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KCM is not closing Nchanga Underground mine

Economy KCM is not closing Nchanga Underground mine

Konkola Copper Mines has dispelled reports that it is closing its Nchanga underground mine in Chingola.

KCM Manger for Public Relations & Communications Shapi Shachinda said in a statement that reports that Nchanga underground mine has been placed on care and maintenance were untrue.

“Contrary to media reports on 31st July 2015, Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) wishes to clarify that it has not made a decision to close the Nchanga underground mine nor scale down operations at the Nkana Refinery. The company’s operations remain open and production is continuing. No workers have been laid off and no contracts have been terminated, Mr Shachinda said.
He added, “The basis of media stories circulating was an unofficial memo circulating in the company early on Friday morning. This memo has no official sanction from within the company.”
Mr Shachinda also said that the implications of electricity cuts are still unclear.

He said KCM is in close consultation with Copperbelt Electricity Company (CEC) and the Government in relation to the implications of load shedding. 

Mr Shachinda said the welfare and livelihoods of employees and contractors at KCM are foremost in decision making about the impact of the current power situation.

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  1. ….how on earth can anyone initiate and circulate a memorandum without top management concert…??…especially on such a serious issue……infact it did not require a junior manager to dispel such rumours…KCM CEO was supposed to……that’s when we require investigative journalism to come into play and dig out the truth…not the copy and paste like ba LT……

  2. Underground mining activities require sustained supply of electricity for safety & security purposes not loadshedding!We know its true they have shunted the other departments,no lies here!

  3. Hehehe! Is it not spokesman who speaks for company. Have seen this name in newspapers and TV speak for kcm many times

  4. It is funny how some Zambians want to blame the investor instead of seeing the economic mess. What is happening at Zesco? Investigative bloggers needed here

  5. Loadsheding is not the main issue it has just become part of the problem. The mine look closed anyway and I doubt if the underground is even operating at 50 percent. Africa is carsed even Indians can come and buy a mine cheaply make money and later stop paying suppliers even those supplying them electricity and boasts that he makes millions when addressing villagers

  6. One side we are calling them “these indians” the other side we are saying Inde Bwana, please assist us to dig and take our copper away minus any taxes ir benefit to us and we will be thankful to you for that service.

    Now which one is it ?

    • PF cadres today assaulted a policeman at show ground bus stop.

      These cadres were roughing up commuters. They are doned in “PF 2016” regalia.

  7. The unions briefed the the workers at nkana mine yesterday on the same issue, why is the manager lying. There was an official communication yesterday by the union.

  8. Lies characterise KCM day in day out…It is shocking how government easily believes their lies! Wake up zambia before you wake up to a rude shock..In organisations we work there is procedure before memos are circulated..It was an official memo and when things went south you KCM decided to retract and dispel what you as KCM headed by your CEO had signed off..amangalo! Wake up Zambia and watch this company closely!

  9. The Zambian government is being exploited. The political leaders are naive and do not understand the cartel associated with the mining industry. It is shameful to see countries like Liberia, Zambia, Mozambique, Guinea, DR Congo and Ghana being exploited like this. All investors, be it Canadians, Indians, British, Australian, Chinese, South African, Brazilian and American are guilty of this. The situation worsens when the government is ignorant (like Zambia).

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