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Remove gambling machines, Zimba council orders Chinese Bonanza

Rural News Remove gambling machines, Zimba council orders Chinese Bonanza

Zimba District
Zimba District

Zimba district council has given Chinese Bonanza investors a seven day ultimatum to remove gambling machines from the streets.

Speaking during the District Development Coordinating Committee (DDCC) in Zimba , District planning officer Christopher Lukwesa said the gambling machines have attracted under age children thus restraining them from going to school.

The Bonanza machines have flooded the streets of Zimba boma and Nakowa compound with most customers being school going children.

Mr Lukwesa said gambling was not good for children as it disturbs their minds socially and academically.

He said he has engaged the Chinese investors and ordered them to remove the machines out of the streets within seven days.

And District education board standards officer for general inspections Owen Kashoti said the education standards in the district would go down if young people resort to gambling.

Mr Kashoti commended the council for the decision made, saying that pupil attendance in schools has gone down due to bonanza.

And the DDCC concluded that the machines be moved to bars and ensure that the under aged do not play the gambling game.

And the committee has also urged the police and the district council to re-enforce the public order act to ensure that bars are closed by the stipulated time.

It has been observed that most bars in the district do not close at 22:00 hours.


  1. *****ic thinking zimba council,nothing wrong with bonanza machines thts gambling.why have kids opted for bonanza.
    *****s sortout the underlying problems.if you continue thinking that way then zimba is in wrong hands.l

  2. oh such decadence, these chinese. Slot machines on the street really? I’ve not seen slot machines on the street even in Las Vegas. Sin city itself ka

  3. At last someone with some sense in the system. I have never understood why these Chinese have been allowed to put such machines anywhere, especially in compounds ripping off the poor!

  4. I don’t blame the Chinese, they pay something like a forty six grand for a licence! Only that, someone in Government is eating with the same chinese, same with the mukula tree. It’s a plague, in far flung places like Kalabo, these useless machines are there…just about everywhere! At least some civic leader has some brains there!

  5. This is shocking! Gambling machines in streets! Such machines are supposed to be only in gazetted gambling places. Why is he even giving them 7 days? The police should immediately arrest the owners and IMMEDIATELY confiscate the machines.Is govt applying different laws for the Chinese and different ones on citizens? Repost

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