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UPND launches huge fundraising campaign for 2016 Elections

Headlines UPND launches huge fundraising campaign for 2016 Elections

UPND Mandevu Rally
UPND Presidential candidate for 2016 Hakainde Hichilema

The UPND today launched a widespread fundraising campaign in an effort to raise the resources required to win next year’s Presidential election.

In an appeal to Zambians, both in the country and around the world, Hakainde Hichilema, asked party supporters to “donate what they can so that the UPND can save Zambia from bankruptcy following the economic damage done under the PF leadership.”

In a personal letter to supporters, HH says:

“From my extensive tours around all corners of our beloved country, I know only too well the increasing concern that you all have over the alarming state of our economy and the lack of vision from our President to solve the problems we face.

The damage the PF have caused is visible everywhere: no jobs, electricity blackouts and the rising cost of living. They promised us so much but have fallen so short.

It’s time for change. The UPND will do their bit; we have the vision, the drive and the expertise to get our country back on track, but we need your help to turn Zambia into the country we know it should be.

In January’s Presidential by-election the PF massively outspent us, with widespread speculation that state resources were being abused for the benefit of their campaign, as has also been alleged now. Despite this, we still almost won the election even with the limited resources we had available.

We now need your help to stop the PF from bankrupting our beloved Zambia, not just for our generation, but for our children’s generation too. That is the risk we face by leaving them in power.

We can stop this. Please give what you can confidentially through our website www.hh-zambia.com and let’s move Zambia forward together.”

The public letter has been published on HH’s website and is thought to have been sent directly to thousands of Zambians. In a move that replicates the strategy behind Barack Obama’s and Muhammadu Buhari’s hugely successful fundraising campaigns, the UPND team are targeting smaller donations from a much larger number of people, rather than relying upon a few larger donors.


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  1. YES YES YES president HH, launch the fundraiser with musicians playing at embassies around the world.
    The money we be more than enough, you can use the surplus to pay-off PF debts and loans.
    Where is the website I want to CLICK PAY……!!

    • belenga futi article muune and you will see the website right in there. As upnd ba mdala ba nostradamus we should read things carefully, we have a big task ahead of us and we cant take chances by not paying attention to small details as reading documents fully. otherwise we shall lose again!!!!

    • @Zagaze, Just tell me that it is ***, it should have been in first sentence. Why should I read CAREFULLY? I am a busy person @Zagaze, why read the letter?

    • The folly of opening your mouth too soon, HH, is that wise people can see through you. You’ve already told us that you have sold the country to Anglo-American. Hoodwink the dunderheads with your false fundraising.

    • Brilliant idea Mr President HH . Your are just the best KACHEMA Zambia needs urgently right now. Donate yes we shall donate for good causes spearheaded by you to save Zambia from total economic collapse under the vision less Lungu and his pack chimbwis with no plan.

      Does anyone know the account details so that we can start donating a bit by bit until the UPND has enough to wipe out PF.

      Please give us more details.

      By the way, like I said earlier, there is to be more defections to UPND by August next year.
      Viva UPND, Viva HH and GBM.

  2. ***, I chose single donation… $5. Why, just because HH is so entertaining. If it was Nawakwi I would have donated $105. Please disclose your donations people.


  4. HH stop lying, we all know that you are a desperate failure who likes taking advantage of the situation. You have no plan for Zambia and YOU WILL NOT RULE ZAMBIA by cheating our people.
    Just read today’s “theguardian” and see how the economic power houses are all affected globally.
    Here is an minor extract “In the US all the major indices closed down, the second fall of the week, following similar falls in Europe and Asia. The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed down 2.8% at 469 points, the S&P 500 closed down 2.95% and the Nasdaq down 2.95%. US stocks are on course for their worst performance since the end of 2011.”

    • @Akoni
      You surprise me with your shallow mindedness. If the world economy is in free fall, what measures has PF taken to mitigate the impact on the lives of “your” people? Government hand-outs from Esther under the guise of charity? Drunken master is visionless…deal with it.

    • Akoni, you simply do not understand the role of governments. PF it is their responsibility to intervene where there is market failure. Hopefully this even find space in your dull head.

