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MMD’s Zaloumis tells Mumbi Phiri and Kambwili to “Stop Being Dull”

Headlines MMD's Zaloumis tells Mumbi Phiri and Kambwili to "Stop Being Dull"

Winnie Zaloumis speaking
Winnie Zaloumis speaking

Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) Deputy National Secretary Winnie Zaloumis has urged the Patriotic Front (PF) Deputy National Secretary Mumbi Phiri and Information Minister Chishimba Kambwili to stop their usual senseless political rhetoric in responding to serious issues raised by the opposition.

“As the biggest political party, we are posing serious questions to the PF on the manner it is managing affairs affecting our people in our role of providing checks and balances and we therefore expect them to provide well researched, intelligent answers otherwise the people of Zambia will conclude that late President Michael Sata was right when he declared that his ministers were useless,“said Ms Zaloumis.

Ms Zaloumis has charged that it is astonishing that at a time when the people of Zambia are faced with one of the most difficult times in the life of the nation, with a rise in the cost of living fueled by a sharp drop of the Kwacha exchange rate to an all time high of K8.50, sky rocketing cost of basic foods, farmers stranded with their ‘bumper’ maize harvest and untold suffering due to endless power outages, all Mumbi Phiri can say is that Nevers should go back to the pulpit.

She told Phiri and Kambwili to face the stark reality that their ‘donchi kubeba’ lies have caught up with them and their efforts to silence the MMD have failed and will have to face the brilliant minds of the MMD. She said PF must start providing sensible answers to serious questions and she further told the PF to understand that politics is managing people, which they have lamentably failed to do in their short stay in power. She said MMD have real solutions to the challenges being faced by the nation.

Ms Zaloumis told the PF to wake up to the fact that Zambians realize that the PF misrule has been characterized by blunder after blunder from day one and Zambians are not so stupid as to be blinded by the usual song of ‘massive infrastructure development projects’ because they are now aware that these are just a smoke screen to hide massive corruption never experienced before in the 50 year history of Zambia.

“We are baffled by Mumbi Phiri’s statement that the PF Government has given Zamtel back to the people while the same people are paying for it’s losses. Has PF asked Zambians if they are happy to have their money wasted on a bottomless pit full of cadres and incompetent management? She should think instead of just yapping,” said Ms Zaloumis.

And Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) Northern Province Information and Publicity Secretary Cephas Bwalya has charged that the shockingly desperate behavior of the Patriotic Front (PF) in the political drama in Solwezi West reveals that they are scared of Nevers Mumba and unknowingly declaring that the MMD is their greatest threat in the 2016 General Elections. The PF allegedly paid a bribe to the MMD candidate, Fordson Malishinyi, to have him skip filing in his nomination and party president Dr Nevers Sekwila Mumba has announced that the MMD is taking the matter to court.

Speaking in Kasama after news of what had transpired in Solwezi spread like wild-fire, Mr. Bwalya said the PF is extremely desperate because they now know that Zambians throughout the whole nation have realized the terrible mistake they made in voting the PF into po wer.

“The PF are merely exposing their fear of MMD in 2016 and showing that in spite of being the party in power, they are unable to attract popular candidates to stand on the PF ticket and are scared of any candidate who stands on the MMD ticket. This why they are continuing to use taxpayers’ money to fund their hopeless attempts to remove the MMD from the Zambian political scene. This is the same thing they did in the Kafulafuta by-election with Mrs. Evelyn Mwanawasa,” said Mr. Bwalya.

Mr. Bwalya said the PF cannot blame anyone for their failure to run this country and know that they are going to face a devastating defeat at the hands of the MMD in 2016 no matter what they do. He said state funds they are abusing to shamelessly bribe candidates belonging to other parties does not belong to the PF but to the
people of Zambia and should not be used to buy candidates but to buy medicines which have now run out of most hospitals in the country.

“Let them know that in spite of these crooked tactics, their days are numbered as they will not be able to bribe all the parliamentary candidates in 2016,” said Mr. Bwalya.

Mr. Bwalya further said that the mood in Northern Province has changed in the recent past and is extremely volatile as the northerners are watching the unfolding scenario with interest, having realized that they were deceptively enticed to move their support from the MMD in 2011 only to get the incompetent PF into power who have abandoned them. He said the so-called infrastructure projects may deceive and blind other people but not the people of Northern Province.

