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Zambia is suffering from unwarranted negative publicity- Emmanuel Mpakata

General News Zambia is suffering from unwarranted negative publicity- Emmanuel Mpakata

 Golden jubilee celebration
Golden jubilee celebration

ZAMBIA is suffering from unwarranted negative publicity which is hurting the country’s economy, the Patriotic Front (PF) has said.

PF chairperson for elections Emmanuel Mpakata said a group of individuals working in collaboration with some media houses had a launched a propaganda campaign against President Lungu and his Government with the aim of scaring away investors so that the growth of the economy could be stunted.

Mr Mpakata said there is need for concerted efforts in finding a solution to the economic problems the country was currently facing cautioning that the careless talk by some politicians had the potential to scare away foreign investment.
He said it was unfortunate that some opposition political parties were politicising the economic problems the country was facing without realizing the negative impact their comments had on the innocent Zambian.

“These negative comments are killing the Zambian people and we must understand that the economy does not segregate and it will not hurt the PF alone but all Zambians irrespective of their political affiliation. If the economy of the country is going to collapse because of poisonous speculation and unwarranted negative publicity, even the opposition members will be affected.

It is therefore being unpatriotic and imprudent for citizens to embark on a crusade to destroy the economy for political expediency, Mr Mpakata said.

Mr Mpakata challenged the opposition political parties to provide ideas and advise Government on how best the country could come out of its current economic quagmire if they had an agenda to genuinely serve the people.

“Let the opposition political parties bring ideas on how best to resolve the economic challenges. Let them help government provide solutions to the problems affecting the Zambian people, and not worsen the situation,” he said.

Mr Mpakata was commenting on recent media reports on the weakening and volatility of the Kwacha against international currencies.

Mr Mpakata said if there was a problem, the opposition must provide possible solutions to the Government for the benefit of all the Zambians instead of politicizing the problems thus affecting even their members.


  1. They think by reporting negatively it’s the PF that are going to suffer, they are cheating themselves, Zambia belongs to all of us so let us criticize constructively because it won’t help anyone to see this country go to it’s knees because of a few selfish individuals who think they are intelligent than others. Be positive before you utter any word.

    • That is why we call PF guys dunderheads. Negative publicity is because you have the worst performing currency in the world, you have zero respect for human rights, you abuse public media, you interfere politically with running of the civil service, you have load shedding which ZESCO now tells will cognate for 3 year…try doing the right things for once and see if negative publicity will continue…waiting for insults!!

  2. That’s being lazy. So Lungu’ row is to just occupy the office but HH should run the country? Why did you seek office in the first place? For the opposition to run the affairs for you?
    If what you wish was granted and HH gave workable and lasting solutions, you would be made redundant with no job.

  3. This man is a very stu.pid person. Why is he running away from responsibility? Is it the duty of the opposition to run the economy? What negative publicity is he talking about? Now the PF have realised that they have no solution and have resorted to looking for excuses. Its too late now because we know their capacity. There is no way this idio.t can start yapping and blaming the opposition for the failure of the PF to manage the affairs of the country. When opposition parties talk, that’s the advice they are giving you. In any case, has the PF ever asked for a meeting with the opposition to ask for ideas? The PF is too proud and think they know it all. Now that they have failed and have been exposed, they want to find excuses and started blaming those that are not anywhere near the…

  4. Mpakata what ever you call you self please give way for as to govern than seeking for solutions from as. Why did you offer your self for leadership knowing that you are simply there to in rich your selves at the expense of many Zambians. Zambia belongs to all of as and you give as power you will also benefit from our ideas. By the way even if we give ideas you will fail to implement them because you are simply dull and thieves with moral authority to rule this country.

    • Yes and Mr Mpakata just confirmed it, that’s why he is offering an olive branch to upnd and the rest of the opposition. They need help now

  5. Ok,Sir reduce the size of your cabinet ,it is a drain on the country’s resources. Implement this one so that we can know you are able to listen to advice.

  6. If you go to RSA you will not find opposition leaders busy writing mass media statements about anything in the country, they talk in parliament. Zambian politics will continue to hurt the poor because the opposition don’t know when to keep their mouths open or shut. People who are smart know when to talk and when not to. They consider many factors before they do talk. So, people like HH are actually not smart, but they have a following of unreasonable support.

    Wake up today, or you will wake up after every neighbouring country has moved miles ahead.

  7. Well spoken Mr mpankata but you should accept advise when HH advises you say he is bitter when Nawakwi advises she’s called all sorts of in presentable by die hard PF thugs.You made the bed so sleep on it!

  8. A bad workman always blames his tools. That’s what they say. I think ka Lungu and his minions should man-up and take responsibility for their numerous failures.

  9. I have a big problem in understanding why politicians tend to choose to be dull once given responsibility to run a nation. Here we are, Mpakata is continuing with the blame game of the opposition not forth coming to help government with solutions but what has government done to create an atmosphere of camaraderie that encourages reciprocal trust among political players to work for the common good? Mpakata forgets that it is not only that which comes from the media which drives negative publicity but actions among players. The party in government is harassing the freedom of opponents and when this is heard by the citizenry does not count for negative publicity by PF! In what spirit is the ruling PF inviting the opposition to contribute in serving the nation from the downward spiraling…

  10. Contd…… economy? I am afraid that PF leadership being praised for humbleness does not exhibit an inkling bit of it! A hungry person is the one to set the ball rolling showing humility in begging for food. PF as a victor needs to show its humility towards the vanquished as a sign of respect that they were a worthy opponent and they still need them to continue keeping the spirit of competition alive! Haven’t we all observed how sports men/women embrace each other after a duel in recognition of a worthy challenge faced by victor and vanquished? So long the ruling party remains adamant with accusations on the opposition and unseen forces working against them and “the good intentions” of the PF it should not be expected that anyone from the opposition will come and knock on their gate…

  11. Contd…. to say they are on a mission to help the ruling party with solutions to problems being faced. The masked and detail lacking advice will be given in form of criticism for the ruling party to try and decipher nothing more as the prevailing environment so provides! I’d say governing politicians are the cause for the unwarranted negative publicity Zambia is suffering because of the log in their eyes.

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