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Friday, February 21, 2020

You are not at war- ZCID reminds politicians

Headlines You are not at war- ZCID reminds politicians

FEMALE youths from United Party for National Development (UPND) (left) and Patriotic Front (PF) battle in Tag of War game as a sign of promoting unity. This was during the Youth Day celebration at Choma stadium
File:FEMALE youths from United Party for National Development (UPND) (left) and Patriotic Front (PF) battle in Tag of War game as a sign of promoting unity. This was during the Youth Day celebration at Choma stadium

The Zambia Center for Interparty Dialogue (ZCID) has urged politicians in the country not to relate with each other as if they are at war.

ZCID Executive Director Horrance Chilando says his organization is concerned with the way politicians are engaging each other saying it is not a healthy way of doing politics.

Mr. Chilando said politicians should know that people are the ones who send them in office and they will be judged from their conduct.He said the people do not expect politicians to be emotional as it is now in Zambia and should always desist from insulting each other in public.

He told QFM News in a telephone interview that politics is a game expecting a winner and a loser and that those who lose should not be bitter but sit down and come up with a better plan of winning.
The ZCID Executive Director has since urged both the ruling party and the opposition to be civil in the way they relate with each other.

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  1. i totally agree with this statement. its really painful to see adult citizens only appreciating each other when one dies

    • Wise words, also they just bring divisions in families. Well said. let also the people Know that as much as they are killing and beating each other. the same politicians are busy drinking Jamesons together

  2. Guys,
    Copper price has collapsed today.
    Devaluation of the Kwacha is imminent.
    Mines like Lubambe, Chibuluma and Mufulira must be on the verge of closing now.
    We need reassurance from Hon Chikwanda

    • And as we speak, the Dollar- Kwacha ex rate is K8.60 and almost K13.30 to the Pound.

      Meanwhile, all you hear from PF is their concern to remain in power.

      Kambwili, Mumba phiri, Chama, Chagwa, every one is busy talking ONLY about how they PF will win the 2016 Elections.

    • You are not going to get any reassurance from this old fossil!

      All he knows and can do is borrow more money and sink Zambias economy into more shit!

      Expecting this ID10T to have a workable plan is about as possible as the sun not rising tomorrow.

  3. Which Chikwanda? The man, like his President, is high on jameson. They both have been forced to do jobs that are way out of their depths.
    The sad part Mr Chilando is the most bitter are the perceived winners.

  4. No reassurance from the old fossil. He only knows how to borrow money and waste it on unproductive and corrupt spending. He knows that when Zambia is suffering at the bottom of the hole he will be long gone.

  5. Comment:Its only HH who can bring peace and unity among all Zambians regardless of one’s political affiliation.

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