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There is a fertiliser Scam at Ministry of Agriculture, highest bidders given contracts-Tayali

Headlines There is a fertiliser Scam at Ministry of Agriculture, highest bidders given...

Zambian Voice Executive Director Chilufya Tayali
Zambian Voice Executive Director Chilufya Tayali

The Zambian Voice says the Ministry of Agriculture has suspiciously awarded a tender to supply 101,826 metric tonnes of Top Urea Fertiliser for 2015/2016 farming season to Nyiombo Investments Limited and Neria’s Investments Limited.
According to a letter dated 11th May 2015 from the Ministry of Agriculture signed by Head of Procurement and supplies unit Sylvia Sichone, there were 13 bidders who tendered for the fertilizer contract.

The tender was to deliver and supply fertilizer to Muchinga and Northern provinces in Lot 1, Luapula and Central provinces in Lot 2, Copperbelt and North-western provinces which is called Lot 3 and Southern and Western provinces which is called LOT 4 including Lusaka and Eastern provinces in LOT 5.

Zambian Voice Executive Director Chilufya Tayali said the bidding companies applied according to LOTS and therefore one would expect various companies supplying different places of the country mentioned above.
Mr Tayali said surprisingly only two companies were chosen to supply throughout the Country.
He said Nyiombo Investment Ltd was given LOT 1, 2, and 3 worth a total of USD$56 million while Neira’s Investment Ltd got LOT 5 worth USD$22 Million.
Mr Tayali said looking at the companies that bid, the two companies were the highest in pricing saying the average price for Nyiombo Investment for LOT 1 to 4 was at USD$990 per ton while the lowest was USD$597 per ton.

“For LOT 5 Neira’s bid was USD$882 per ton while the lowest was USD$600. Analyzing everything you can clearly see that Zambians should have spent about USD$38 Million but they will have to spend USD$78 million making a loss of about USD$40 Million,” M Tayali said.

“While we appreciate that the lowest bidder might not be the best supplier, the difference is just too wide and there are many companies to choose from as alternatives other than choosing the two highest bidders on the same product, most likely from the same source,” Mr Tayali said.
He has since demanded that the Ministry of Agriculture explains the rationale used to pick these two expensive companies.

“We also have information to believe that the two companies have been friends of the PF party for some time and this is like a payback time. We demand that this tender is investigated before money is disbursed. We will bring the issue before the ACC so that they can also investigate why Zambians have to pay more when they should be saving,” Mr Tayali said.


    • Bwana Tayali, investigate, find out why the government behaved the way it did and then inform us. Do not just blow the whistle when you do not understand whether there is truly an infringement or not. Figures may not lie but they is always a rational of arriving at them.

    • I wish Edgar Lungu was not born. He is a very big curse to Zambia.

      90% of Zambians don’t like Edgar Lungu because of the way he is running the country.


    • We need more Tayalis in this country. Whether he’s a hired gun or not is irrelevant. If he’s just tarnishing peoples’ names courts are there to sort that out.
      But to have a citizenry that’s so docile & accepts anything that the powers that be does is a disaster.
      More a national disaster than Gabon Disaster National Stadium.
      So Chilufya Tayali you have the blessings of the voiceless.

    • Tayali you dont know what you are on about, the exact technical details of the product which the various firms sell are beyond your chikwakwa schooling. Nyiombo fertilizer is the prefered choice by most small scale farmers, these ,lower priced products are known to be low quality fertilizer which in the end doesn’t serve its purpose..remember cheap is expensive.

      At least here is a government that is offering to provide fertilizer to peasant farmers under a very fair scheme whereas the likes of capitalists HH, GBM and other opportunistic parasitic politicians would rather stop the fertilizer scheme so that they can buy more cattle or build themselves more huge mansions..dont be fooled by HH’s minions.

