at policies? It is really sad for the nation. Does he put in practice what he preaches? Is the government inclusive?

  22. Why would tongas want Kambwili, Mumbi and Chama fired? this is not about the alleged tribal remarks attributed to Chama it is about the hatred that Tongas have for bemba speaking people. I work with some tongas and their thinking and behavior is discriminatory even the most educated they behave as if they never even stepped in a classroom. I don’t believe chama said those words tongas claim he said. Tongas get a life and concentrate of other important things than mopping everyday. you are not the only tribe in this country.

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