“President Lungu should know that he does not have what it takes to win a fight with Nevers Mumba and we bring a strong warning to the PF that the eruption of the MMD volcano which was feared by the late President, Mr. Michael Chilufya Sata May His Soul Rest in Peace is at their door step and PF should watch out,” said Mr. Bwalya.

Opposition Movement for Multy- Party Democracy (MMD) Solwezi west parliamentary by- election candidate Fordson Musele (l) with MMD national secretary Rapheal Nakachinda (r ) walking towards the nomination center at Mwajimambwe primary school in Solwezi on Wednesday before the former withdrew his candidature at the last minute in the nomination room to rally behind Patriotic Front (PF) candidate Martin Mbaya. Picture by BETRAM KAOMA /ZANIS
Opposition Movement for Multy- Party Democracy (MMD) Solwezi west parliamentary by- election candidate Fordson Musele (l) with MMD national secretary Rapheal Nakachinda (r ) walking towards the nomination center at Mwajimambwe primary school in Solwezi on Wednesday before the former withdrew his candidature at the last minute in the nomination room to rally behind Patriotic Front (PF) candidate Martin Mbaya. Picture by BETRAM KAOMA /ZANIS

Meanwhile, the Patriotic Front has refuted allegations that it is behind the last minute withdrawal of MMD Solwezi West parliamentary candidate Fordson Malishinji from the by-election.

PF Secretary General Davies Chama has told Qfm News that the PF cannot sink so low to buy a candidate who has no value.
Mr. Chama says the MMD is a finished political party which is not a threat.

Mr. Chama says if that is what MMD used to do when they were in power, they should not think the PF is doing the same as the PF cannot engage themselves in such illegal activities.

He says he does not think the MMD had a candidate in Solwezi West, especially that the former ruling party has not fielded candidates in past by-elections.
Mr. Chama adds that President Edgar Lungu cannot send a plane at huge cost simply just to pick up a candidate from what he termed as a finished political party.

He says the MMD has no following in Solwezi West, but that instead it is the UPND which has a bigger following there.


    • Bet there are more Zaloumises than Zulus in the phone book. Incredibly strong and tight family. Almost a tribe full of me nevers too. Fluent Lozi speakers and more culturally grounded than you Boss.

    • Your thinking is ethnocentric, discriminatory, biased, stereotyped, and prejudiced. This is dangerous to societies as it may lead to negative effects such as genocide, etc. Recognize such harmful effects and move away from them. You need to recognize people from other cultural backgrounds, accept, and celebrate cultural differences. I know this takes time and conscious effort to nurture.

    • hmmmm, umu zambian pama colored nabasungu bakwe, kuti bakulya kikikikikikikiki. i Just wish they would reciprocate the same adoration and love we have for them.

    • That is the corrupt kaponya PF mindset, they attack any one who is not their tribe or coloure, they think only their tribe must rule never mind the missmangment and suffering of our pipo. As long as you are their tribes men you can steal as much as you can.

    • you racist bugger, not anybody s fault that you are who you are, it s pigs like you that are causing trouble in our country, you backward *****. speak about the issue not the colour of the person you ignorant fool;

    • And when that genocide starts, abakuwa will only take abakuwa. bonse imwe bena kalok, lipkwa,unvwaiko ninshi namulila pa british na american embassy just like they did in rwanda. The whites know their own, dont get it twisted. your being nice is nothing to them. they know their people. Ask yourselves this, if a war broke out between whites and blacks, on whose side do you think zaloumis will stand, better yet any other mulatto. Show me a zambian mulatto who favors is zambian side more than the white side. their allegiance has always been to show their being better than ifwe, by saying my mother, my father is british,is american, spanish, italian and they like that. ngadebepa ubufi, prove me wrong. even obama chose is white ancestral past nokusha bwina kenya. the evidence is there. mulatto…

    • that same ignorance of thinking the white man is your friend led to millions of our people being lost to slave trade, others murdered right here on our continent. and all because you think all people are the same. well, wake up!!! we are not the same. others are only here to use you and abuse you. so long as someone has some white blood in them ninshi, kuchenjela nabo. am not saying all, but most of them. these are facts. Go around the states and ask the black man there and they will tell you what they think about the white man. michael brown, trayvon only to mention a few. but in your ignorance you still think umukuwa and his seed be it mulatto or whatever is, is good. why do you think africa is impoverished. why is it that the social classes are color dependent everywhere in the wolrd?…

  1. I like this lady fire brand. Any chance you could switch to a party that has not dabbled in corrupt activities and misleading voters during its reign… Asking politicians to stop playing dull is asking for the moon to turn blue. It appears to be what they desire to want most on their CVs. Look at our minister of misinformation. He ain’t dull… he is just an excitable dick-tator in training who loves the vuvuzela approach to disseminating info. Loud and dissonant. Excuse me while I banish myself to the naughty chair.

