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Some People are Planning to remove the Christian clause-Christian Coalition

General News Some People are Planning to remove the Christian clause-Christian Coalition

Members of Parliament
Members of Parliament

The Christian Coalition has unearthed a scam where some people are planning to petition that the clause of the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation be removed from the constitution.

Speaking at a press briefing in Lusaka today, Coalition President Charles Mwape says the country will forever remain a Christian nation citing that the country has a covenant with God.

He says as Christians, they will rise and protect the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation adding that instead Zambia as a Christian nation should be moved from the preamble to an article in the constitution.

And Dr. Mwape says the partial amendment of the constitution should be supported by all genuine Zambians citing that they agree with the National Restoration Party and the Young African Leader’s Initiative (YALI) that the country does not have resources to hold a referendum.

Dr. Mwape notes that as long as the contents of the draft constitution are safe, there is no need to worry about the partial amendment as the only fear is tempering with the contents.

He adds that the constitution making process is beyond political campaigns and thus must not be politicized but be taken seriously.

Dr. Mwape has further that Zambians should be honest with themselves and support the partial amendment of the constitution if they want a constitution.


    • Speak for yourself…………..I too have a voters card and will vote to keep the declaration of Zambia as a Christian Nation in the constitution.

    • @Jay Jay call me an empty tin all you want…….it’s my right,it’s my vote……..come what may,that close will not disappear from the constitution!

    • The Christian clause must be maintained. What is needed is an educated citizenry and leaders and political parties who are morally upright and have integrity.

    • @change it’s also my right not to believe in Christianity so why do you ignore my right and insist on imposing on me this clause? Does your god cease to exist if he isn’t in our constitution?

    • Hate speech is unacceptable, everyone knows this is a political gimmick, how can we claim to love God whom we have not seen and hate our brother. Our God has overcome everything in Christ, the battle is in the mind, it’s unacceptable to defile people with weak minds, Numbers 13. If Jesus be lifted up he will draw all men to his side.

  1. If you were real Christians you would never have voted for a drunk. So please do not distract us. We have serious issues to deal with & “christian nation” debate is not one of them.

  2. There is “no Jesus” in Afrikan proverbs… but these people think Christianity is part of us..what folly. If you’re a black Christian, you simply have a real short memory.

    Wake up and study knowledge about self…and worry about real issues that affect your people and your environment!!

  3. Stupid Zambians no wonder you voted for Sata then next LunguYou are a country with more bars than churches,you **** little girls,children defiling them on the advice of ngangas,a corrupt lot,full of hatred for each other as can be seen from the growing trend of tribalism yet you call yourselves a Christian nation.Not even Israel where the Messiah heild from call themselves a Christian nation.The most appropriate name would have been a Nation of Pharisees.Even the midgetChiluba who coined that name was busy stealing from you.Satana told you that he was a Christian you voted for him then he unleashed pangas on you and you still praise the foolish old illiterate dictator.Remove that clause and please let us be real.I would prefere you called this nation a Satanic Nation if you insist on some…

  4. Jay Jay you know nothing . Jesus came Africa to hide from Herod , Africa is more Christian than some other nations on this planet . Father Abraham came to Egypt from Palestine . Jacob came to Africa to Joseph who was already in Egypt . Mannase and Ephraim where born from an African mother . The Ethiopian eunuch was African most of early Christian decisions where made in Alexandria in Africa.

    • but why have you accepted a God that was brought to you by your persecutors? Asians have gods who look like them. europeans have a god who looks like them. And everywhere were people worship a god who looks like them, their people are doing fine economically,socially, technologically etc. Arabs are fine, europeans are fine, indians are ok;they can make tata vehicles, asians are fine. but now look at people who are forced or have a foreign god. look how they are doing. Aboriginal americans, australians, africans etc. this is not a coincidence. religion affects your subconscious, it cripples you if it is not one with your culture. Remember religion is the deitification of a culture. without culture, you can never be as creative as you should be. I know most of us wont agree,because we think…

    • @zagaze, I believe you are the reason I woke up today! Very well articulated discussion right there. @nshilimubemba I now realize why education makes the wise wiser and fo.ol more fo.olish. Enough said.

  5. All serious nations do not have a clause such as we have. The fact that it has actually failed to guide our laws and regulations and more importantly how we behave and conduct ourselves as people is a reason good enough to strike out of the supreme law. Government must remain secular as that promotes objectivity and sensible decision making fair to all.

