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Solar Powered Hammer Mills starts arriving in the country

Economy Solar Powered Hammer Mills starts arriving in the country

Milling Plant
Milling Plant

THE Presidential Milling Initiative rolled out yesterday with the Zambia Cooperative Federation (ZCF) unveiling the first three of 2,000 solar-powered hammer mills being introduced to help reduce-mealie meal prices.

The three hammer mills bought and delivered at a cost of US$100,000 will be distributed to North-Western, Northern and Lusaka provinces.
Recently, President Lungu said Government is working with ZCF to set up solar-powered hammer mills to help reduce the price of mealie-meal and that the initiative will create over 3,000 jobs for Zambians.

ZCF director-general James Chirwa said yesterday that Government with support of China will buy about 2,000 hammer mills at a cost of US$200 million and that these will be managed by ZCF.

Mr Chirwa said the small milling plants to be located across the country will help reduce poverty.

Speaking during the inspection of the three hammer mills in Lusaka, Mr Chirwa said all the 2,000 hammer mills are expected to be in the country by June next year.
“When the whole batch comes, will cost about US$200 million for the 2,000 hammer mills and by the end of October we expect to have another 200 plus these three making it 203 hammer mills.

“Then come December we should at least have 400 hammer mills and this is a very big development but, let us not concentrate much on the money but, the level of development that will be brought due to this Presidential Milling Initiative,” Mr Chirwa said.

He said the hammer mills will only be given to active, deserving primary co-operative societies especially, in high maize producing districts.

Earlier, Shandong Dejian Group Company Limited general manager Huang Meng said the high-tech equipment uses solar power on a 24-hour basis and can be installed in five days.

Mr Huang said the company will construct five training schools for building capacity, especially in the youth so that they can operate the equipment and help reduce poverty at individual and household levels.

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  1. Where is the value addition here how can you import the whole milling plant from China…this is sheer laziness in the so called “Presidential Milling Initiative” you dont utilise local manufacturers even for a basic hammer mill you import the whole thing at a hideous cost of $100K from abroad yet you are using taxpayers money…we need accountability and transparency a president can not just wake up and say import this; where is he getting the funds from when other depts have no money to pay allowances.

    • Mmmmmmmm mwebantu if things are good let’s learn to appreciate badala. How long can it take us to manufacture hammer mills, and you want change within 3 months. Eeeeeeeh

    • SARO and other local based companies have been making hammer-mills for many years now. Why not utilise their expertise have a local made product or see how these can be assembled locally to create more jobs and keep the technology

  2. As Chirwa said, “let us not concentrate on the money”.

    Why? That is USD 200 MILLION of TAXPAYERS MONEY! What is he trying to hide?

    Maybe the mills only cost half of that and the rest is in his pockets!

    • No critical thinking at all..you are merely creating skilled jobs in China by importing the whole plant from there…and when it breaks down you wait for spares…are you telling us you cannot manufacturer solar panels with batteries connected to a milling plant.

  3. We also need presidential bakery initiative because the price of bread has gone up . After this we need presidential gardening initiative because tomato and rape prices are also high. what policies are these? Rebranded PF with some elements of rainbow party traces – mixed cut . I smell socialism here as usual un predictable policies from our government or should I say Government made simple.

  4. What capacity has ZCF got to manage a $200 million project when they have failed to manage small funds.

    ZCF is supposed to be a co-operative which means it should not be used as a political tool. The question is who owns these mills? Are they owned by GRZ or by ZCF? Who are members of ZCF because ZCF just operates in Lusaka and has failed to support primary societies in the country.

    ZCF should be careful because it will be investigated together with PF when there is change of government.

  5. ” Presidential Milling Initiative ” my foot. What will happen when no one grows maize? I guess he will form a Presidential Maiize Growing Intiative.

    I guess that what you get from a retard.

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