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Former Tanzania President says Zambia is shining example to Tanzania

General News Former Tanzania President says Zambia is shining example to Tanzania

Former Tanzania President Benjamin Mkapa today paid a courtesy call on President Edgar Lungu at State House.

Mr. Mkapa congratulated President Lungu for being elected the sixth president of Zambia.

He also commended the people of Zambia for conducting the January 20 Presidential election peacefully.

Mr. Mkapa is optimistic that Tanzanians will emulate the good example that Zambia has shown in the region as they go to the poll in October.

He said it was unfortunate that political parties had switched off from discussing their policies and programmes to the masses.

And President Edgar Lungu said he was delighted with Mr Mkapa’s visit.

Mr Mkapa is in Zambia to grace the graduation ceremony at Cavendish University Zambia at the invitation of its chancellor Kenneth Kaunda.

The former Tanzanian leader was accompanied to State House by his wife Anna Mkapa, Tanzanian High Commissioner to Zambia Grace Mujuma and Chairman for Cavendish Universities Ketrine Salati .

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  1. Thank you your excellency for your visit to Zambia and indeed these sincere words in recognition of our milestones in the democratic space and unparalleled value for enduring peace.

    I have just returned from a 3 week tour of West Africa that started with Ivory Coast, Sierra Leon ending with Liberia. This was my second visit to Sierra Leon and Liberia 2 countries i last visited in the 90s. Revisiting them may years after the civil war left me appreciate that as a country, Zambia we are highly favored by God. We are taking peace for granted and treading recklessly in our political rhetoric. As a country we have peace as our biggest asset and we have built some strong foundation to realize a prosperous nation. Visit Liberia to learn the pain of civil war and its effects.

    • No roads, water, electricity, food security, infrastructure or any exports Liberia makes other than all foreign owned diamond and Gold mines shipping every in raw materials. The airstrip they call airport has no infrastructure or electricity from 6:00PM local time. Millions of US dollars in international good will has been received yet absolutely nothing to show. Liberia is at the level of Burundi another poorest country i visited some 2 years ago. There is no agriculture in Liberia or any form of productivity while education system and the civil service broke down long time ago. Everyone from kids to elders feasts on political shenanigan rhetoric day in and out. Zambia has strong pillars to take off for Greatness while our friend in some country for a job to build foundations.

    • well said Seniorcitizen..a pity the d.e.v.i.l worshippers at Zambian Watch Galo dont see things that way, those sadistic, s.a.t.a.n.i.c numbskulls would rather Zambia descends into civil war just so that a known plunderer and perpetual poll-reject can rule and serve their selfish interests.

      The whole devil worshipping crew of ZWD should be sent to Liberia and Sierraleone to see first hand how devastating their evil works can be if people like you and me gave in to their nonsense and hate speech.

  2. I beg to differ emphatically bwana Mkapa.

    PF has never made Zambia a shinning example due to its many violent by elections and using elections as carrot and stick to blackmail voters.

    • What has Mkapa been smoking of lately? I don’t agree with his observation but I perfectly understand his short comings as the saying goes that the grass looks greener on the other side of the fence.

    • Why are people so narrowminded? This is not about PF. Mkapa is commending ZAMBIANS for being peaceful. Cant you see this yourselves. This is the only country that has changed ruling parties peacefully two times -no other African country has done that. Tanzania which rivals Zambia in terms of longstanding peace is telling you you are a good example and all you are seeing are the negatives in your country. Doomsdayers!

    • Batini kwena! The PF has nothing to do with what Mkapa is saying but people want an opportunity to attack them. This is the wrong opportunity . Focus on Mkapa s positive statements about our great land

  3. Senior Citizen, welcome back home. I thank God for blessing us with your sober posts. They bring fresh air to the polarising political rabies that has taken root in our midst. i would very much like to be honored with your acquantance, please avail me your email account. It’s about time people of balanced minds such as yours joined together to bring sanity to positions of leadership. Yes, such species are rare and endangered in this our dirty political landscape. But then this our Zambia is crying for only a handful of wise men like you to bring sanity to politics. Let us join forces to offer the peaceful people Zambia a credible alternative voice. The current crop of politicians smacks of pettiness, right from the ruling class to the opposition ranks – all are guilty.

  4. KK is the route cause of all our sufferings because for 27 years he ruled with an iron fist and power had to be wrestled from him.
    It followed that FTJ wanted to do like KK but the third term bid was crushed. I will skip LPM as he did not show any despotic signs.
    MCS like FTJ promoted tribalism which Wako ni wako has inherited.
    Solution is to break the country into a federal state as some regions or tribes seem not to accept leadership from other perceived inferior tribes.
    Otherwise the examples you saw in Sierra Leone will be like child’s play.Kinako!

    • Iwe ba Levy nabo bene balifye as tribalism as Sata. Didn’t you see his appointments in govt offices hone and abroad?

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