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Criminals are dressed in PF regalia and deployed to Soweto Market-President Lungu

Headlines Criminals are dressed in PF regalia and deployed to Soweto Market-President...

resident Edgar Lungu with Pf Candidate Anthony Kasandwe at Chinsaka Primary School In Kapata Ward East one in Bangweulu By Election . Picture by Eddie Mwanaleza/ Statehouse.03-08-2015.
resident Edgar Lungu with Pf Candidate Anthony Kasandwe at Chinsaka Primary School In Kapata Ward East one in Bangweulu By Election . Picture by Eddie Mwanaleza/ Statehouse.03-08-2015.

President Edgar Lungu has expressed concern with the culture of violence that has continued to flourish whenever there was an election in the country.

Mr Lungu said it was unfortunate that criminals were being dressed in PF regalia and deployed to Soweto market by the opposition to assault ordinary marketers conducting their business.

The President said there is a deliberate ploy to paint PF as a violent political party.

Mr. Lungu said he is saddened by the opposition’s orchestrated attempt to create lawlessness in the country leading to the 2016 general election.

The Head of State regretted that Forum for Democracy and Development president Edith Nawakwi’s irresponsible statement during her campaign in Bangweulu alleging that state agents were bent on rigging the election.

Mr Lungu regretted that dark corner meetings were being held across the country by the opposition who have since unleashed sporadic acts of violent activities where about seven Patriotic Front (PF) supporters were assaulted and Eastern Province Minister Malodzo Sichone’s vehicle was stoned.

This is according to a statement issued by President Lungu’s Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda.

President Lungu has since directed the police to arrest any perpetrators of violence regardless of their political affiliation.


  1. This is a clear sign of self-denial. That is why PF will never change. My advice is for Chagwa and his followers to be honest about this issue.

    • Hon Miles Sampa would have made a better President.

      Well why are you complaining Mr president? You should tell us how you plan to address the problem.

      Mr. Michael Sata > Mr. Lungu

      We should insist to have a Bemba President next time, stop experimenting with any other tribe not called Bemba.

      Enough is enough


    • Chickens have come home to roost. Chawamila galu kuluma mbuzi. Citizens have been complaining for a long time that PF cadres are violating other peoples rights with impunity and the police looked the other way. Fire the I G of Police if she fails to enforce the law.

    • What ridiculous statement from a vision-less man. For goodness sake, Edgar, you are Commander-in-Chief, what does this say about the police who have failed to curtail PF cadre violence.The buck stops at you Mr.President. President Mwanawas was able to stop this violence, he was equal to the task. This is a joke

    • And this statement was from a president`spokesperson??? Seriously??!

      @Nostradamus,,,,, where did they get this Amos Chanda, i hope he is not one of your many nephews you left in Zambia,,,ka chella was better mwe, at least you raised him well when you were still in Zambia,,, the only mistake you made was to send to work for my cousin ku post newspapers

    • A Lungu mwati sebanya. Crime is crime it doesn’t matter what one is wearing. Arrest them baza ulula ku sogolo. How uncanny that you are now threatening Stella as well. Reminds me of KK’s frightened littlemen.
      As for Amos Chanda I always wondered why he was the headliner as PAZA deputy & not his boss then but he always sounded inteligent & sober. Looking at him last night ranting about their insecurity all my respect for him went down the sewer.
      Even the childish George Chella would have done better.

  2. Davies Chama should be the first one to be arrested by the police. Edgar Lungu should not be hypocritical. He is the one shielding the same criminals including the gun carrying ones like Davies Chama.

  3. If he is saying criminals are usually dressed in PF regalia, it means that even him is a criminal just those others dangerous criminals since even himself likes putting on PF regalia and order police innocent leaders.

  4. Everyone remembers how PF cadres used to butcher each other when they had differences in Lusaka. No political party would buy other party’s Regalia and disguise themselves in order to cause confusion. Lungu thats cheap thinking!

  5. Letter to Dr Levy P Mwanawasa.
    Dear my Hero,
    I am writing to inform you of the dilemma you left your children in. Since your death,your beloved country has been on auto-pilot without a leader and has descended into chaos. We have had no leader since you left. Your currency has depreciated from the amazing K3.30 per $1 to K8.40 per $1, your mealie-meal prices have increased from K40 to k70 not to mention the Kariba dam has no water in it and since no one continued your wind power projects we are living in the dark. If its gas, awe mwandi from K5 per litre to K10, apa mwana na nsapato zovala alibe kaili mitengo zakwela. With all the love and respect sir, I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news but the debt you cleared is back, this time we are owing over $5billion am sure you heard…

    • Very True @6 M.B.
      Levi Mwanawasa was the only serious principled leader weve had, since the introduction of Multiparty Politics in Zambia.
      The others have talked big on stopping Corruption, BUT have been going to bed with Corrupt individuals, including the tourist sitting in plot one @ present.
      Zambia isdecaying by the day, BUT Zambians dont see this & vote in “Political Pr02titutes” who dip their fingers into Government coffers, then like this one whos blaming the Opposition for his violent party, blame others for the embezzling & Rot they’ve responsible for in Zambia.
      Zambia is currently damaged goods, & what did one expect from a dishonest leader who embezzled his clients money, when practicing as a Lawyer?

