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Monday, January 20, 2020

Relocation of Ministry of tourism to Livingstone on course- Kapata

Economy Relocation of Ministry of tourism to Livingstone on course- Kapata

Tourism and Arts Minister Jean Kapata (right) and Livingstone District Commissioner interacts with some international artists during the Insaka International Arts Exhibition at the Livingstone Art Gallery
Tourism and Arts Minister Jean Kapata (right) and Livingstone District Commissioner interacts with some international artists during the Insaka International Arts Exhibition at the Livingstone Art Gallery

THE Ministry of Tourism and Arts and other tourism related institutions are still planing to relocate to Livingstone to rejuvenate tourism activities in Zambia’s tourist capital.

Tourism and Arts Minister Jean Kapata said her Ministry and related tourism bodies would relocate to Livingstone from Lusaka though she might not relocate because she was supposed to be in Cabinet every Monday for meetings.

Ms Kapata said in an interview that Government was currently restructuring the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) into a department of wildlife and national parks under her Ministry after which positions would be advertised and some officers would be sent to Livingstone.

“We would like to push a few people to come and take positions here in the tourist capital so that we really make sure that it becomes what it is supposed to be than keeping people.

“As I speak to you, we are just restructuring ZAWA and see which positions will be available and some adverts will be put for people to apply. Once we are set, we will see which departments will come and stay in Livingstone,” Ms Kapata said.

Early this year, Vice President Inonge Wina said plans were underway to relocate Zambia Tourism Board ( ZTB) head office and other tourism related bodies from Lusaka to Livingstone to rejuvenate tourism activities in the tourist capital.

Ms Wina said there was need to revamp the economy of Livingstone through tourism following the relocation of the provincial headquarters to Choma.

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  1. This decision is somewhat strange to me. Is the Ministry of Mines also going to be relocated to Kitwe?

    • Actually had the same question! Is the Ministry of Mines going to relocate to Kitwe or Solwezi? How will this actually boost tourism in Livingstone?

  2. Shifting of institutions involves lots of monies and such monies exchange hands, the ultimate beneficiary is PF Party which is trying to amass monies for the 2016 elections

  3. This is what happens when you elect empty tins to govt, utterly shallow pointless silly wasteful policies and ideas…as if there are not enough problems in this ministry that are a priority.

  4. Very poor and dull move by the minister. Failure to understand what drives tourism has lead Zambia to loose billion dollars each year. Zambia has great potential to make money from Kafue and Luangwa national parks to mention a few money maker

  5. This is surely a government of confused people. Government ministries are centrally located for administrative convenience. Kapata herself has just admitted that in her statement. It appears to the PF tourism is the Victoria falls whilst there are so many other attractions spread in all the provinces of Zambia which makes Lusaka the ideal and central place to do business. What about the cost of relocating existing employees and equipment to Livingstone when the government is facing numerous financial challenges? This will increase the cost of doing business for example people in Luangwa or Mbala will have to travel from one end to the other end of Zambia to transact. We already have a provincial headquarters in Livingstone that can be beefed up if needed to cover the tourism sector…

  6. I know a few Zambian students with degrees and PHd’s abroad in this field who have applied and have been rejected a position. Students from the US and Canada used to discuss their disappointment about not getting a response from those managing the tourism sector in Zambia. Now most have good jobs some working for the federal government abroad. Zambia you have lost great potential compared to what you have managing this sector. Are they all afraid of hiring someone with an education in this field?

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