  2. Comment: Yes well articulated mind u pf will try to bribe mmd leaders but not upnd we’re coming so strongly solwezi west is for upnd let mmd work with upnd to suppress pf’s burms

  3. @zagaze. There are only 2 types of people in the whole wide world – good and bad. Boy, are you bad!! Even the internet does not like you, miserable pos!!


    Have you been to South Africa & other parts of the world lately?
    In South Africa, E.G. the Finance Minister has just been advised to revisit the assumptions he made in his first budget in February after the Rand weakened to breach the R13 mark against the Dollar for the first time in almost 14 (FOURTEEN) years. This is amid concerns about the tottering economy, afflicted by inflation and slowing growth in CHINA. South Africa’s Eskom (ZESCO) has suffered its worst…

    • Ba Luapula Premier you are a fool.
      Give us a better example.How can you give us Zuma’s nonsense as an example.Tell us about Botswana are they also playing Chinese cry baby nonsense.Tell us about Mwanawasa the best president Africa has ever produced.Didnt he steer the country in the midst of the global economic crunch while *****s like Mugabe blamed their countries on the same global economical crunch.

  5. Winnie Zaloumis has a point and PF better listen than drag zambia down with their dull polticking.Its time for serious issues and confronting Zambia’s many challenges ,not 24/7 electioneering and senseless political mudslinging.

  6. Madame Zaloumis, you a in a sinking Titanic ship, and no one can rescue you no matter what you say? If I were you I would swim away from useless so called party president Nervous Mumba. Nervous is like a vulture trying to feast on a dead and rotting carcass. Forget Mumbi Phiri, What are you still doing there? Case of ostrich and the sand?

  7. I miss the bible “lessons” that the Past news started to publish soon after Kabimba lost power. By the way, were they prepared by Father Luonde? I can’t imagine Fred Mmembe preaching the bible to anyone!!
    Or the bible would be a contradiction of their new socialism ideology. Mmembe and the Past news and their cartel are all capitalist if you look at Mmembes businesses, what socialism is there?

  8. I take issue with mama Zaloumis’ comment for one simple reason. And so that I make my point crystal clear let me use a very prominent example. ka Lungu is dull. Telling him to stop being dull is an exercise in futility. A dull person cannot help himself but be dull.
    I hope I’ve made my point very clear.

  9. Kawena the woman is right, are these two thugs the best PF can come up with to be the front of GRZ??? I am sure you can find more articulate pipo pleas. Mrs phiri is like a rabid dog that has no respect and is unbecoming as a woman while kambwili only knows how to beg white pipo in front of cameras for free things. Discuss issues and solutions for issues affecting the pipo, stop behaving like vandals.

  10. Ms Zaloumis, the challenges facing our country today is a result of world economies which is linked to price of metals. The Rand has fallen from 7 to 14 with in a short period of time and yet South Africa exports a lot of things unlike Zambia. This Greek woman has nothing to offer, MMD spent 20 years of nothing with 3 Presidents in office, then copper came to $9000 a tonne. Zambia has no control over copper price and its at lowest $4960.

  11. Good piece fo dunderheads. The said charlatans alwasys fart stinking air. Please on keep on pumping sence in them.

  12. Winnie Zaloumis well spoken. Mumbi and Kambwili stop wasting our time. And you haters, Winnie is pure Zambian born of a Tonga woman and a Greek man born here in Zambia. She is not in court and has never been in court. Don’t confuse her with Gladys Zaloumis-Kristafor who is being persecuted by the same senseless heads of Kambwili’s nature. That case, like many others, is going nowhere. mama Zaloumis continue offering checks and balances. I am slso told that she has two very beautiful and equally intellegent daughters.

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