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PF trying to cheat People with promise to create 500 000 jobs by 2016-UPND

Economy PF trying to cheat People with promise to create 500 000 jobs...

FILE: Percy Chanda addressing the Chingola rally
FILE: Percy Chanda addressing the Chingola rally

It is not surprising that the PF government is again trying to cheat the people of Zambia, this time around with their promise to create 500 000 jobs by 2016. As UPND we are not surprised because the PF thrives on deceit, open corruption and arrogance. It’s common sense that the PF government is panicking as we draw near the 2016 tripartite elections. I’m sure they are hearing what we are all hearing on the streets that the PF must pack and leave.The writing is on the wall. Zambians are rightly fed up with the mediocre leadership; they have been cheated before with such lies as more jobs and more money in the pockets. The people of Zambia have endured the torture perpetuated by the PF government; now the people of Zambia are saying enough is enough.

Every normal Zambian knows that the economy is in the doldrums, jobs are on the line as major industries like the mines are under-performing due to poor economic management of the country and load shedding. If people are predicting that our GDP will drop by the end of the year how does PF hope to create 500 000 jobs for the youth? Even if it’s dreaming, it’s not even a bad dream but mere hallucinations.

There is a danger in continuing cheating because if the jobs are not there the same youths will sort out PF come 2016. What the PF must know is that 2016 will be a different year in that the PF will not only face the opposition parties but NGOs as well, as they will be campaigning on the matter of the referendum and the Constitution. This is a self-inflicted pain as PF has chosen to use the arrogance of numbers in Parliament to bulldoze the constitution making process. They will pay dearly for choosing to ignore doing that which is right on the Constitution and making false promises to the Zambian people.

In the UPND we welcome the efforts by groups such as the JCTR to now monitor delivery of the jobs promised. It is time politicians were properly held to account for such statements. The history of politicians making grand promises only to deliver very little or nothing at all has led to the great apathy we now see among so many voters and particularly the young. However, together with civil society we can demand better from our government and expose and shame them for their lies. Only in this way can we ensure that in future they deliver better.

Percy Chanda

UPND Chairperson for Labour


    • Exactly, currently there are only about 400 000 people in employment in the whole country and the tricksters want to make us believe they can create 500 000 job! How, factories are closing, we are not manufacturing, agreed is in ICU? 400 would have been more realistic…..but 500 hundred under influence may appear like 500 000.

    • Viva 500,000 jobs in 90 days viva, mulechivivula bane. Some honorable minister told us in the last 2 years that the only people who believed the 90 days slogan were fools I wonder what believers of the 500,000 jobs will be called in 2017, viva 500,000 jobs in 90 days viva mulechivivula bane

  1. If the Eurobond was spent on easing finance for small businesses, I think we could be talking of having a bullish economy like Kenya. Zambian governments lack ideas.

  2. For sure, the PF must pack and leave. But what will they leave behind?

    A history of incompetence, lies, fraud, mismanagement and massive corruption. What is to be done about that? Can we Zambians just ignore this?

    We cannot. For the sake of future generations these crooks and fraudsters MUST be held to proper account. We cannot set a precedent that this criminality is OK, and the perpetrators can walk away from it Scot free!

    And what else have they left behind? A HUGE debt that the Zambian people will have to work for generations to repay, if it is even possible to repay it. PF have sold us and our children back into slavery for a few pieces of silver in their own pockets.

    They must be punished for this so that no politician in the future will ever again dare to steal from…

  3. Zambia is gonna be sold soon, because the nation will be very expensive to run by any politician especially if PF rigs 2016 elections. Lets tumane akapi and sweep these guys out of power

  4. My advice to oppositions is that they should converge and choose a leader who will stand against pf in 2016, if you cant do that forget about unseating pf from office. its wishful thinking that a leader of hh, kabimba etc can win an election in zambia in our generation against the mighty and working pf govt. What you opposition are promising we are already seeing them happening so why change the govt?

    • Presidengt Nawakwi and General are they only ones in the field with enough experience and Logic to be presidents of Zambia.

      Viva President Nawakwi.

  5. UPND Cadres if all you know is crying and just insults, FDD shall have a president in the state house before any of you.

    Viva President Nawakwi.

  6. spongebob or whatwever you call yourself,if you leave in Zambia am sure you must have heard the word on the street that come 2016 pf is gone and this word has even reached your president no wonder he even bade farewell to the SADC Head of State and Government.If Chagwa struggled to win the Jan 20 election which was very easy, how do you expect him to him to win the difficult 2016 election with his failures written all over.Kwacha at it weakest(K8/dollar)massive load shedding which has lead to massive job losses etc.

  7. I dont listen to lies but to the voice of the ballot. If what you are saying is true i expect pf to lose the forth coming by elections. Which people are even saying pf is out come 2016. When you hear me turn agaist pf thats when pf is going not now my friend.

  8. Yes they are losing like they lost bululu ward right in the heart of Northern Province. Morever ,that is not even the measure,look,pf won among others,Mangango,Zambezi West,Kapiri Mposhi,Livingstone,Chongwe,Mpongwe in bye elections but lost in all these constituencies in the Jan 2015 elections.So you can pretend that things are still ok with pf but Zambians will have the last laugh.The wind of change Is seriously blowing across the whole country against pf.

  9. Yes they are losing like they lost in bululu ward right in the heart of Nothern Province.Morever,that is not even the measure,look,pf won among others,mangango,Kapiri,Zambezi West,Chongwe,Livingstone,Mpongwe in byelections but lost in all these constituencies in the Jan 2015 elections.So you can pretend that things are still ok with pf but Zambians will have the last laugh.The wind of change is seriously blowing across the whole country against the pf.

  10. spongbob iam sure you dont stay in zambia , if you do then you are pretending not to know. many things have gone wrong, that is why the president is trying to run away from pf cos they dont have eyes to see and dont have ears to hear. people have changed they want someone to free them from this poor economy that is eating everyone apart pf theives. and that man is hh and upnd at the moment come 2016.

  11. 500, 00 jobs is a reality you have to start preparing for, as a matter of fact it will on 24 Oct 2015 with free JAMESONS for all!!! Then it will continue through christmas all the way to new year clebrations IN 2016, during which time the pwetete fonko fonko (pf) will be opening and conmissioning more and more JAMESONS manufucturing plants throughout the country……………………………………….

    ITS COMING!!!!!

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