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Grand Coalition and LAZ plan to go to court to Block Constitution Bill-PF

Grand Coalition
Grand Coalition

Grand Coalition
Grand Coalition

The Patriotic-PF has unearthed a scheme in which the Grand Coalition on the People Driven Constitution and Law Association of Zambia-Laz allegedly intend to go to court this week to block the Constitution Amendment Bill.

PF Media and Publicity Vice Chairperson Sunday Chanda has charged that such schemes by the Grand Coalition and Laz will only serve to frustrate efforts to give Zambians a new constitution .

Mr Chanda said this at a press briefing in Lusaka.

He said the PF government is committed to delivering a new constitution to Zambians.

Mr Chanda says while government has proposed to amend non-contentious issues in the constitution through parliament, it has remained consistent to subject non-contentious issues to a referendum.

At the same function PF member Ngande Mwanajiti refuted claims that the PF government has departed from the agenda to enact a people driven constitution.

Mr Mwanajiti also said parliament has power to amend non-contentious issues in the constitution.

But when contacted for a response Law Association of Zambia -LAZ President George Chisanga says he has not received any formal report on the resolutions of the Grand Coalition on the People Driven Constitution.

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  1. Unearthed… y’all sound like you are digging like archaeologists. Careful. Who knows what other skeletons will tumble out when the real digging begins next year.

    You have one job… just one job… how hard is it for you to focus on getting it done?

  2. Zambians will not get a Constitution from Lungu and his PF.

    They will talk and make excuses but 2016 will come and there will still not be a New Constitution.

    In short, PF will tell us — fcuk off! Lungu and the rest of PF is happy with our animal driven Constitution!

  3. Illiterate-educated zambian sees no link between people driven constitution,good governance ,economic growth and high standard of living for many.God rescue us

    • Its amazing how Zambians are blinded to the fact. Prosperity is built on the foundation of good laws. Go to any developed country, its the constitution which guides and protects the right to good health, education, living conditions and what services the government gives you and how a government governs its people.

      poverty is a curse for Zambia…. most Zambians can not think beyond a plate of nshima

  4. Just whose interests do these self anointed constitutional fighters represent,in such a politically motivated manner?

  5. Comment: mr chanda shud not get agitated because watever the grand coalition will do is out of PF’s adamancy. so let mr. chanda tell the president to honour his campaign promise-delivery of a people driven constitution by 2016 after it has been subjected to the referendum. at the stage we ve reached, we re ready for a show down. we shall fight & conquer the enemy of new constitution in the name of great Zambian people, we shall fight & conquer. so mr. chanda, here we come

  6. I am ready to contribute financial assistance to your cause good men! Open an account for that. These people are taking us for granted!

  7. Can the govt please compel multichoice to add ten days more at the expiry date for the eight hours loss of loadsheding everyday

  8. From what chiti and coy are doing it means no new constitution for zambia this year or next year. The first phase of the battle in the high court will be over by say june july next year pf appeals no constitution by time of election. Who benefits at the end of it all

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  10. I think parliament procedures take long to enact bills, such that along the way, a bill will encounter hitches before passing onto to its final stage. This matter was supposed to be concluded in the last parliamentary sittinsg so that we forget about all these unprogressive comments and arguments until elections are here which are just around the corner. bamukpolwe ngabafula tabucha bwangu. A bill should be debated and concluded in just one session. We are tired mwe, we want to move with fresh issues.

  11. Go to court and the PF will have an excuse, saying we are being delayed to give a poeple driven constitution. Who is the loser eventually? Some of these NGOs awee mwee!

  12. Go to court? Then what will the High court do? Compel the government to go the referendum route. For once the grand coalition should become serious. We are now in September by the time judgement is passed in the High court it will be June 2016 there after the losing party will appeal and by the time the Supreme court passes its verdict it will be September 2017. Are you telling me that all the so called big wigs in the grand coalition do not know this or are they playing their usual posturing game?
    Grand coalition, what a bunch of losers!

  13. Grand Coalition,Jesuit driven Father Chiti and Laz Bwana Chisanga and President Edgar Lungu are all just one and the same people

  14. Ba Grand Coalition just append yourselves to UPND as we all know what you are doing in the background. UPND is a member of the GC and he is playing the piper and GC is dancing to the tune you *****s. Since when did LAZ and the Grand Coalition become the legislature ba mumbwe imwe? Even if you went to a referendum Parliament will still be required to look at the document and approve it. issues that will not be inline with many Zambians will be removed even after the referendum. Think Chisanga you are a lawyer.

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