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There was no any strike Action at UTH-Deputy Minister of Health

Health There was no any strike Action at UTH-Deputy Minister of Health

Deputy Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya
Deputy Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya
GOVERNMENT has dismissed reports in some sections of the media suggesting that junior doctors and some resident doctors at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) have gone on strike.

Deputy Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya clarified that there was only a misunderstanding between post-graduate students and Government as a sponsor.

Dr Chilufya said in an interview yesterday that students were not negotiating for any conditions of service and that the issue bordered on routine sponsorship by Government for training of the students.

“At no time was there any strike action at UTH.

“It was only a misunderstanding between post graduate students and the sponsor [Government] on allowances and this has been resolved,” Dr Chilufya said.

Yesterday Junior Doctors at the University of Teaching Hospital joined the sit in at UTH according to a memorandum dated 01 September 2015 signed by Resident Doctors Association UTH branch Secretary Dr Mtonga Matolase and UTH President Dr Cyrus Phiri addressed to UTH Senior Medical Superintendent.

Doctors at UTH resolved to join the sit in protest by the Registrar at the institution after a meeting with Health Permanent Secretary General Davy Chikamata Tuesday afternoon.

Dr Matolase said the junior doctors at the highest referral health institution in the country are aggrieved by the unpaid settling-in allowances.

He said the doctors are also not happy with the incomplete payment of settling-in allowances.
Dr Matolase said Government owes junior doctors in unpaid arrears.

Dr Matolase also disclosed that the junior doctors are aggrieved due to delayed placement of new doctors.

He said the sit-in protest will continue in conjunction with the one by the Registrars until all issues are resolved.

Below is the memorandum released by the Doctors



  1. Doesn’t make any difference. All there patients die anyway. Maybe its better there on strike to reduce the pain amd suffering time of patients.

    Its a death trap that institution.


    • Dear minister, even things that are in plain light you still find it easy and fit to lie. The truth of the matter is that you are strangling to sustain the salary bill for these civil servants, hence failing to meet other obligations. The economic outlook is pointing to hyper-inflation unless something be done within the next few weeks.

    • You mean the Junior Quacks are working? The nerve of those nurse practitioners, they have not even saved any lives and they want money! How about doing something for your country for a change!

  2. Well, who does not know that what PF says the opposite is always the truth by now.

    Bwana Minister call it what ever you like but the truth remains patients’ lives were put at risk due work stoppage by junior doctors whose job is crucial in assisting senior doctors.

    Lungu and his PF f00ls have totally lost direction in governing the country in the best interest of the voters. PF got a billion plus loan not long ago, and has already shared half of the money instead of paying the doctors to avoid any work stoppages.

    If PF has not squandered the a billion plus it got from bond issuance, why has it failed to pay junior doctors and UNZA lecturers?

    The only way to bring back Zambia on its health economic path is to boot these PF(chimbwis no plan ) out and vote in UPND in 2016…

  3. Give us the stats of how many people on oxygen survive during the black outs. Our friends, brothers and sister working in these hospitals are giving us worrying stats on the deaths.

  4. Iwe whether people vote for upnd or whatever party nothing will change believe me politicians are same animals whose intetions is to make money for themselves once get into power ,only God will save not ati ka HH will deliver the economics blind people with your little hope woke up.

    • @Kwasakwasa

      If you have no acumen to analyse issues at hand you better shut your goob. This belief that all politicians are the same is a purely a mentality of the mentally ill people like you all PF supporters.

      Evidence has shown that good politician have the capacity to make people prosper through well thought out practical economical policies that make their income increase its buying power .

      Mwanawasa showed Zambians that good political management can benefit the country a lot by stabilising the currency and helping it appreciate. When Mwanawasa took over, Kwacha to dollar was K7000(K7) to a $1 but he managed to strengthen it to K3500(K3.5) to $1. If Mwanawasa did it, then surely there must another politician out there who can do it. And that politician is non other than HH…

  5. Some politicians are intelligent while others are not same.Things changed for better with president Mwanawasa and even corrupt Banda was far better then whats happening in our nation to day.Things have deteriorated in the past 6 months.We are lacking seriousness in running of this nation.ITS UNBELIEVABLE.iTS EASY TO DESTROY THAN BUILD.

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