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Mumbi Phiri tells Nevers Mumba to go back to the pulpit

Headlines Mumbi Phiri tells Nevers Mumba to go back to the pulpit

PF Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri addressingt the public of Mano Ward in Bangweulu Constituency in Samfya District at Kasoma Banweulu Primary School during campaign the rall
PF Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri addressing the public of Mano Ward in Bangweulu Constituency in Samfya District at Kasoma Banweulu Primary School during campaign the rally

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) deputy secretary-general Mumbi Phiri has advised MMD president Nevers Mumba to return to the pulpit where his services are needed instead of clinging to politics and making unwarranted attacks against the ruling party.

Mrs Phiri has advised Dr Mumba to desist from issuing political statements on issues he does not understand and instead concentrate on evangelising.

Speaking in an interview yesterday, Mrs Phiri alleged that Dr Mumba does not make informed decisions on political issues and that he is not a politician but an evangelist.

“Dr Mumba is not a politician that is the reason he has continued to unnecessarily attack and issue statements on matters he does not understand. If he was indeed a politician, he would not be talking about demolishing the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) without offering an alternative or handing Zamtel back to Lap Green when the company has been given back to the Zambian people who are the rightful owners,” she said.

Mrs Phiri said politics is about numbers and listening to what people want and Dr Mumba’s does not understand what Zambians want.

“We can forgive Dr Mumba’s utterances because we know he is not a politician but an evangelist. He needs to go back to do what he knows best; where he is needed more and that is evangelising because politics is not for him,” she said.

Mrs Phiri wondered why Dr Mumba is concerned about the PF embracing members from the opposition when he also came from another political party to join the MMD.

“Dr Mumba is a wrong person to start condemning us for embracing people joining the PF because he is not even an original MMD member. He left his own party to join MMD and he was welcomed in that party,” she said.

She said there is nothing wrong with people joining any political party that they want because it is their democratic right adding that the PF is ready to welcome and work with new members.

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  1. Mumbi Phiri irritates me to the core. Who doest know that Zamtel is struggling? What politics does she knows that would be more than the church. Go to church every sunday people are hassling for tandizo because of the sick economy. Imwe bamumbi just continue singing praises for ECL. leave Dr. Mumba alone.

  2. But this Mumbi Phiri sure!!!!! This woman really irritates me. She has a big mouth for a married woman

  3. @yakuna

    Mumbi Phiri is a well focussed politician and her advice to Dr Mumba is timely.The so called yakuna thinks if up and down or the cartel got power,then there will be no one to ask for tandizo.U don’t even understand how how a country is run.At least PF has put in place the social cash transfer for genuine vulnerable and not those lazy chaps who cant work with their own hands.Surely Pastor Mumba is a vibrant servant of God but not a politician

  4. There are very few women politicians who can match the caliber of Mumbi Phiri.She is intelligent and articulate on political issues.I have listened to her presentations on several forums and she talks a lot of sense.The opposition envy her and she is a thorn in their flesh.Hence some of the negative comments above.

    • @Abroad: Are you sure of what you are saying? What is articulate about BaMumbi’s personal attacks on other politicians. There is no way Mumbi can match Edith Nawakwi, not even by 50%! I’m not sure which opposition party will have ba Mumbi as their Deputy SG.

  5. Surely every political party worth would like to have women of Mumbi Phiri’s caliber.Yes Nawakwi is trying but the carrington scandal we hear about if its true,then she is dented.Mumbi is spotless and very articulate indeed.

  6. @kabengele
    Advice is different from an insult.Dr Mumba is simply being advised…..he may take it or leave it until 2016.It may be too late by then for him to make a decision.

  7. Politics will never be a dirty game.Its the people who come to it who are some times dirty.Politics is about managing the affairs of a country.Its about sharing the national cake equitably.If it were dirty,you were not going to have good roads,clinics,schools,bridges etc.

  8. This is what happens when you let a woman grow a big head! She starts to think she has balls in between her legs!
    This ka Mumbi is just trying to keep her face in the news, she knows she’s full of krap like the rest of her PF companions.

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