  5. Why should Zambia’s economy continue being 90% reliant on copper 54 years after independence?. I sob for this beautiful country with good and generally peace loving poor people who unfortunately have been held hostage by the “”devil” for over half a century. The devil being poverty, ignorance, superstition and disease. As Chipimo and Nawakwi have previously observed, sadly Zambians are now believe that poverty is the normal way of life. In the reverse psyche of Zambian society, wealth and success are seen as an abomination from the devil!. Why did God choose Abraham, a rich man to start building the nation of Israel?.

  6. “In January’s Presidential by-election the PF massively outspent us, with widespread speculation that state resources were being abused for the benefit of their campaign, as has also been alleged now. Despite this, we still almost won the election even with the limited resources we had available.”
    HH you are a liar. In January you were on record saying that Guy Scott had prevented the abuse of government resources by the PF for campaign purposes. If any body spent massively it was the UpDn. That you were beaten by some one who campaigned for 19 days and some one who had to cancel some campaign rallies due to lack of funds should be an indication of how unpopular you are.

    • That atatement really shocked me too! Wasn’t he happy that Guy Scot used to sleep with the key to the treasury in his bombasa…ba HH muli chipuba sana anso!

    • Did Scott also sleep with all the keys to state machinery like cars, media, fuel stocks???. These PF corrupt kaponyas only think in terms of cash manee. No wounder they think borrowing cash is the solution.

  7. He took your money from the mines sales and now he is after your hard earned kwacha in pursuit of becoming Republican President. Salapuka muntu wandi before you donate that ka money these are politics balemi gonga.

    • You don’t know the history behind the privatisation in zambian. This progrram was done by the MMD government of Chiluba and Sata. HH was not in government but the government used him as middleman or a consultant and it paid him. It was sata and chiluba who shared money among themselves instead of using to develope zambia. They sent this money to other countries, evne now there is about $50,000,000.00 USD in swiss bank held for with signatures of former Top MMD PART MEMBERS OF 1991 T0 2001. The sale was due to the failure of zambian government to run mines and other parastatal companies

    • @ Mwiponta,Correctly observed, and why donate to a personal website for HH instead of the UPND as a party,where is the corporate governance of the UPND if donations can be personalised?Is HH the supreme leader of UPND that he does not trust other senior members of the party to handle financial matters?

  8. Flash News. HH and UPND have borrowed huge amounts of money from Angl0 America for their campaigns with a promise that in the unlikely event that they came to power probably in 2026, they will chase all the Chinese road contractors and KCM and cut the miners work force by half.
    The condition given by Angl0 America is that they will use heavy machinery to do the mining and hence no need to employ the expensive and unskilled miners.
    They are also other undisclosed sources who have been promised huge chunks of land by UPND especially on the Copperbelt, North Western and Lusaka Provinces. They believe that that the people currently occupying these precious land have no capacity and value to develop them.
    So bashi maini ku Copperbelt and North western Provinces, be fore warned and don’t…

    • Typical PF nincompoop. Cheap propaganda. You can’t fool all the people all the time. If you are a diplomat, steal enough. Otherwise come next year you will die of depression

  9. Comment:?
    Icilema has a nasty – image-person- on the copper belt. In Luanshya, for instance, he cannot mount and address a public rally in Roan Township. He would be, to put it mildly, badly humiliated.

  10. This man called HH lishilu. He is mad and has stopped thinking. Thank you for reminding him of what he was saying and praising Guy Scott for not allowing Mr. Lungu and the PF to use Government resources.
    Mr. Lungu won with minimal resources and we all know that it is HH and girl friend Maureen who spent huge huge sums of million of Dollars but FAILED LAMENTABLY. This time around will be massacre, UPND will have to be put rest once and for all.

    Come 2016 and beyond, ECL will be our President period. A manson cannot and will never blind Zambians to start worshipping utulubi and small gods twalikana. Zambia is for Christians and HH is NOT a CHRISTIAN, he is a DEVIL so desperate to steal and kill.

  11. Its pathetic that politics has dominated the country at the expense of development. HH has identified himself with pinpointing immediate problems facing the people and aportioning blame on Lungu and offering quickfix and unrealiable solutions thereby inquiring a chance to lead and ‘demonstrate’ practically. This is politics. On the other hand, Lungu, visionless as he testified, has been more involved in winning in by-elections, globe-trotting and giving political rewards like the recent two ‘political districts’ in Solwezi. In the circumstances, both of you are trying to outdo one another proving to Zambians to expect lip service and a campaign mood for the remaining one year. Without fear of contradiction both of you are the biggest barriers towards Zambia’s development.

