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Colonel Muammar Gaddafi – What he intended for Africa

Columns Colonel Muammar Gaddafi - What he intended for Africa


You are free to judge Gaddafi and condemn him as much as you like, but first, allow us to give you facts on what Gaddafi did/intended to do in Africa.

  1. Africa spends billions every year paying Europe for using satellite communication systems, in entertainment, security, business or just communications. Gaddafi wanted to get rid of that by paying and setting up satellite system for entire Africa for free, saving Africa billions annually going to europe.
  2. Africa is divided into over 55 countries, with different currencies. This makes it hard for trade between African countries. If I wanna buy Cocoa from Ivory coast, I’ll have to change my money into US dollars (giving US 5-10% of my money), they I will probably have to turn the dollars into euro, losing another 5-10% of my capital to europe, then change my euro into ivorian franc, again losing another 5-10% of my money to the french treasury. If I started with about South African rand of 1000, by the time I am purchasing cocoa in Ivory coast, my money will be worth only rands 650 to 700, the other rand 300 will be in the hands of US and Europe. Gaddafi wanted to get rid of this and replace it with DINAR (An African currency) for doing business in Africa without changing the value…almost like bitcoin that can’t be manipulated easily.
  3. Gaddafi’s government made sure all Libyan investment like oiLibya were all within Africa.
  4. Gaddafi Nationalized oil in Libya, mean, the government had control over the resources, sold it and used the money to provide services to the country. With nationalized resources, Libyans didn’t have to pay taxes, received free health care, free education from birth to PHD or as far as you wish, free housing for the poor and subsidies on things like food etc. The only people who worked in Libya were Chines, Tchadians, sudanese, and other African Immigrants.
  5. Libya was one of the free countries in the world that did not have any form of debts whatsoever. Libya had more money than it’s population could use and had billions stores a way around the world. All the money Libya stored in Europe has been squandered by European governments.
  6. During Gaddafi’s lifetime, AU functions were fully funded by Libya, accommodation for leaders, transportations, and day to day activities at the AU headquarters, now that is being done by European Union. As the saying goes “He who pays the piper calls the tune” These are hard facts of what Colonel Gaddafi, self proclaimed African King of Kings did to the Continent only for us to watch him humiliated and killed like an animal without us raising a voice.
  7. Gaddafi spent millions and millions helping Mali and niger with high level irrigation in the deserts so people can be self sustained.Paid full and never expected anything back.
  8. Way before the BRICS came up with idea of forming their own development bank to rival world bank and IMF, Gaddafi already initiated a high level talks into starting an African Development Bank where African governments would go and borrow money at low rates for developments of things like infrastructure, academic institutions, medical institutions, research institutions among other things. This would have saved Africa from IMF and their predatory lending habits of structural adjustment programs which are notorious in keeping countries in poverty while they take ownership of your natural resources.

Gaddafi was not perfect or an angel, but he was better than 80% of the world leaders.


The people Nato helped from Benghazi to attack Gaddafi are all now confirmed members of ISIS creating chaos in North Africa and middle east.
Bob Marley once sang “How long shall they kill our prophets, while we stand a side and look”
Source: Africlandpost

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  1. Yeah, Gadaffi was no saint, infact he wanted to be the emperor of science of africa once we were united. In short we would have traded places of having europeans off of our back and putting arabs there. with all these things in mind, i still stand with gadaffi because atleast he was truer to us the african than the american. this obama guy has been a disappointment, he takes out gadaffi because he was ordered to by the people who really rule the world. All be cause they feared the ideas of gadaffi then he want to come to AU and say some messed up speeches and we applaud him!!! its a joke for real. Viva pan africanism.

    • Everything I ever knew about Gadaffi was from the western media. My image therefore has been greatly influenced by western propaganda.Alas he was no more evil than they are.

  2. 5. Libya was one of the free countries in the world that did not have any form of debts whatsoever. Libya had more money than it’s population could use and had billions stores a way around the world. All the money Libya stored in Europe has been squandered by European governments.

    If what is written in point 5 is true, then the migrants from the middle east will be well taken care of. Talk about Kharma.

    • “The European Union member countries have been divided in the face of an unprecedented migrant influx. EU foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini warned that migrant inflow was “here to stay” and called for a unifying European approach to effectively respond to it.” Voice of America

  3. The first point alone was enough reason for them to take him out. It is needless to mention that good intentions for Africa are what led to the persecution of great men like Patrice Lumumba, Kwame Nkrumah, Steve Biko and Nelson Mandela.

