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Monday, February 24, 2020

Misunderstandings between Chewas and Nsengas deepens

Rural News Misunderstandings between Chewas and Nsengas deepens

Paramount Chief Gawa Undi
Paramount Chief Gawa Undi

THE misunderstandings between Chewas and Nsengas has deepened with the former claiming that the later should not bury the heads in the sand over the straight forward history of the link between Chewas and Nsengas.

Chewa Royal Establishment Spokesperson Chief Chanje said in a statement yesterday that the Nsengas should not expose their ignorance and failure to understand their own history by rushing to the media and offend Paramount Chief Kalonga Gawa Undi as they have stayed peacefully in the past.

He said there was no need for the Nsenga Chiefs and other young boys to respond to Kalonga Gawa Undi’s complaint during the Kulamba Ceremony because the message was not directed to them but to Government.

He said the Nsenga chiefs should not insult Kalonga Gawa Undi as the history was readily available and clear in the High Court and Supreme Court that Gawa Undi was the creator of Senior Chief Kalindawalo’s chieftaincy.

Chief Chanje said all chiefs under Senior Chief Kalindawalo were under the leadership of Kalonga Gawa Undi as per history.

He said the correct Senior Chief Kalindawalo according to both the High and Supreme Court was Mndikula and not Michael Sangu.

Chief Chanje alleged that Chief Mumbi of the Nsenga of Petauke was among four counsellors who were only recognised after recommendation by Kalonga Gawa Undi as per tradition.

“In Kalonga Gawa Undi’s kingdom in Zambia, there were only four counsellors among who Mumbi and Mwanya were part of the four until when Kalonga Gawa Undi recommended to Government to consider recognising the counsellors to be traditional leaders,”he said.

According to Chief Mumbi’s sentiments in the Post Newspaper of Monday said that the Nsenga chiefs met in Nyimba and resolved their problems of Senior Chief Kalindawalo.

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  1. Imwe mwebena Chipata, can you stop bickering over simple issues and concentrate on developmental matters that can help to develop your province. My plea to you the Royal highness’s in that part of Zambia, can you resolve the issue at hand amicably. Such matters shouldn’t divide you as people of that part of the country.

    • @AVINOCAYA….
      …..you must be a typical Bemba for sure….referring to your popular saying…’bakolwe basekana ifipato’….it has taken almost 5 years to sort out your Chitimukulu saga….chiefdom squabbles are not prone to one province only…all provinces have gone thru it at one time or the other…
      …so, all you Bembas please stay out of this

  2. There is nothing wrong with chiefdoms, in my opinion. What I can’t understand is the arrongance of Cewas who want to dominate Nsengas. Nsengas are Nsengas , with own chiefs. If colonialists mad a mistake of making the Chewas feel they were masters over Nsengas, that should be corrected now. I am a Nsenga who can NEVER recognise that boy Undi or Ndiu , whatever they call him as my chief.

    • @Caesar Daka, remember the words of Peter Tosh in one of his songs, ” No matter where you come from, as long as you are a Black Man, you are an African!”? The analogy here is ” As long as you are Nsenga, you are presided over by he who created your chiefdom, period”! You may not like the status, but then, there are a lot of cases where people have battled inferiority complexes in life. Take the case of Michael Jackson. He tried to change his looks through plastic surgery, and the results were there for all to see! It is extremely difficult to emancipate self-denigrating individuals who have been brainwashed for so long because their inferiority complex is so entrenched that the mind set will require a gargantuan effort to change! You are actually insulting yourself by trying to…

    • True,allowances and brown envelopes are the course of these squabbles. Remember in KK’s error,very few,respected traditional ceremonies were recognized,like Kuomboka, Mutomboko. The MMD brought this nonsense of the mushrooming of the so called tradition ceremonies,in the hope of enticing chiefs and subjects to perpetually be voting for them.

  3. Can our brothers in the East be serious and stop wasting time on trivialities. How will conflict between Chewas and Nsengas who are basically the same people contribute to the emancipation of the poor in that part of the country or indeed Zambia as a whole?. Let the Chiefs in Eastern province exert effort to offer counsel and engage with government and other development partners on how to develop their areas and how to mitigate the possible impact of the country’s economic woes which may be compounded by another difficult farming season due to anticipated poor rains .

  4. Mafumu, please stop issuing statements that will only worsen matters… Can I suggest that Ba Mwinelubemba Chitimukulu should mediate this matter?! Shikulu, twfweninko!

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