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ACC questions Brian Chituwo over funds allocation

General News ACC questions Brian Chituwo over funds allocation

UPND Leader HH and MMD Vice President Brian Chituwo
UPND Leader HH and Brian Chituwo

THE Anti-Corruption Commission has recorded a warn-and-caution statement from Mumbwa Central member of Parliament Brian Chituwo on allegations that he influenced the allocation of funds for the establishment of a radio station in his constituency.

According to Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation TV2 news, Dr Chituwo said the ACC warned and cautioned him for allegedly influencing the district council to allocate funds for personal gain.

“As far as I am concerned, I have nothing to fear. I will wait for further action by ACC,” Dr Chituwo said.

The ACC confirmed the warn-and-caution statement but declined to give further details.


  1. Does the Anti Opposition Commission AOC have any updates how Zambia ended up with sub standard crude oil, how the land along Mwatusanga Woodlands ended up in the hands of “special people” and final question if I sit next to HH and agree to his policies will I also be questioned? Whats amusing is that there will be people who will see nothing wrong with Zambia sliding into the UNIP style one party participatory democracy style dictatorship. All the same I still believe God has not abandoned us, Zambia will one day reconcile itself.

    • It’s not a matter of being above the law, but selective application of the law doesn’t help. To normal thinking people, actually its embarassing.

    • @ Fwebene and Drums of war, dont worry some lost souls prefer to remain lost and I did say in my earlier post that “there will be people who will see nothing wrong with this……”. Some diseases are not treatable.

  2. Do not politicize issues of criminality in nature….let the law enforcement agencies exhaust investigations and do their work without undue interference.

    • @Jackson, even when you sit in your room watching TV, I’m sure you can visualize how vision less our leadership has become. We have serious problems on the substandard crude oil imported by Yaluma and team making the whole area around Indeni smelling like a pit latrine and these chaps at ACC with their lady boss should be going for Chituwo? He could have influenced but the decision was not his. Is he the one who signed on the supply contract? I think this ACC has out lived its usefulness.

  3. Comment: Only Levy mwanawasa who fought corruption without selection,the rest ni copy &paste, shame just following hh’s men who campaigned fo him,we’re watchn pf prepare fo yo exit,corruption fight isnt yo prioritu this is why Masebo,Gbm,Chituwo,are being pursued cos they will never believe yo pf idealogy and yo lack of priority in developemnt

  4. Comment: Shame what’s the role of an mp if not influencing certain developement priorirty using cdf, then ACC please follow and investigate Hon Njeulu he too inflenced the allocation of cdf funds towards the construction of radio station in shang’ombo district, failure to investigate i’ll conclude that you ar toothless just waitn fo directives frm tha president,ACC at a moment you’re sleepy

  5. Leave Dr Chituwo, alone, acc, concentrate on who bought the wrong crude oil. If you have nothing to talk about, just shut the hell. Investigat also Njeulu, who allocated Cdf funds to shangombo radio station, useless , being used by PF

  6. Being the founder of the said radio station in Mumbwa I’m surprised that Dr. Chituwo is being accused of influencing the allocation of funds to BlueSkyFM. I’m a Zambian, born in Mumbwa where there has been no radio station since independence. I have been involved in building radio stations in South Africa while my home town has none. For years I planned to open a radio station in Mumbwa. I shared my dream with Dr. Chituwo Mumbwa MP and invited him to join my board as advisor. He was exited and joined. In the mean time I had been collecting and buying equipment little by little. In December 2012 we went live 93.9fm. When I heard that the was CDF I applied so that we could improve. The application was discussed in the council. I was invited and grilled. People asked who I was and who was…

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