    • And your own blood brother has never seen any penny from you, go and be f00led! Muzalila again yakk………..
      PF is in power just in case you have forgotten and it will be so for the next good 15 years to come.

  12. HH is right, Sure!
    I totally agree with the Bantustan Premier’s logic and somehow disagree with #AKONI because reports on South African economy today by BBC indicate that that the past year, the South African currency, the Rand, has lost 20% of its value. This volatility has led to the country being named one of the “FRAGILE FIVE” alongside Indonesia, Brazil, India and Turkey. This has had the knock-on effect of pushing up the prices of goods, and South Africans are now paying much more for food, housing and transport
    FNB adds SA GDP Growth remains subdued at a rate that is insufficient to address the country’s developmental needs. In fact, recent indicators of economic activity suggest the downside risk to growth has increased further. Low commodity prices, weak growth in…

    • @ Luapula Premier
      In short, you are agreeing with the truth that Akoni has put forward unless your brain in infected somehow and thinking upside down as your party!

  13. The current situation world wide is due to V effect and its not for Zambia alone. HH should learn to tell the truth. I will put my money on PF and Lungu, ala ni ba Lungu chabe.

  14. I just don’t like Hichilema mwebantu. He detests me for one reason or the other. He has never given credit were it is due on his friends and only thinks he is the smartest person on planet earth! But let me warn Hakaivotela Heka, given the debate platform with him, I pretty certain that I can out do him in all spheres of the debate.
    These are chaps who want make everyone believe that he owns the acumen of knowledge when infact he is empty.
    ECL is an intelligent man and anyone is able to see this , now wonder he is way way far ahead of these crooks in the opposition.

    • @Stars
      Albert Einstein once said “THE WORLD WILL NOT BE DESTROYED BY THOSE WHO DO EVIL,BUT BY THOSE WHO WATCH THEM WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING” ,you are being unfair to this country when you pass such comments on issues of importance like this. President Lungu does not inspire the confidence needed to clear the speculative mood that is prevailing in the country.Please be mindful that even you as a PF supporter, you are adversely affected by the negative trajectory of the Zambian economy because of incompetency by the PF Govt.Learn to accept REALITY!!!!!!

    • I think you meant YOU detest HIM. As for you “outdoing” him in all spheres of debate…well this is a democracy, you’re more than welcome to put yourself up for leadership and let the people decide. That if you have the balls for it.

  15. Luapula rejected its own son, Chiluba, with his smooth talking. In fact at one time 90% of government was Luapula. If you dream about Luapula making the same mistake with you when Luanshya is still fresh in our minds, then forget it….Bepa abo bene mbwa.

  16. Unless those who lack foresight and wisdom can donate to this party.Unless you tell us how you bought that house in Kabulungo (abuse of office as an administrator) that belonged to the public.Why you did not save Luanshya mine from being liquidated you have no heart for Zambians as for me I am out.My appeal to fellow Zambians is to look to God and not depend on man.Only God can heal our land not the enemy of the state.May the Lord bless our President and our beloved country

  17. Edgar won a clean election without spending a govt. penny. How easily these dull chaps forget. You were the very same people who were singing praises for Guy Scott when he refused to fly Edgar in Zaf choppers and today you want to accuse Edgar of using Govt money to win the January 2015 election. Filya fine mwalushile mu January next year it will even be worse. It is only dull people like yourselves who can vote for you. Chitindi yan’gombe yalimushinka ama memory.

    • Soo much hateful emotion showing in some comments. Could it be that you are reading the mood of many Zambians and realised its getting hot for your PF? Calm down my brother, you still have one year to convince us as to why we should maintain the status quo. That anger will only give you high BP. Have a good day!

  18. People said SATA will never rule zambia, today they are the ones dinning and ……………………..with PFs . We Voted for three days in January ,Why. Instead of just a day. God has the final Say.

