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Political analyst Alex Ng’oma forms Intellectual Forum Institute

General News Political analyst Alex Ng’oma forms Intellectual Forum Institute

Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) President Dr. Alex Ngoma
Alex Ngoma

A political analyst Alex Ng’oma has formed an organization known as the Intellectual Forum Institute of Zambia (IFIZ).

Dr. Ngóma said the aim of the organization is to serve as a platform for intellectuals in the country to interact and share knowledge and ideas through public presentations and intellectual debates.

He told ZANIS in Lusaka today that the organization hoped to ensure that outputs from the said presentations and intellectual debates can feed into the wider national debates and development agenda.

“IFIZ is a local, non-profit, and non-partisan organization. Its mandate is to serve as a platform, or a kind of Insaka, for intellectuals from all walks of life, to interact and share knowledge and ideas through public presentations and debates,” Dr. Ng’oma explained.

He said the organization will serve as a channel for intellectuals to make their knowledge known and ideas available to the nation as well as to interrogate issues that are taken for granted.

Dr. Ngóma has meanwhile observed that Zambia has increasingly become an arena for impolite behaviour noting that some of the political players have chosen to pursue politics of character assassination, insults and violence.

He said this kind of behaviour has scared away intellectuals from making contributions for fear of denting their integrity.

He disclosed that the Intellectual Forum Institute of Zambia will be officially launched in due course when all necessary logistics are put in place.

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  1. Is this a start of a political party purely by intellectuals to brings an advent of a new approach to Zambian politics? This could be a good idea because intellectuals who have been co-opted into the existing systems have ended up even more corrupt than the other ordinary politicians who ‘genuinely’ practice politics of the belly. The list of corrupted intellectual politicians is endless. Let’s try this approach to tailor the inept Zambian intellectual s to good use to get some benefit out of them for the desperate country.

    • Well done Dr Ngoma. You will be the presidential candidate even if your PhD was in pottery or weaving at Matero University, Palabana University or Chongwe University. It don’t (or doesn’t) matter, I am sure you know what I mean. You can correct my grammar. After all you nave a PhD in pottery or weaving.

    • Ba Analyser. Some one is proposing a great way of developing this country through debate. But typical of Zambians, you bring in trivial issues of his qualification. If you are more educated than Ngoma, why don’t you come up with a better plan than this one? Instead of supporting this noble and direct course you are busy being negative. Whats wrong with Zambians kashi.

    • First time I’ve heard forum and institute together in the name of an organization…interesting idea though

  2. I am just sick to death with people who just start things with intentions of getting int something else. Dr Mumba did. ZAMBIA SHALL BE SAVED crap got him to get into politics. I SEE Dr Mumba written all over Dr Ngoma. Give over!

  3. Ah….Ah, please let us be a bit more civilised. You may not utter such unbecoming words to someone who seem to be intelligent alright. I can only tell Dr. Ngoma never to be discouraged, infact he is already on trial to see whether he intends to come up with is real and that he means business. You can prove them wrong by making sure that your idea succeeds. Zambians are always like that, they never want a colleague succeed, these are some of the tendencies of pestence poverty. POVERTY has come to haunty us in Zambia because the majority of us have not travelled enough to compare things.

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