  1. What’s new with this”More money in your pocket” mob??
    Zambian’s asked for it via the ballot, therefore ENJOY!!

  2. Edgar is not capable of fighting corruption. Lets see what he does on this story. Chilufya Tatali never talks from without

    • Since when did Tayali become ACC or Police? I feel pity for this poor soul who is being used by the cartel to fight the battles he knows nothing about. If Tayali has the proof of what he is hallucinating why not take it to ACC. The chap is just a hired gun who will soon be made to account for his stupidity. Ask Chanda Chimba he is now in trouble the chap will soon be ransacked by bailiffs and declared bankrupt for defaming people without facts. Is Tayali insinuating that Mr Lubinda is now controlling the ZPPA? What a pack of nonsense from this sex maniac. Fool the desperate boys in UPND and Rain Bow because to them this rubbish is news. Please hon Lubinda do not respond any word to this ***** , lets wait and see how far he will go with his sponsors.

  3. …uko….what do you expect…were banshi Nono is…however…for the article/assertion to be meaningful…one may need detailed adjudication information on all bidders vis-à-vis the scope in the tender document…figures only are not enough to make logical conclusion…..for example the other bidder could have given a dry tender while the other puts in a wet tender….

    • Imwee ba Scrutinizerer, ba Tayali iyoo mwalanda kulibena ni Greek!
      This Tayali is totally sily. Who tells him that a tender is picked from the lowest price only? There is need to understand the scope of the tender. Otherwise, anybody in procurement or who has authority to approve tendered contracts, will see alot of holes in Chilufya Tayali’s story. Hopefully, he has not become like his older brother here in Ndola.

  4. What matters is: Track record, Capacity to deliver quality service; and Nyiombo Investment Ltd has demonstrated all these qualities in the past. Tayali needs to learn simple economics that “Cheap is expensive”.

    I can’t buy Lifebuoy soap just because it is cheaper than Protext soap! The former would eliminate only 40% of germs whereas the later would eliminate more than 90% of germs at an extra cost. This is no time for experiments. As TB Joshua the cost of building cheap – the result is fatalities at the expense of saving some money. CHEAP IS NOT ALWAYS COST EFFECTIVE.

    I for one will always be willing to spend an extra cent for the best service delivery that I can get on the market. Look around and you and you see most buildings cracking because of choosing cheap.

    • If you couldn’t balance your budget and have to borrow..cheaper option should be selected or better go to the manufacturer than use these middle men….as for your example about soap they all kill germs even basic soap manufactured in the kitchen.

    • More expensive is not necessary better quality or service. You can have as much as 50% cost difference for the exact same item or service. That is why you tender out a project or do comparison shopping to get the greatest bang for the buck.

    • Being expensive is not always associated with quality as if not curbed can be a money drain to the nation.

  5. I’m not saying he is wrong, but Mr Tiyali’s statement is incomplete without stating the quotes from other bidders to this alleged crime . Zambians would like more meat to actually say yes the crime was done and to put Lubinda at the scene of crime as the man in charge of the Ministry.

  6. Who owns these companies Nyiombo Investments Limited and Neria’s Investments Limited…who are they shareholders? what’s their track record?

    • Nyiombo has been supplying fertilizer to the Zambian Government since 2003. Neria have been on the market I think for the last 5 years or so.

    • These compaines have been always here as far as Mwanawasa days. They are leaders in this business , why going to the manufacturer or other briefcase business men who will only manage to deliver after the planting season? Do you want farmers to go through the same problems they went through during the reign of Bashinono?

  7. Fertilizer is a cheap commodity and USD990 per ton is just too high, therefore, “CHEAP IS NOT ALWAYS COST EFFECTIVE” shouldn’t apply here!

    • Clearly you have you no idea about fertilizer prices or you just know urea and D compound as the only fertilizers. Sodium molybdate is also a fertilizer it costs 2400$ FOB. If the article is precise then I smell a big rat. I know capable companies like greenbelt fertilizers who have not been given a chance to prove their worth. The guys don’t believe in corruption. I know them because we have been their supplier from my base and I do follow the tenders in Zambia concerning fertilizers every year & if you ask me it’s always Miombo owned by one of the former directors of Zambezi Airlines. Investigate further and let us know that is it will change anything.