  6. That very true. UPND is trying to create an impression that PF is violent. HH & his Chilufumo friend GMB are sponsoring the mapatizya formula. Mulabeja amwaka uboola muyoyindilila state house.

    • If that’s the case that UPND is creating an impression that PF is violent why has your police failed to move in then? Its because the people doing that are PF cadres that’s why they are free to do that, dx.

  7. If this came from Chainama, i would have understood. BUT from people that are supposed to lead, I am scared! God forbid we have such leadership again!

  8. I have believed now that we don’t have a president in State House. Sure the President as the Commander In Chief can even utter such words? Ikona man, that should not even be an issue why cant the police move in if thats the situation and arrest the culprit instead of crying? Mama iye does Edgar Changwa Lungu really know what it means to be the president of Zambia?

  9. The President has spoken against violence. And this is what opposition normally likes to demand, a statement from the highest office. Lungu has condemned violence by all parties without exception and without being prodded. But now the hyenas have changed their spots because their job is to rant and rant and rant without end. Ifinangwa fyeka fyeka twa kwata mu Zambia! Elyo nomba twabikapo nafi Nawakwi, awe lwanya ama empty heads.

    • Terrible on Violence, be serious. Is this what the commander in chief of Defense and security of the land can do – cry like an Armcor security officer? Where is authority?

  10. Has he taken over from KK in jogging? This man thinks he is going to watch rugby?
    He never knows what to say; always drunk. The wife must have problems to feed a baby like him.

  11. Truly laughable indeed…Zambia has someone they call a Head of State..truly laughable!!

    Good Night people…wake up from your docility in the morning!!

  12. Ba president tabakwete ifyakulanda pali violence! He is in self denial with the proverbial big log in his eye. Please call for end to violence generally and be above pettiness, PF cadres have caused misery with their violent nature extending to grabbing and selling plots belonging to law abiding citizens. Investigate and get to know the suffering your zealots are causing!

  13. I think that tomorrow we shall hear that some opposition leaders have been arrested for impersonation and causing public violence and unrest, otherwise we shall say president Lungu is a liar or else we shall say ECL is not in charge. He is told what to say without thinking through he announces.

  14. Well said Mr President. Those are Satana’s tactics to paint PF red and violent. Thank you for exposing evil Your Excellency and send them to jail

  15. Mushota…. Mushota…. Mushota…. Mushota…weee!!!

    Nashako panono. Temutundu iyoo …it is about an individual….and not the Republican Presidency BUT the PF Presidency that ECL said these things.. Please understand him. It is not Lungu’s tribe that said anything but Lungu….. and umuntu onseala luba sometimes or many times.


  16. Brian Hapunda trots with a gun in public, shots in the air and he is free. Chama shots a cadre in the bums and he is free. The DC shots at the cadre and he is free. Kapyolongo attacks the two old ladies in Shiwangandu and he is free. HH is attacked in Kitwe at Moba hotel and in Ndola at the radio station by the known gun trotting PF cadres and there are free. Mr. President, when did these named gentlemen join the opposition and why are they free to attack the other Zambians without fear? Its only those in PF that are enjoying the prevailage of attacking others without the law visiting them. Can you cage these people before we start defending ourselves with guns like them sir?

  17. this guy lungu is a joker. I dont even have time to waste to comment such senseless statement from a commander in chief who never has time to read his security briefings since his always on the move. His in botswana nxt week no wonder he got confused to accuse other parties wearing his party berets,

  18. MB, permalink,
    You are a man, I having reading your letter to the late,
    We simply love it, and my family, he was a hero, Mwanawasa, the country was stable, this is what happens when you bring people from shanty compound in Chawama, bwafya fye bweka, isuleni CBU, stop load shedding, put the economy on the right track.

  19. Kuwaya waya fye,ati a president why complaining when all powers ar in yo hands hung those thugs,command yo solders to deal with them yu slow thinking presido,upnd has grabbed a ward in kasama you’re bittee be ready 2016 kuya so thta you start trotting for medical check ups in SA

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