    If you are a true christian, you should reject that clause in the law as it will never be any good for anyone!

  6. Church and State should be separate – remove the clause , we have better and more important things to worry about like the power and kwacha crisis to start with.

  7. Comment:
    Zambia is a Christian Nation, and forever it shall be so. So, you can go jump in the river, for all we care, you satanist.

  8. As long as Jesus is Lord Satan will not rule our nation . Every one who ascends to presidency of Zambia must be subject to the Lord of lords Jesus. We don’t want men to start marrying men and women marrying women , it is a curse we refuse it in Jesus name

  9. Comment:
    Zambia is a Christian Nation, and forever it shall be so. So, you can go jump into the river, for all we care, you satanist.

  10. The clause only offends Satan and his followers , why worry about it we don’t want all evil manifestation to flood our beloved nation . As things stand by now the lordship of Jesus keeps devil followers at bay .

  11. why should they think about scrapping it off when presidents, ministers and even in courts they use the Bible for swearing.

    • Utter drivel…Swearing on a contradictory useless piece of paper…you think that whiteman’s book will stop these leaders and crooks lying to you about their health until the drop dead, corruption in their country whilst you will forever get poorer and poorer.

      That’s the selfsame novel the slave-master used to keep black slaves docile that even promotes slavery in its verses and you foolishly swear on it.

      Wake up from your stupidity!!

    • Utter drivel…Swearing on a contradictory useless piece of paper…you think that whiteman’s book will stop your leaders and crooks from lying to you about their health until the drop dead, the corruption in their country whilst you will forever get poorer and poorer.

      That’s the selfsame novel the slave-master used to keep black slaves docile that even promotes slavery in its verses and you foolishly swear on it.

      Wake up from your stupidity!!

    • Utter drivel…Swearing on contradictory useless piece of papers…you think that whiteman’s book will stop your leaders and crooks from lying to you about their health until the drop dead, the corruption in their country whilst you will forever get poorer and poorer.

      That’s the selfsame novel the slave-master used to keep black slaves docile that even promotes slavery in its verses and you foolishly swear upon it.

      Wake up from your stup*dity!!

  12. This clause has actually brainwashed our people to the extent that they see suffering as God sent and normal, hence the Docility we see accepting every nonsense from their politicians. Tragically, the same clause has not helped in any way to build a truly Christian nation! There are no Christian dids in Zambia today! The clause is a cover-up for the hypocrisy we see. I am tempted to conclude that the same clause has become a curse for Zambians because you made a covenant with God which you have failed to honour through your unchristian did! If someone wants to argue further, I have a serious question for those who think they are more religious: where was the church when a non christian Mohammed Jamason was being crowned king? Doesn’t the bible warn against electing Alcoholics to…

  13. Position of Authority?

    It is actually very Dangerous to mix Church and State!
    The dark ages were dark because the church used the state machinery to sort out and suppress any hearsy in a self-righteous dogmatic intolerance style! The world never progressed in knowledge due to religion.

    This was the reason why those who fled Europe to form what is now the USA put a better clause in the constitution separating church from state. The Government of the United States of America shall not pass any law enforcing any form of religious regulation! This is the reason True freedom is found in America, hence its greatness!

    • No they were called the dark ages because the moors were ruling in europe. they had brought civilization to the cave dwellers. but after receiving the african education and knowledge later historians because of their white supremacist thought deemed it fit to call that age the dark ages. in all honesty, it was not dark, dark from what? if you study history diligently you will see how this is far from the truth. study on brother.

  14. The people who are opposed of the clause are the Catholics, ask Leonard Chiti and her fellow Catholic NGO and they will answer affirmative!! Plus the entire grand coalition which is full of NGOs supported by people with foreign interests like NGOCC who at some point supported that life should start at conception. This is the time for Christians to stand up and defend what is righteous. And lastly, we shouldn’t allow and condone the constitution making process to be hijacked by organizations with foreign interests like The Grand Coalition. We’re a Christian Nation and we shall forever remain, waumfwa @Jay Jay.

    • Most people are in religions, churches and such organisations because they want to keep in step. Everyone surrounding them goes to church so they have to go to church otherwise they will be the odd one out. Peer pressure. As people we are naturally cowards. That’s why we live in communities. Most of us get so used to living in the comfort zone of community we can’t go it alone. There are plenty of People who are scared of going italone. Thats why only a few are succesful because they go against the flow. These are the brave ones. The rest don’t want to go it alone so they look around and go on to do what everyone else is doing.

