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ZCTU seeks intervention over Post Newspaper’s failure to pay workers

Economy ZCTU seeks intervention over Post Newspaper’s failure to pay workers

THE Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) has written to the Labour Commissioner to seek Government’s intervention over The Post Newspaper’s alleged failure to pay workers for over four months.

This is according to a letter obtained by the Zambia Daily Mail dated August 20, 2015, addressed to the Labour Commissioner and authored by ZCTU deputy secretary-general Elaston Njovu.

Mr Njovu said ZCTU is seeking the Labour Commissioner’s intervention in this matter.

“We have received numerous anonymous calls alleging that workers at the Post newspaper have not been receiving their salaries for the past four months,” Mr Njovu said

He said ZCTU has an understanding with the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, which is empowered by the existing laws to address such issues with employees.

“We are, therefore, seeking your intervention in this matter,” he said.

Some employees at the Post Newspapers, who spoke on condition of anonymity, confirmed that they have not been paid for over four months.


  1. I was one of the Post Newspaper faithful buyers but just stopped coz I got tired of politics and being one-sided. Just look at the dwindling viewership of ZWD. ZWD doesn’t have news and people have gone to Mwebantu New Media which has become a credible source of news. Today, if you open ZWD website kuti waseka coz nothing is happening there plus immaturity comments. Just close the post kwasila coz personally I won’t miss it.


  2. What do you expect when a useless paper has an agenda to embarrass and humiliate one man every day.Most people are no longer interested and sales automatically dwindle.

  3. So the whole mighty ZCTU is writing to the Labour Commissioner to seek Government’s intervention over a privately owned The Post’s alleged failure to pay workers for over 4 months…ZCTU has become toothless and impotent if I was a member I would stop paying subscription…I don’t think Meembe has any shame..he will see them in court…this is the selfsame company that has not been keeping up with tax payments.

  4. Most readers of the PAST have shunned it because of their biased agenda against HIS Excellency as their accounts are now showing. This could be bad news to the clergy, Nawakwi, Henry Banda and UPND chaps but I am afraid, ECL is performing! Hands down..
    Today he boasts and sits on 7 out 7 in a roll. Since when?
    He could turn out to be the most beloved of all presidents to rule Zambia.

  5. Fred his a boastful man and doesn’t care about the warfare of his employees. He uses his corrupt friends in the Judiciary to counter everything wrong he does.
    And I thought the homosexual party called Rainbow will be buying Newspapers? Yaba, I don’t miss reading the Post and their stupid agendas.

  6. The whole ZCTU sure on a small private company. There a lot of people who have gone for months without payment Times of Zambia Daily mail copper belt university university of zambia teachers and pensioners have at some point never been paid for years. Did we hear any noise from this loser of an organisation. No.!!!!! So why now!!!!!!

  7. That is what happens when a newspaper begins to commit ‘adultery’ with politicians, it gets divorced.Too bad for the poor journalist who are dictated to what they write.

  8. Comment:never ever imagine that it will come to this.the down fall of one great son of africa in the name of mumeeembe is too painful to swallow. he has been beaten by a one lungu.the unfortunate part is that lungu did not even throw any push.oooh king mumeeembe.my your soul rest in the post.amen….

  9. How does ZCTU rely on anonymous letters when they can use their IDs to get into Bwinjimfumu to verify the information.
    Daily Mail & Times don’t pay their workers for months on end but we don’t see ZCTU anywhere.
    Maseka & Bisani Mwale are being harassed at ZNBC but this ZCTU is quite.
    ECL’s governance is promoting hatred amongst ourselves.

  10. Gone are the days when news papers like the Past and other online news platforms such as ZWD used to shape public opinions on political issues. Not anymore..
    With the internet and cellphones people are able gauge government performance themselves.
    The reason why people are no longer buying the Past anymore is because of their unceasing vilification of ECL, whose performance is just as good or as just bad as or even better than others before him.
    The Past were digging their own grave.

  11. Truly laughable, though regretable if true. For a start, ZCTU being an umbrella labour organization must know better. Procedure must be followed. No wonder even some foreign companies think in Zambia you only need to know someone powerful, and you are untouchable.

  12. Mmmmmmm Zctu. Can you pls tell us how you sorted out the ZNBC issues first before you go for the post. And pls dont be used.

  13. Sorry, ZCTU is acting ultra vires. The Post employees are not members of ZCTU, therefore they do not fall under your jurisdiction. When these people were getting employed and signing documents not to join a union, they new what they were doing. They danced with the devil, now the devil PAYS his dues.

    • Do you honesty think all those workers in those RSA retail stores are members of the union? Fred Me’embe has just become too arrogant.

  14. Fred has become too arrogant becsuse the government is too arrogant. If the government cannot pay civil servants on time and cannot pay retirees on time, it is not setting Zambia for success: private companies, public corporation, individuals and foreign companies imitate the government. ZCTU is just a disgrace and a disaster. ZCTU should first start with the government, so that the government will be an example. As it is government cannot push Fred. The Government has failed in its duties.

  15. Just impossible to read the Past news fully or even quota of it these days. so how can you spend money buying. and so no salary.
    Yes Lungu may go down in history as the most loved presido of Zambia, gratitude to father luonde. surely evrubody knowd this rejected priest so how to sell your Past based on luonde?

  16. Am very disappointed naba ZCTU kwena u are useless why havent you talked about Times of Zambia Government controlled paper abshi folesha ama workers for the past 4 months. Ba ZCTU dont be used by ba POOR FAMILY (PF)

  17. We told you and we say it again that Mmembe was finished immediately Sata fired Winter. Mmembe thought he could antagonize ABC against Sata. But ABC simply laughed and instructed his nephew to show winter and Mmembe just who was in charge when Sata was absent landlord, sick. And it was done.
    Mmembes game of using the corruption tag or cheat fight is also over as Zambians have come o know that it was simply a fixation of eliminating perceived enemies from the political equation. This tricky had favor of Zambians when they did not fully understand the motive of Mmembe to secure control of state power through crude means. But it is history as we are victors while Mutombe, Winter and Mmembe are vanquished and lying in the coffin of their concoctions. ECL has not even thrown a punch they are…

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