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UPND Launches Business Consultation Survey

Headlines UPND Launches Business Consultation Survey

HH with his leadership team at today's news conference

In light of the recent closure at Mopani Copper mine, the UPND has announced the launch of its UPND Business Consultation Survey as part of the consultation process in further developing its policy platform for the 2016-2021 elections.

On the occasion of the launch UPND President Hakainde Hichilema made the following statement:

“The costs of bad economic management and failed leadership are being felt across Zambia right now. We can’t afford another Mopani.

Power shortages and currency instability are hitting businesses that have already had to demonstrate great resilience in riding out the policy instability and confusion of recent years.

Unfortunately we are hearing regular reports of SMEs closing, and some of our biggest employers in the private sector have now suspended their operations.

As we have been touring across the country we have been consulting everywhere we go on the policies and programs our citizens would like to see from their Government. This survey provides a welcome opportunity for more detailed input from a range of businesses.

Our major criticism of the PF approach has been the failure to properly consult and develop a clear plan and vision for the economy, which provides a stable and supportive environment for Zambian businesses and attracts international investment.

The UPND recognises the vital role that entrepreneurs, businessmen and women and investors play in creating jobs and driving sustainable economic growth in Zambia. Given recent challenges, the UPND is now undertaking additional efforts to refine and further develop its policies on supporting businesses and industries that will create employment, develop value-add industries and diversify the economy. This is the sensible way to increase protection from future fluctuations in commodity prices.

We are also consulting respondents about how we can create more opportunities for young Zambians in particular, such as through apprenticeship schemes and skills training initiatives. This will help us calculate what is manageable to deliver to the Zambian people before promising the world and delivering very little.”

Following the survey and further consultations with civil society, experts and members of the public the UPND plans to launch a Business Manifesto together with its 2016-2021 Election Manifesto.

Businesses who would like to participate should send a request to upndinfo AT gmail DOT com.


Issued by: UPND National Campaign Centre, Lusaka

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    • Great thinking President HH. This is a good sign that you are already formulating a plan for your country when you assume office next year, unlike our current corrupt clueless autopilot PF.

      You have my vote

  1. UPND the only hope for Zambia this time around. PF govt has shown us what it is capable of doing and it’s there for everyone to see. 2016 its UPND and if they as well follow the path of PF of mediocrity, another party will be ushered in

  2. Desperation and confusion at its best in the name of Hakaivotela Heka and UPND. HH and UPND says “Our major criticism of the PF approach has been the failure to properly consult and develop a clear plan and vision for the economy, which provides a stable and supportive environment for Zambian businesses and attracts international investment.”
    Is this not in contradiction to those (Magande, HH and UPND)who were condemning President Lungu when he offered anyone with solutions to the current power deficit to come forward and advise real and practical solutions other than the interventions PF has put in place?
    Look, yes, we have challenges but its not time to show your ignorance here! Moreover, these challenge to some of us are going to be turned into opportunities. Its simple SWOT…

  3. @Conclusion you like commenting more than anyone else but alas your comments are very shallow for lack of better term. How many times has Nawakwi, Chipimo, HH and other men and women of this great nation been giving advise to the PF govt? Accept the reality, and the reality is that PF has failed to an extent that even nature has turned against them

  4. This is how narrow minded politicians have become. They are now talking about isues that are ably dealt with by not only line ministries, but agood number of institutions, bodies and organs in both private and public domains that exist just for that purpose….. Zambia Chamber of Commerce and Indusrty, Zambia Association of Manufacturers, Energy Regulation Board, Zambia Development Agency, Zambia Research Foundation, Jesuit Centre just to mention a few.

  5. Only shallow minds would be hoodwinked by such pronouncements.These challenges we ve re just here for a while,soon everything will come back to normal.Now,they will ve to update their manifesto for 2021 polls.

  6. Kikikikikikikiki,UPND has failed to connect to the electorates.They ve one big problem and its called ELITICISM.Even under these economic challenges,they ve no chance to unseat the PF, seriously believe me people. I see Rainbow unseating UPnd in second position come 2016.

  7. UPND should have been focusing on consolidating MP numbers in parliament by starting projects and companies to hire Zambians and intellectual minds. This is heresy; forming business study groups we and I have called for, for years. Good start though. Cadres of UPND and PF, do you clowns ever stop politicking?

  8. I love the way most educated UPND cadres behave online, the will fill Facebook polls, ZWD commentaries, Mwebantu News Media and Lusaka Times, but when the actual day of voting comes I keep on wondering why UPND keep on losing elections. You see, politics is not for the educated nor for the illiterate, it is for the majority and that is where UPND online chaps misses it. And to make matters worse, UPND is an elite party and they call the majority Zambians as Kopanyas. This is why we don’t vote for them because they will reap off the country together with Anglo-Americans and Openhemlmer and leave us the poor in extreme poverty with no regards. PF is better because bakateka listens to our cry. Abash elites party abash the so-called intellectuals!! Majority will win come 2016.

    • @ Buju from Nchanga North Manyoni

      You are clear evidence that 1mbecility has taken roots in Zambia. Trying to compete with Kambwili?

  9. Be mature PF for once , just take a leaf from UPND it is not too late. Try to do a lot of consultations. We understand the mistakes LUNGU is making now for he said outright , he had no agenda . But honestly after two years in Power, he must come up with an agenda this time around and this should be used for his 2016 campaigns. You can not afford to just tell Zambians that I will do what you will tell me to do for you. Which world is LUNGU coming from, at least there must be proposed way of how he thinks things will be done.

  10. Mining is outdated. you can do all research you want to.its all in vain. Diversification is a sure bet. HH has forgotten that mines are in foreign hands so no matter what discussion you have its all for nothing

  11. why not just use monkey survey or any other online survey? why should one send a request to the surveyor via email to participate?

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