  8. Factors to consider before awarding a contract, 1. Cost of Good/service(realistic amounts), 2. Track record/history(works in similar industry), 3. Capacity to deliver quality service(Fleet of Tracks, storage facilities, managerial ability, etc), 4. Audited financial reports/tax payments.
    The process is such that first its the number 2, 3, 4 and 1 last to conceder hence the correct stamen, ”CHEAP IS NOT ALWAYS COST EFFECTIVE”
    The aspect on who owns the two firms, its a requirement to declare interest if a bidding firm is owned by “relations to the powers that be” otherwise its a ground to nullify a contract by ZPPA.
    Simple and free advice to Tayali, do you homework first before blowing issues. otherwise will continue to think you a ‘hired gun’ with hidden purposes for you…

    • Professional advice given, if there any issues take them to ACC. not trying the make cheap ‘Political Capital’ out of normal procurement process, Cheap is not always cost effective! this is because one fails to win at tender but resort to mudslinging is “unethical” Mr. Tayali.

    • It’s a good analysis but why has it been miombo all the years don’t tell me the s***t that all other bidders don’t know these procedures. The net has to be cast wider for efficient delivery.

  9. Mwana Tayali, why not investigate first before blowing the whistle or is it the pipe!

    Report on your findings about the rationale.

  10. We want to know who owns Miyombo and Neria, we want to find out, we should investigate, Lubinda tell us quickly,
    We won’t rest we demand to know, NOW!!!!

  11. TAYALI you are the only savior we have at moment. Am far away from Lusaka but would like to contact you and help blow the whistle. Can you put your contact here so that we can use them?

  12. Bwana you don’t seem to understand how evaluation of bids is done. Price is the last thing that is looked at. I will advise you to raise the query with Ministry of Agriculture. Under procurement rules they can only explain to you in general terms beacause the bids are confidential. Why don”t the loosers appeal to ZPPA if there is really a genuine case? Bwana Tayali please dont become a useful *****.

  13. Additionally, the procurement rules are very clear iwe ka Tayali. Being the cheapest but useless in delivery, capacity and reputation does not constitute one to be awarded a tender. These are international buying rules and very applicable in Zambia.

    Would you hire a useless manager for your firm simply because he asks for low pay at the expense of a performer?
    This is the reason Zambia voted for Mr. Lungu instead of rhetoric and theoretical HH and opposition because he is a performer and that’s what matters in life.
    HH, and Nawakwi are failures in their respective undertakings and they can’t cheat Zambians today or in the near future. Dangote has come on board and the cement prices are going down down. Action and not just promises is what PF is! Next is mealie meal prices to go…

  14. Can YALI please be audited firm by some independent auditors and results made known to the public? Don’t be shocked by the results anyway. The loudest are usually guilty of some stuff, believe you me. Uyu Tayali tapali difference nabambi who talks too much yet they are not compliant in so many ways.

    By the way, which young leaders does he represent if I may ask?

  15. Hahahahaha, go further mr tayali. Even the case involving the minister of commerce was said to be a bluf but it turnd out to be true. Gives us more info

  16. The problem with most bloggers is that they do not research b4 commenting if u did I am sure you are supposed to understand what Tayali is trying to drive at. We have in this country fertilizer companies the likes of Omnia more experience & financially sound than Nyiombo, Zambian Fertilizer, Greenbelt, Profert and many other traders e.g. ETG. Surely can you put all your eggs in two boxes. It is only some 2-3 years ago Neria and Nyiombo took government to court. As for Nyiombo Government cancelled the contract. Ask the farmers why they will tell you fertilizer was being distributed as late as March!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!What has changed today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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