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Kambwili warns PF against illegal land allocation

General News Kambwili warns PF against illegal land allocation

Chishimba Kambwili with Amos Chanda at Statehouse
Chishimba Kambwili with Amos Chanda at Statehouse

GOVERNMENT has warned Patriotic Front (PF) Councillors to desist from allocating illegal land to members of the public.

Information and Broadcasting Services minister Chishimba Kambwili said that Government would not tolerate lawlessness in the country.

Mr Kambwili who is also Chief Government Spokesperson said Councillors should leave the allocation of land to authorities that were mandated to give land.

He said all Councillors who were in the habit of allocating land should desist from the act or face the law.

“I am warning all PF Councillors who have been reported to have allocated land to members of the community to desist from the act or face the law. Government will not tolerate lawlessness, as no one is above the law,” he said.

Mr Kambwili who is Roan Member of Parliament expressed disappointment at the reports, indicating that one of the PF Councillors in Roan constituency had sold land illegally at a cost of K7, 500 to a member of the public.

He said this when the Zambia federation of poor and homeless people were given land by the Luanshya Municipal council in Luanshya.

Mr Kambwili said such acts of illegal land allocation under the PF Government would not be entertained at all cost.

He said he would not tolerate Councillors who were taking advantage of the less privileged by selling land meant for them.

“I will not tolerate the misuse of land by people who are doing it for their own selfish benefit, let the authorities mandated to give land do so,” he said.

Mr Kambwili assured that all Councillors that were involved in corruption and illegal land allocation would be brought to book.

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    • Kambwili, your friends have taken practical steps in dealing with their councilor who was alleged to be involved in illegal land allocation – The UPND have suspended the Livingstone mayor.
      We all know that playing is the only strategy the PF knows. Tell us – what practical steps have you taken apart from from issuing threat everyday in the media?

  1. This is too rich coming from CK. He is the chief councilor at the helm of illegal land allocation to himself.
    No wonder his statement is so hollow.

  2. Politics Politics Politics , Hon Kambwili , do you go to church ? or do you have morals ? I fail to understand why politicians behave like comely ions , Kambwili you have done more harm to the people of Luanshya than any one Else . You and Nathan chanda shall go to prison, should some Government come in . it is just a mater of time . How many plots have you offered your selves ? how many plots have you grabbed from innocent people ? qhow much vandals have you done to luanshya in the name of scrap metals . all the pipes from water works though mine farm to roan have been stolen by you . you have taken all the contracts from luanshya mine , Road contracts from Gomes haulage . We know a lot about you and chanda . you have repossessed the land from Roan youths and residents Just…

  3. opposite Roan Hospital it is more than 600by 800 m big we shall meet in court .be like Chilambwe who left a good name .

  4. Please someone tell this man to shut up. He started illegal land allocation by allocating land (to himself) that he forcibly grabbed from the golf club in his town. Why should people listen to him. he led the way. Why should others be stopped from benefiting in the same way that he did?

  5. This guy has got the golf ground illegally all to himself and now he is talking against fellow thieves. This is hypocrisy of unimaginable proportion typical of the Patriotic fools party.

  6. Land grabbing is a very serious issue and should not be addressed so casually. The effects of land grabbing may not be realised now but remember Zambia will geographically remain the same when the population hit the 50 million mark. We in Kenya are suffering because of greedy people who grabbed thousands of acres of land in the 1960s when we were about 10 million. Now we are above 45 million and fighting for land, certain individuals own land as large as a whole province which has been idle since independence while we have thousands of squatters sleeping on the streets. Let the PF govt address the issue seriously bearing in mind that Zambia will be there long after they are gone. Do not be deceived by the current low population of Zambia. Such actions may haunt you forever.

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