  15. Christianity per se is a good practical religion. What makes the ‘declaration’ questionable is the behaviour as witnessed by actions contrary to Christianity. Clearly, Christianity is a personal conviction, and cannot be inherited from a declaration. It is the declaration, and not the virtues, which is in question here.

    • Whats is good practical religion? Religion is the black man’s down fall its his self distraction…imagine this if you invented a religion which taught;

      We must suffer because a fictional relative was tricked by a snake.
      We are guilty of crimes before we are born.
      Only human sacrifice can forgive these crimes.
      Oh don’t worry, it will be great when you’re DEAD
      Would anyone believe it??

      Well this is what is happening with our docile brothers and sisters!!

    • @ Jay Jay …. I understand your misgivings. I am a Christian. Problem is, some wicked people have manipulated the Christian declaration to serve their evil ends. But pure and undefiled Christianity is good for mankind.

  16. Declaring the country a christian nation is retrogressive. Zambia should embrace all religious practices. Instead we should put focus on protecting the rights of an individual. The majority of these people trumpeting the christian nation clause would not enter the kingdom of God as described in the bible. This all driven by fear.

  17. Every Political Party in Zambia needs to clearly make their stand on Zambia as a Christian nation and what their plans are to maintain it and translate it to practical .

  18. God himself does not compel or force anyone to become a Christian! He has given each one a free will to choose and we also need to respect that! The declaration itself was unchristian, selfish and was unilaterally done without the input from all citizens! Freedom of worship must be guaranteed to all! The state should never pass laws favoring one religion over others! The Dogma is evident from those who are pro-declaration and this is where trouble starts! Remove that declaration before we start seeing bloodshed! We have more practical issues we should preoccupy ourselves with not this empty talk! This empty declaration is what has kept us at the tail end of human development! Expunge some of these misplaced issues from the constitution please!

  19. What I find ludicrous (and ridiculous too) is how this Eastern Religion was imported from the Middle East and Asia, diluted to exclude what was deemed NOT fit to be in it and then attempted to be spread around the world INCLUDING where it came from! Don’t we even stop to think about that for a second??? When you try to export your brand of Christianity to where it came from you are (usually violently) repelled and you complain of persecution. I have news for you: Christianity EXISTS all over the middle east in its unadulterated form. Those who try to force their brand are summarily dismissed! This Christian Nation declaration is a sham that must be given its proper place – outside of the tenets of the statutes of our nation. Let ALL religions co-exist in their God’s name!

  20. The crooked late president Frederick Chiluba had evil intentions when he declared Zambia a ”Christian Nation”.Chiluba knew that most Zambians are ignorant and gullible and he could manipulate the political situation to achieve his selfish goals.
    Let us emulate rich countries where people are free to go to churches,or not to go,without politicians’ influence.The Zambian Catholic Bishops were right to oppose Chiluba’s dirty tactics.

    • Imagine Chiluba declaring a Christian nation! Chiluba who didn’t know the difference between earning a salary and stealing. Chiluba whom we all know wanted to use religion to stay in power

  21. A christian nation full of unchristian characters my foot. Were we not Christians before the declaration by Kafupi? Christianity is in you and not in the declaration please!

  22. A constitution is meant for all who live in a country. Why then should it lead us to a particular God when some citizens don’t believe in that God? Why does the constitution want to force horses to drink water? Zambia has moslems atheists africanists Buddhists hinduists all of whom want to participate in its progress why tie them to Christianity when they don’t believe in it? Is Christianity so desperate for members it needs state support to recruit or to convert? Humanity is broad you ignore others at your own peril. Learn from everyone.
    Since including this clause how has Zambia benefitted as compared to neighbours like Botswana, Namibia, Tanzania South Africa who don’t have such clauses? Has the Christian clause prevented Zambia from loadshedding unemployment and Kwacha…

  23. ..and Kwacha devaluation. If you are scared of unseen things should you demand others also get scared of these unseen things? Why not ignore Jay Jay Kalok and privately focus on your Christianity? Why do you want to feel safe only in numbers?

  24. Try to visit countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Indonesia, Pakistan just to mention a few and go see if all religions are embraced. Learn the Histories of countries who were also declared Aetheist and see what they have been. Example, Haiti.

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