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Government fails to publish Constitution Amendment Bill, Justice Minister Lied-Chipenzi

Headlines Government fails to publish Constitution Amendment Bill, Justice Minister Lied-Chipenzi

FODEP Executive Director McDonald Chipenzi
FODEP Executive Director McDonald Chipenzi

The Grand Coalition on the demand for a people driven constitution has said that the failure by the Patriotic Front to publish the Constitution Amendment Bill 2015 and the Constitution of Zambia Bill 2015 makes it very difficult for the people to believe the PF.

Justice Minister Ngosa Simbyakula told parliament on Thursday that the Constitution Amendment Bill 2015 and the Constitution of Zambia Bill 2015 would be published Yesterday, Saturday, 1st August, 2015.

But Coalition Spokesperson Macdonald Chipenzi has said that they expected the situation citing that they knew that there was no bill at the government printers waiting to be printed and later published.

Mr. Chipenzi said that the failure to publish the constitutional bill has made Zambians to lose confidence not only in the Minister of Justice himself but government as a whole noting that they cannot continue to lie to the people.

Mr. Chipenzi added that parliament has been a playground for liars explaining that the PF lied on the floor of the house adding that if they were serious accountability mechanisms, government would not have taken parliament for granted by telling the house what it was not sure of.

Mr. Chipenzi said what has happened is not a strange thing to the people of Zambia as there has been so many inconsistencies by the government.

He further stated that the people of Zambia were ready to see the constitution bill published but are disappointed.

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    • The first cabinet minister to be appointed by Edgar was Ngosa Symbyakula. His first assignment was to speed up constitution making process. What people forget is that both these gentlemen have any appalling record from their respective ministerial portfolios. Edgar Sent police to harass Chitimukulu and Ngosa failed to amend the Public Order Act. It is naivety of the worst kind to expect these two clueless guys preside over the enactment of the constitution. The process is destined for failure. Edgar said he had no vision and he meant that literally.

  1. Don’t worry mr Chipenzi that VP will apologize on Simbyakula’s behalf. The apology: “If what honorable said in parley upset some people, I apologize. The statement was intended for the parliamentarians and has been misconstrued by the citizenry. Actually the statement meant that the constitution bill will be published ANY DAY AFTER 1st AUGUST.”

  2. Have you forgotten that PF is a a dochi kubeba party. Lying and PF are anonymous. So bring some pop cons

  3. Lies from ministers/parliamentarians must be impeacheable as well as treasonable or espionageable!Come 2016,PF liars must be shown the exit door!

    • Naine napapafye! Ba Justice Minister ukuyabepa mu Parliament! Awe kwena ba Ngosa insonifye mulekwatako. Nomba chashalila banakulu ba Inonge ukuti bachite apologise, that is if we are luck or if someone puts pressure. Then the lies will continue in other areas as usual. Cry the beloved country has gone to the dogs.

  4. Chipenzi and Nawakwi could make an interesting couple. I recommend that they get married. After all, they both have Verbal dioerhea. Their mouths flap, and they think they are the experts.

    • I don’t think you know what a democracy is…its this selfsame silly ignorance and utter illiteracy that is taking us nowhere…you go to Kenya today you will find thousands of Chipenzis and Nawakwis speaking out for they people and keeping the MPs and politicians in check. Its only in Zambia where MPs can swiftly vote for their wage increase and no one protests because Zambians do not read…even money borrowed on your grandchildren heads is being stolen right in front of you.


    • @Muana Tembo
      In fact you should thank those people speaking because they think the are experts because arrogant imbeciles like yourself who are “experts” choose to remain silent at the expense of the poor masses.

  5. McDonald you disappoint me my brother. When did PF become serious for anyone to expect them to deliver on anything.
    If we sit back & expect ECL & his PF to deliver on anything we can as well wait for kingdom come.

  6. The failure of PF government to honour any promise in any shape or form should not surprise Zambians. Deception and lying is PF government’s DNA. In other words, PF was formed on deception, executed lies, practiced deception and sustained by more lies. This is no news to Zambians but Zambia as a whole is not a lying nation.
    Liars and deceivers in the nation should be exposed and voted out for the nation to gain respect again.

  7. It can be a good couple if Chipenzi and Nawakwi married…..The guest of honour at this wedding ceremony could be Mucheleka or Mulongoti.

  8. Is Zambia a failed State? How will that Speaker called Matibini deal with this rubbish from the front bench? Last time it was this model called Margret who has failed to pay back the CEEC loan and on top of that we give her a Ministerial salary. I think the whole parliament should be taken for frog jumps by the soldiers. They need to start being serious if the country has to go forward.
    We need to mobilize the citizenry to over run that parliament unless Matibini takes control of these cheating ministers.

  9. PF or NOT! Chipenzi’s statement, backed with recorded evidence is what is called Checks For the entire executive. No one must be allowed to lie to the people in parliament. If Simbyakula made that promise & got derailed in any orgasmic excitement, thereby failing to execute the action, he ought to explain, with aid of a diagram, and give evidence before the speaker FIRST THING ON TUESDAY! I do not tolerate toying with the nation in the law-making house.
    Very good Chipenzi.

  10. The day zambians will be wide awake zambia would have been taken 100yrs backwards.opposition leaders make govt work.even though zambians have become proper cadres.

  11. if the leader has no vision of his own what do you expect. the minister and every one still uses sata s type of politics. all in all zambians voters to blame. next time vote wisely please, 2016.

  12. Ni wonder pupils were failures in chimpanzess class. Lack of verification or lesson planning before u teach. Now u want fodep to fail. Shame!

  13. Problem in our Country is that some people argue for argument’s sake, without an inkling of the gravity of the issue at stake. First understand what an institution stands for, and what is expected of it. The reason we call an MP honourable is because he sits in a house where only serious business is discussed, not assumptions.

  14. forget about all your worries wake up pipo think critically and do a right thing next time you are empowered to choose credible leaders. use your brains and don’t let decietors hijack your power. this is our own choice so no finger pointing

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