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Case of Post Newspaper failing to pay workers for over four months is before Labour Commissioner-Shamenda


Information Minister Fackson Shamenda (l) and Post newspapers owner Fred Mmember clench hands after a meeting in Lusaka
File:Former Information Minister Fackson Shamenda (l) and Post newspapers owner Fred Mmembe clench hands after a meeting in Lusaka

Labour and Social Security Minister Fackson Shamenda has said that the case of the Post Newspaper’s alleged failure to pay workers for over four months is before the Labour Commissioner saying it has not yet been brought to his attention.

Mr. Shamenda said that he can only intervene in the matter if the Labour Commissioner brings it to his attention but that as for now the commissioner is handling it.

He explained that the Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) wrote to the Labour Commissioner about the same matter and that afterwards the commissioner will make recommendations which should be followed.

And THE Bill to end casualisation has been drafted and will be tabled in the next sitting of Parliament, Labour and Social Security Minister Fackson Shamenda has said.

Mr Shamenda said in an interview today that the Bill was at the Ministry of Justice for scrutiny and it would be taken to Parliament for amendment into law.

He said the Government was resolute to eliminate casualisation because it was inhibiting access to improved conditions of service for employees.

Mr Shamenda said that once the law was in place, it would be criminal for companies to engage workers on casual basis as such a form of work was not permanent and employees were vulnerable to exploitation.

“The Bill is in the hands of the Ministry of Justice which is making final touches to it and most likely, it will be tabled in the next sitting of Parliament.

“Casualisation means exploitation of workers and it must be stopped if people are to have decent jobs,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) has said casualisation should be eliminated to increase the number of people in secure employment.

ZCTU president Nkole Chishimba said in a separate interview that his organisation was of the view that eliminating casualisation would augur well with the Government’s policy on decent job creation.

Mr Chishimba said casual workers did not enjoy privileges such as social security thus making it difficult for them to make a decent living out of the little wages earned.

“We have been very categorical in encouraging the Government to enact a law that prohibits casualisation.

“Enacting this law will make the working environment friendly as people will no longer be victims of poor working conditions,” he said.


  1. nothing will come out of this,,,, with this corrupt zezulu shamenda,, just look at that pic, he looks like he wants to kiss mmembe

    • Mr. Shamenda should be retired in the national interest.

      He is tainted, corrupt and old, simple as that.
      There is a lot of people, younger, more energetic that could his job better and more importantly have credibility way better than the man.


  2. @ndobo:
    As usual, you always want to sound cleverer than you really are!! You surely dont know Shamenda – since when did he become Zezulu??
    Shamenda is Sala, like Kabimba AND Chituwo, from Mumbwa. Even his great grandfather and mother are Salas – so where did you get that Zezulu story into your thick; rotten and sick BIG head???

    • @chilyata
      are you trying to sound wiser than your own self,,, cant you see that Shamenda is mandevu like a zezulu,,, cant you make sense of what am saying wise man??

  3. When a company is having difficult times, we should be concerned because the Zambian economy is so weak that it cannot afford to have any company go under!

    • Are you then justifying the ranting and hate publication that M’membe and the Post has waged again the PF and its innocent President Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu?
      The truth is that M’membe has just been asked to the lawful and correct thing of paying taxes to Government just like any other Zambian in business and formal employment. Let the Post just torn down and report objectively instead of fighting a losing battle. We all pay Government treasury and that’s the law.
      So all this hate speech on Mr. Lungu and the PF by the Post Newspaper is not genuine.
      Daily Mail, Times of Zambia, ZNBC must up their sleeves to sell the good work the PF Government has done and is doing in up lifting the living standards of Zambians. There is so much development under the PF Government yet very little…

  4. Let the proof prevail. Four months without pay is very bad. How do you survive. This has nothing to do with politics gentlemen. Be human.

    • Before we talk of the post what is the minister’s take on times and daily mail on the same issue. What applies to the post also should apply to times and daily mail. No double standards.

  5. Can this welder chishimba nkole from Chibuluma mine in lufwanyama tell us who a casual is and how it is applied ,form your own company and see why any company look for casuals

  6. This shows how powerful fred is look at how union leaders,znbc,labour dept even govt officials are handling the post issue all are scared to poke their noses into it ,mind you mmembe is not simple animal This guy has fought battles never seen before ask kk,nabulyato,ftj,levy,sata,rupia

  7. Let the paper have a good a different editor in chief who will promote real news we have known the Post Paper for not the current news l can name as personal attacking with intent to give a nagative picture of the state of the nation. This way few will buy.

  8. Comment:. Mmembe is the one who encouraged Shamende to go and stand as PF candidate in Ndola. They are great comrades. So unless other people apply pressure over the workers’ plight Shamende will do nothing.

  9. When people tell them that they have stopped buying the post news paper, somebody there think it is a joke. People have stopped buying this news paper, iwe Mmembe.

  10. Fred seems to be a champ?the road ahead of him is prety bad,you don’t keep workers like that,four months?????how do u survive honestly?

  11. The biggest problem with Mmembe is that he overestimates himself! We have always told him not to be fighting futile wars but the chap is so stiff necked! The Post was the best selling newspaper but this time the sales have plummeted because the so called news is now personal! I personally cant waste my hard earned K5 on such trash of a paper! Check yourself Mumembe otherwise you are your own enemy!

  12. The Cartel are determined to be writing trash every day and now few people are buying their paper.They are crooks.

  13. HH and GBM are cheating themselves that they can influence copper belt….we don’t want cow dung manure here ok ! Our Party here is only PF.

    • Ooh really I have missed the sentence in this artical that has talked about HH and GBM or you are as usual exhibiting dullness of most people

    • Ooh really I have missed the sentence in this artical that has talked about HH and GBM or you are as usual exhibiting dullness of most people.

  14. I Live On the copperbelt. I have welcomed hh and gbm with open hands. The pair will unseat pf on the copperbelt. Nanga ni cb ya nyoko? Come upnd, you have the solutions to our problems not these clueless pafwaka party.

    Let me say the least: I will go where ever Garry Nkombo and others will go, but NOT WITH HH becuase then 2016 will be so bad for us. This is our chance to form Government and yet people are still sleeping and dreaming how an ALL TIME LOSER will emerge at the apex of things next year. From all the pro-HH postings I can see very low levels of intellectual acumen, a very serious disease in today’s political engineering. Don’t be sad, if you ignore my timely advice…You will cry….This UPND was not formed for imported crooks and cranks…from thieves and corrupt liars…Andy Mazoka pulled the whole nation together (but you know the sad electoral fraud story) and 2001 must have been his! Now you are peddling lies with a joker, qualified on a…

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