  19. Just look at the website ***. why should people be donating hard earned money to an individual rather than the party updn. How is he going to account for it. This sounds fcall. The website also is like for scammers. This guy is indeed selfish who doesn’t think about others. Tripartite elections are not for the president alone. You lost to list funded pf. Just a reminder in 2011 pf won without heavy funding meaning money never wins one an election but people

  20. Its not about money but how pipo respond to your maseges. well we shall meet you with poverty because we feel its PF and PF and PF

  21. I am somewhat troubled by the possibility of an HH presidency. Don’t get me wrong I think has done brilliantly in business, appears to have a decent personal life and has persevered in politics in very difficult circumstances. I am troubled though about some of his decisions borne out by his appointment ( or tabling) of GBM as a vice president. He seems to be playing by the same rule book as PF and MMD and I just wonder if the change we are looking for can be brought by someone who is willing to bend the rules of decency for political mileage. Zambia is so desperate for inspirational, selfless, dedicated, committed,
    ‘a-political’ leadership right now and I find it difficult to accept that Mr HH for all his virtues can deliver this. I am a truly troubled Zambian watching the…

  22. Its either HH is a fake Economist or has brain damage. There are no quick-fix solutions to any economy, let alone Zambia. We have resources in abundance but that does not translate into automatically becoming a rich nation. In the unlikely event he became State President is he going to dictate at what price our copper and other mineral should sell? Our colleagues in the middle-east have abundant oil, haven’t the failed to fix the price of their commodity? If he is an economist he must understand we are in a globe world and a ripple caused in Asia quickly spreads to all corners of the world. The South African economy has always been much stronger than ours but effects are pretty the same if not worse for South African and other bigger economies. So stop blurring because even you, HH…

  23. Comment: Bwana HH, wining an election is not about money. Your message & attitude as a political party, can make u win or lose an election. So far no message from the opposition but political noise. The fact is that you over spent than pf in January 2015 by-elections. But lost the elections, y? Coz yo message & attitude to the electorate was real “KADOLI DANCE”. The kadoli dance has now advanced to seek donations, from the same zambian pipo u hav being sayin they live in poverty? Is’nt that not a contradiction? In 2011 pf did’nt use money to win the election but a good message. Mind you PF will make you retire from politics come next year. HARD LUCK BWANA!

  24. Let them fund raise to come and bribe you with the chitenge and a few Kwacha which shall not last you any longer than up to the final day of the voting results. Just receive and enjoy, Vote wisely like you did in 2011 and 2015. We need the kind of development going on as of now. By same time next year, ni chokako.
    Go in the rural areas and get some pieces of land and chase hunger out of your sight. It doesn’t require so much input but determination. Our friends in Botwana go to villages on Friday and report to town on Monday and so much is done in those 2 days. DO NOT WAIT FOR HH TO COME ON BOARD because he may not make it.

  25. HH is fighting a proxy war for the cartel that has clearly being licked by ECL. The cartel is on its knees, few more months this group that HH now wants to defend will be extinct. Why is that every President that Mmembe renders support to dies in mysterious circumstances? There are two topics HH will never discuss:
    1. Foreign capital interests in Zambia. HH’s team supports exploitation of Zambian masses by his foreign friends.
    2. His links to the secret society. You cannot access state secrets and belong to a private group where you share secrets. You have to choose. (Interestingly, all French colonies presidents in Africa are members of Freemason lodges. Now, explain to us HH, how the oppressed and the oppressor could be member of the same secret society?)
    Zambians don’t be cheated,…

  26. The only way to own UPND is to contribute to the running of the party. We will drop what we can afford. Good move. Cheers.

  27. Spot on Marc in fact Zambia is better than most African countries.No one should deceive us.The man is just desperate. He has no capacity period Zambians are no fools come 2016 ni pa Bwato.

  28. Spot on Marc in fact Zambia is better than most African countries.No one should deceive us.The man is just desperate. He has no capacity period Zambians are no fools come 2016 ni pa Bwato

  29. We such donate as much as we could no one is being forced if you have no money you can help in other ways by spreading the word pf has to go.

  30. Just to show the nation how useless PF and their supporters are, there is an article under ”latest news” with the title ” how zambians excessive borrowing will affect… ”
    Non of these pipo posting negatives about a party matter are found commenting there, is it coincidence or are they just dull and intrested only in borrowing, corrupt deals and have nothing to say on matters affecting the country like their leaders ?? Gentele men, lets go and comment on real issues bane, see what you think of the for-mentioned article.

