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Friday, July 3, 2020

Female-dominated Hyena hierarchy filmed on Zambia’s Liuwa Plain

Videos and Audios Female-dominated Hyena hierarchy filmed on Zambia's Liuwa Plain

Documentary films HD Nat Geo WILD Hyena Bonecrusher Queens
A captivating look at the female-dominated hierarchy of the spotted hyena society at Zambia’s Liuwa Plain. On Zambia’s Liuwa Plain, two spotted hyenas begin their lives. A little female name

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  1. I enjoy NAT GEO wild. Has this aired in the U.S already? When you see Zambia on NAT GEO Wild you’ll be surprised at how beautiful the country is. Sad we native Zambians don’t visit the country itself and enjoy the beauty.

  2. You can learn a lot of things about animals by watching Nat Geo documentaries. One of the things I learned many years ago is that hyenas clans are matriarchal and female hyenas are larger, more muscular and more aggressive than the males. And also that the highest ranking male in the clan is generally subordinate to the lowest ranking female.
    So this is a nice documentary here, I’m sure but it’s not news.

  3. Are we right in saying all female headed households are hyena heade? So when we see a female headed house it’s good to say, ni nyumba ya chimbwi ija like Nawakwi’s. LOL!

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