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Blame it all on Edgar Lungu – The tragedy of this notion and why we need to pull together as a nation

Headlines Blame it all on Edgar Lungu - The tragedy of this notion...

President Edgar Lungu tees off the Golf tournament at State House during the fundraising Golf tournament
President Edgar Lungu tees off the Golf tournament at State House during the fundraising Golf tournament

The Citizens Democratic Party is a party that was principally founded and registered by a politically conscious and youthful group in 2009 on the principle of “Putting People First”. From our conception, it was and has always been our core principle to have this “mantra” as the backdrop of our operation, and thus our guidance as we endeavour to actively participate in the political realm of our country.

We have noted the toxic and hostile politics currently at play, and have thus decided to put our mettle to the test with the intention of refreshing and renewing the current political scene, by joining forces and sharing our ideas with a party that we believe has good intent to take our country forward. This party is the Patriotic Front whose founder President Michael Sata espoused the need to uplift the poor citizenry of our people. Indeed this is a vision which is now being carried by President Edgar Lungu. Our President needs support (even across party and political divide) given the unfair and gross mudslinging that has come his way. There has been extreme character assassination of our President, made with the sole mischievous and insidious intent of diverting the attention of our citizenry from the positive progress we have made as a country in the last 3 years. To his credit, our President has instead “turned the other cheek” [as a man with good Christian principle], remaining unfazed in the face of unprecedented political toxicity and outright insult he is splashed with everyday.

Pressing Issues: Our Economy
Yes it is true that our economy has in the recent past underperformed. However, it is sheer cunning and devilment to place TOTAL blame on one Edgar Chagwa Lungu who has only been in the “driving seat” 7 months, as being personally responsible for this quandary. The key factors of the Zambian economic downturn are:

(1) A global phenomenon- most economies (worldwide) that were thought to be on the upswing have significantly slashed their growth rate. On this point we can do very little as a country.
(2) Pressure that has been exerted on our financial resources by the ambitious infrastructure development agenda that the Patriotic Front government very boldly and rightly engaged in. It is this point that we can explicate and indeed improve on, in order to cushion the effects of this great endeavour that will forever be a flagship of the PF government.

From point 2 above, it is important that we recognize where we are coming from as related to our current economic woes. Let us remember that the late President engaged in numerous capital projects that are on-going. Our current President Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu, has again shown great determination and boldness in attempting to keep these capital projects going, given the challenges that he inherited due to the indebtedness already contracted by our ambitious late President Mr. Michael Chilufya Sata. President Sata was a man of great and unmatched character who always tried to find ways and means to get things done. Legend has it that the fly-over bridges in Lusaka were undertaken under great financial distress. Today we are driving over them not knowing the toll it took on our resources. Indeed nothing great is ever achieved by those who do not choose to take risk.

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has by the stroke of destiny found himself carrying a challenging and bold vision. Our President must be applauded for trying to keep this vision alive rather than be ridiculed by some of our political leaders vying for high office, who are in league with other company [to by all means] necessary ridicule the President as a means to achieve political power. Today the President is a victim of bad press and mordancy as though he created these economic conditions himself PERSONALLY. This practice of diverting pure fact from fiction as a political ploy must be condemned and we urge every right- thinking Zambian to analyze what is at play. What we will hear is a lot of criticism but little to no offer of solutions coming from the opposition. These are not progressive politics meant to uplift our people- they are politricks only meant to divert our people’s attention to isolate the President of our country whom was democratically elected in what is now a challenging period.

We have decided as the Citizen’s Democratic Party to solidly rally behind our President and the party the PF as we believe the party means well for the country and will require support in these seemingly unpopular times, even as they craft their manifesto for 2016- a great idea that has again been demonized by some unfair elements. We are a party founded by youth, on the principle of “Putting People First” and wish every success to the President as this will be success for our country.

The struggle continues. Victory is certain.

Issued by:
The Citizens Democratic Party Secretariat

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  1. Tell us why those infrastructure projects are the most expensive in the world to build, also tell us why Zambia manufactures next to nothing, only opening shopping malls ?? Also tell us why ECL has never ever uttered the word corruption???

  2. Propagandists have started coming out of the wardrobe. The fact remains the same. Edgar Lungu is the one in the driver seat and his success depends on how he is driving. Yes the economy has been hit by low copper prices but this is not the first time copper price was this low yet exchange rate was not 10.50 pin per dollar. Also if other major currencies are affected but why is the rate of fall for Kwacha so fast than other currencies? 2 months ago Australian dollar was K5.5 Pin now Aussie Dollar is almost 7pin. Aussie dollar has also lost value against USA dollar but the level is not as compared to Kwacha. And to recover this gap bane will be hard.

  3. Just like he claims credit for the few good things that happen in this country, he should also be held responsible for the economic meltdown. The President is responsible for this mess. Period!

  4. Congrats LT, you picked the right picture for the story. Why should we support a lazy drunk when he can’t even show seriousness towards his work.

  5. “espoused the need to uplift the poor citizenry of our people.” !!!

    Yes, the need is there, but what Sata and now Lungu with the fossil Chikwanda are doing is condemning GENERATIONS of Zambians to abject poverty through their excessive BORROWING!

    Wake up you poor Citizens Democratic Party Secretariat. It was just another one of the many lies PF told to get elected. And with their irresponsible squandering of the borrowed money this LIE will have as much chance of happening as the 90 days ones!

    Our children have been sold into slavery by these con artists. And you are just TOO STUPlD to see it!

  6. The problem is that most Zambians are in self denial! Here you are faced with a lot of challenges and instead of teaming up and face the challenges it is the usual blame game at play. Yes we need the president to show leadership in such situations (by at least holding a press conference every month and firing one or two ministers every month for corruption and incompetence) but how much are we doing ourselves to bring up solutions? Bear in mind that we as citizens are the ones to run commerce but instead it is the foreigners who are able to do so and right in our faces!

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