  31. HH should learn to understand that it is not Lungu causing all this. People, kindly take him as a joker and relocate him to Ubusa wa nq’ombe next year so that the party can easily finish under the leadership of GBM. We love the development that is going on in the country. Mind you, Lungu has just been in power for 7 months. Give him chance so that you can prove him wrong later which i don’t believe it can happen. HH, have you forgotten that it is the same you who was saying for real development to be seen if given chance to run this nation, it can take about close to 4-5 years when you were interviewed by MUVI TV just recently? Give your friend chance to breathe. why do you want to press him against the wall. Our dear president, HH is a joker and don’t listen to whatever he says. The…

  32. factors that will determine 2016 presidential election from common man’s perspective
    1 candidate history
    2 candidate religion
    3 term of office served in govt.
    4 alignment to questionable groups
    5 people’s love for candidate
    6 regionalism
    7 prophetic utterances
    and many more.
    The economy will have little influence except on the learned. For ECL people still believe in his fighting spirit, how he fought his way thru in PF and campaigned for only 19 days to emerge as presidential winner. People still believe he can fight the economic challenges the same way he fought his way thru to the top given enough time. He has proved that in crisis he can be relied upon. The other thing is that people seem not to have accomplished what they started with PF, they would not…

  33. I thought hh and gbm were Zambia’s richest politicians?? What moneys do they now need from the poorest of the poor…

    Ati nindalama zanyoko!!

  34. He wants to steal more from the poor. We thought he had enough with his right hand bag of mealie meal (GBM) to campaign. HH can never rule until 2090. He is campaigning on knee jeck issues such as power and exchange rate. These are global issues.

  35. after consulting widely we found out that the idea was one of the best upnd has gone into as such many are ready to donate .for those who are eating from pf are very uncomfortable with this but time has come for the poor man to be liberated viva upnd viva hh. some people are still saying regional party, shame that is why others dont want to see gbm outside his house because he talks upnd pf is scareed.

  36. is it not the rich who are supposed to donate to the poor?ba HH it is to help the poor not the poor helping you.

    • Hypnotised Hyena (HH)and Gabbage Bullsh!t Matuvi (GBM) still want more from the same people who they know are poor? What Blatant Hypocrisy!!!

  37. The funding raising idea is fine but why put in one persons’ account? We remember Mwanawasa and RB had their personal accounts for the party. Sata as well. What about Nawakwi and Godfrey Miyanda? Politics is good business. I am sure Cosmo Mumba and N Mumba have their own party accounts in their points.

  38. Wise Zambians will accept the money from the two uncouth friends but the vote will be for ECL…..Man of the people.

  39. Ba UPND have a big problem in understanding the economic challenges globally and also the electricity issue at hand in Zambia and in the entire region.They expect Lungu to produce rains.Are you normal you guys ?

  40. We shall donate massively that’s the only way we shall all Zambians become stake holders .This is a good idea un like in PF were cadres only want to eat free things ,that’s why our country is poor.How can you leave on borrowing.The University of Zambia and UTH were built out of donations even from my poor grandmother who donated a chicken.We shall defeat the devil by donating to UPND because we know our money is safe and will put in good use.we trust HH.

  41. Comment: H H you can’t beat a Zambian mind,the problem is that you have lost a lot of money hence you don’t mind losing what is left of you. Zambians know when to change leadership. When you open your mind you will know.

  42. Your message UPND party is not loud and clear convince the people why you would want them to vote for you don’t just make noise

  43. people don’t trust in human beings but in GOD. all things happens because God has allowed them ,only a fool who does not believe in God will worry about the future as for me AKANANI KANTU KALI PABWALI all of us don’t even know what will happen 30 minutes from now thank God for each & every day that you see

  44. I get shocked to observe that Zambians up to this time have not felt the pinch of our economy. Lungu and the PF has failed to reduce poverty instead poverty levels have increased. Let us open up and help our up coming generation to benefit from the our local resources. Let us support HH for Presidency and get rid of PF for they have failed evidently. A 2kg sugar to cost k30 since Independence such has never happened. It that not evidence enough to see PF has failed. Anyway, I have a dissent job and get paid a good salary to sustain my family, those for PF support I earn enough its just pit that those who are not working will suffer poverty by next year as stated by the IMF. If one is normal its time to make good decisions about our current situation in the country. We cannot afford to…

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