  4. Not to take away from his good deeds but the Africs dream was kinda AFTER his other one fell through. He had hopes for Arab North and Middle East. When they fell out he saw a ‘greater’ vision and his ‘sub’ brethren became a viable option. Particularly handy when he could be top dog and had deep pockets…

    However, no doubt his lighter skinned bros across the water played him. Yeah Blair, I mean your sudden schmoozing in a desert tent which eventually led to oil grabbing anywhere you could create a WMD…

  5. This makes my blood boil… We are too dependent and brain washed my Western propaganda. And they killed him like a rat watch the video *******

  6. Okay these ideas are well off the pace. I think what most Africans do not see is that Qaddafi was not satisfied with the size of the country he ruled, simple!

  7. My lingering memory of Gaddafi is the image of that Ethiopian maid who was tortured and burnt by one of Gaddafi’s sons. It is an open secret how many African maids in the Arab world are treated like slaves and many of them undergo some horrific experiences.

  8. He also dubiously bought national telecoms (Zamtel in Zambia) using the notorious Lapgreen connections, these were calculated steps to control African countries.

  9. This guy’s plan to unite Africa is something that has dissappered with his death. This could have freed Africa from western manipulation. African leaders since dont talk about pan africanism any more. Africa has become more and more a lsave of Western powers because its fragmaented leadership only serves silly nationalist agendas for countries that are not even nations in the fisrt place.

  10. Libyans will never know peace because they allowed the evil west to dupe them into believing that Col Gaddafi was evil.Real murderers like george bush,tony blair,queen elizabeth etc are alive and roaming our streets freely.Is libya a better place to live in today than it was under col Gaddafi?

  11. The death of Gaddafi was a tragic one but he only had himself to blame!
    Muammar Gaddafi only remembered he was Africa after he was rejected by the Arabs. He was in power for 42 years and most of the time he spent funding Civil Wars in Africa and revolutions elsewhere including the IRA in UK. Although he also helped organisations like the ANC Black Panthers, he was the leader of the Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya and identified himself as Arabic. In 1989, Gaddafi founded the Arab Maghreb Union, uniting Libya in an economic pact with Mauritania, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria, viewing it as beginnings of a new Pan-Arab union while rejecting black Africa. Some Arab countries like Egypt did not participate be he worked tirelessly to create a distinction between Black Africa…

  12. and Arab Africa even though he was not Arab but Bedouin himself!
    It was only when the 20th century came to a close that Gaddafi began to reject Arab nationalism, all because he was frustrated by the failure of his Pan-Arab ideals. He then remembered Pan-Africanism, emphasising Libya’s African identity in 1997 after 28 years in power. Gaddafi was never part of the old OAU and never attended any of its function it was only in June 1999, after Gaddafi visited Mandela in South Africa that he attended the OAU summit a month later in Algiers, calling for greater political and economic integration across the continent and advocating the foundation of a United States of Africa, after 33 years in power!
    However, in 2004 the Europeans and Americans improved relations with Gaddafi and he went…

  13. back to his original self. In October 2010, the EU paid Libya €50 million to stop African migrants passing into Europe; Gaddafi encouraged the move, saying that it was necessary to prevent the loss of European cultural identity.
    In his own words “We don’t know what will happen, what will be the reaction of the white and Christian Europeans faced with this influx of starving and ignorant Africans,” Col Gaddafi said.
    “We don’t know if Europe will remain an advanced and united continent or if it will be destroyed, as happened with the barbarian invasions.”

    In case you missed it, he referred to Black Africans as Barbaric!!
    He was African after he was rejected by the Arabs and could have been alive today had he left the Arab League! It was the Arab League that asked the West to…

    • @Ngobola Cengelo Muyembe,good comments that help us to put everything into perspective! Yes in early days Gadaffi was so focused on the Magreb and Arab issues though he did not forget about Africa. Yes he did not feel so much African at heart and to some extent might not have respected Africans. One of the Ukranian nurses that worked for him wrote that he was wearing gloves when travelling in black africa for fear of contamination from the dirty environment and the people he would greet. Well despite his short comings,well intended or otherwise,he tried to do something for the continent rather than most wasteful dictators like Mobutu who stole and stashed all the money in developed countries and left their countries poorer than they found them.

  14. Am Zambian but Libya was like a second home to me . I traveled and stayed in the great Jamahiriya- Libya requlary as guest of the Great Leader Muammer Qudaffi for more than ten years and saw how great Libya was and how high the quality of life was for Libyans and it is sad to see that the country is in ruin today . I even weep over the destruction of lives and what was the pride of Africa.
    Qudaffi like Kwame Nkrumah had a big vision for Africa .This vision originated from the founding fathers of African independence who wanted the Africans to remain in control of their land , independence and indeed future .
    Unfortunately the Africans have been trapped in the divide and rule trap that they waste time fighting each other while the colonial master is retaking Africa.Fifty years from…

  15. it is the reality of the saying american leaders are not after the development of african contnent rather they are after the life of ours and our common wealth .
    just think about it our fellow southern nigeria

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