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President Hichilema Urges Peace and Unity at South Sudan Mediation Summit


Upon his return from Nairobi, President Hakainde Hichilema expressed gratitude to His Excellency, President William Ruto of Kenya, for the invitation to the high-level mediation summit for South Sudan held at the county’s State House. During his address at the summit, President Hichilema emphasized the critical need for peace and stability in South Sudan, stressing that instability in any part of Africa affects the entire continent.

“Instability anywhere is instability everywhere,” stated President Hichilema, highlighting the importance of prioritizing peace over conflict. He called upon President Salva Kiir and the opposition in South Sudan to prioritize the interests of the South Sudanese people and work towards sustainable peace.

President Hichilema also underscored the significance of intra-African trade, emphasizing the need for African nations to focus on exporting goods and services to each other rather than being embroiled in internal conflicts. He asserted that a peaceful and united Africa is essential for development, urging for concerted efforts towards peace and security in South Sudan to facilitate national development.

The summit, attended by regional leaders and stakeholders, served as a platform for dialogue and mediation efforts aimed at resolving the longstanding conflict in South Sudan and fostering peace and stability in the region.


  1. South Sudan should serve as a good example to Linyungandambo and other ma Lozi that secession won’t bring them peace and prosperity. Due to tribalism, South Sudan fought for so many years to secede from Sudan, their wish was granted but they’re still fighting tribal wars not against the Arabs but amongst themselves. Even John Garang wouldn’t have united these people because their tribalism is deep rooted

    • Iwe Hamasaka, what does “high level” tatoo on your mother’s mean?
      When was low level summit conducted?

    • For you Ayatollah, I cannot forgive you for holding a view like that because of the resources available to you as a member of the Catholic Church in the form of research carried out by some members of the clergy. The traditional social-political unit of humanity is the tribe. Anything bigger than that is an artificial creation and requires adoption of a new identity called citizen. The citizens so created need time to start seeing those who come from another tribe and speak a different language and perhaps look different and practise another religion, as their compatriots. This process of learning to live together is called nation-building in the literature and can be long-drawn-out.

  2. South Sudan has got resources but only a few people are enjoying…. they are really rich. But this fighting will never come to an end no matter how many papers you sign. That’s their life.

    • The moment ma Lozi were told that there are diamonds at Kalabo and Sioma they suddenly remembered that BA64 and that Litunga was a King. Some even began to threaten to exile the Chokwe, Mbunda and Luchazi to Angola. They began to behave like they were the superior tribe in the region. It’s the same problem in Somalia and Eastern DRC

    • People are the same wherever you go. This was title of a 1980s hit song by Steve Wonder and Paul McCartney. If you do not know that the people of South Sudan will eventually learn to live together just as people elsewhere have done, then you need a bit of help to learn something about the history of modern nations. The creation of modern nations has been a very bloody business.



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