President Mr Edgah Lungu Walking in Misisi compound after Commissioning Misisi Police Post. PICTURE BY EDDIE MWANALEZA/STATEHOUSE 21-02-2015.
FILE: President Mr Edgah Lungu Walking in Misisi compound after Commissioning Misisi Police Post. PICTURE BY EDDIE MWANALEZA/STATEHOUSE 21-02-2015.

People of Chawama deserve an apology

12 September 2015

It makes sad reading and I hope Edgar Lungu was misquoted by the media that our peaceful party the UPND has hired thugs from Chawama, his former constituency, to go and cause violence in Lubansenshi and Solwezi constituency bye elections.

We believe it is a huge insult and very demeaning for Lungu to view his own people in Chawama as a mere bunch of thugs that can just be rented for political violence.

Lungu owes everything he has today at the top as president to the support he got from the same people of Chawama, whom he nows views as mere thugs.

We believe they kept him during the trying moments and elected him as Member of Parliament, gave him a massive presidential vote and recently again gave him an MP.

We believe Lungu owes the people of Chawama an apology, because if indeed they are thugs as he labelled them, he contributed to their poverty that has brewed thuggery in them.

If Lungu can view the people of Chawama who have been giving him all such support with such contempt and insults, we wonder how he views the rest of us.

At a time Lungu is supposed to be acknowledging and addressing the economic challenges the people of Chawama are facing, he is just seeing thuggery in their suffering and that is how today he is thanking them.

We all know who has been causing violence in bye elections, including the top leadership of PF such as Davies Chama who shot people in Mulobezi.

Stephen Katuka
UPND Secretary General

Issued by: UPND National Campaign Centre, Lusaka

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    • This Stephen Katuka aleisa aleisa mwee…. The late SG Chibwe was a silent burner, but this Katuka will torment the PF. I wonder what Edager will end up calling him.


  1. Whose meaningless noise is this? A party what? …..secretary general of which party? Oooops!!! No wonder what else can one say?….AMALABISHI OR AMABISHI? yena iyi MESSAGE TAPALI NEFYAKUTI TULANDEPO…..
    kuseka fye…kwapwa…


  2. This Katuka has been MP for Mwinilunga since UPND was formed and he has failed to develop the area.In 2016 we are retiring him so that he concentrates on growing pineapples and beans.Mr Katuka haven’t you raised enough capital yet ? Stop commenting on Chawama where you don’t stay.


  3. Dear Mr Katuka Secretary General of upnd,
    President Lungu did not say the good and peaceful people of Chawama, he said and I quote “……Thugs from Chawama…”. And there are many such characters, many of these are probably from upnd judging from katuka’s quick reaction. President Lungu knows upnd cannot hire his people members to go and act as thugs in Lubansenshi. I hope that clears your mud thinking Hon katuka?

    Katuka seems to be a student of the Past news in terms of news twisting also known as news engineering. His boss the under five seems to be a student of the great Michael Sata. But both are half baked students. Everything and everyone in UPND seems to be a copy cat of some sort, do these people have any original ideas of their own?


  4. MP Katuka just join your wise brother Kapita who could no longer tolerate the nonsense in this ka tribal party called UPND.How many tones of cow dung have the people of Mwinilunga benefited from the yapping you do ?


  5. But why did Jameson pick on Chawama. Is it the case of the crocodile knowing the behavior of the hippo.
    For how long as a citizenry are we going to wallow in ignorance. An MP will never “develop” a constituency. His job is to legislate, do appropriations & provide oversight. Its the executive at central or local govt to deliver the development. Most constituencies in this country are under developed because of failure of the executive.



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