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Zambia’s economy is intact, assures Shamenda

Economy Zambia’s economy is intact, assures Shamenda

Labour Minister Fackson Shamenda
Labour Minister Fackson Shamenda

MINISTER of Labour and Social Security Fackson Shamenda has dismissed sentiments from some sections of society that the economy has collapsed under President Lungu’s leadership.

And Mr Shamenda has described President Lungu as a true democrat.

Mr Shamenda assured that the country is not falling apart and that the leadership is focused.

He was speaking on Thursday during the handover of a computer to United Church of Zambia (UCZ) – owned Chimwemwe Radio Station. The computer was donated by Airtel.

“If the things that other people are writing about were to be true, we would have had no country to talk about and I have worked with a number of Presidents, I have also worked closely with President Lungu and his style of doing things, he is a true democrat.

“And that is why in a number of cases where he has been insulted here and there, he has taken it as if it is one of his professional conditions of his service. He has got the interest of the country at heart,” Mr Shamenda said.

The minister also said it is unfair to heap all shortcomings on the President because he cannot be everywhere.

“The President has given leeway to his ministers to perform as per their portfolios,” he said.

Mr Shamenda has also said President Lungu has warned that he will make changes to his Government if Ministers fail to perform.

“We need to perform and those that are going to fail to perform, he will make necessary changes. It is important to make the necessary support, time and space so that we can be able to develop together,” Mr Shamenda said.

He is also concerned that some media houses have concentrated on looking for mistakes even when there are none.

Chimwemwe Radio Station board chairperson Cephas Katongo thanked Mr Shamenda for the donation because it will help improve the operations of the station.

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  1. “…Mr Shamenda assured that the country is not falling apart and that the leadership is focused…”
    Focused on what? Stashing proceeds of corruption and euro bonds outside borders of Zambia?
    By the way, Honorable (Laying) Minister, have you paid defamation damages to Dangote?

  2. Comment: It makes me laugh each time pf minister defends their failed economic performance where even kaponya can tell u that the economy is in mess, but these dull ministers defend what they dont understand,this reason shamenda agreed to impose a wage freeze on civil servants withot knowing the impact it has at family level,which minister shud tell the nation about economic fundamentals? is each minister at liberty defending what they dont kow?

  3. Shamenda you are a big FOOL. Now that the desperation is fallin in and you are opening your mouth we can see right through you that you are a fool of enormous proportions.

    • My prediction of the dismal fall of the kwacha under PF has finally been fulfilled. I remember very well how PF zealots condemned me as a prophet of doom when I first speculated that under PF the kwacha was gonna depreciate by more than 100% . Here we are now folks. What do PF idi0ts have to say about this?

      Blaming it on China is just pure madness because the fall of the kwacha started way before the Chinese crisis. The moment I heard PF under mad Sata had won,, I said Zambia is in deep trouble.

    • @Dull as usual, how can I not be bitter seeing the way my pipo are suffering, made worse by PF missmangment. do you belive shamenda when he says the economy is intact??

  4. Our Dangote shame(nda) can hardly be the right person to speak on the economy. Come on ECL, our President, keep some of these guys behind the curtains.

  5. Comment:Wonders shall never end,how can a minister talk like that when even a Grade 2 housewife can realise that its time to tighten belts due to things that cant add up,some traders are trading in dollars and you ar supporting blindly at your age,what is the meaning of your grey hair mr mandevu?

  6. …Chimwemwe Radio Station..????….or PF radio station..??….about the economy….Scott is one of them and thinks to the contrary…

  7. Poor fellow, he can’t Even afford soap and razor blades! You must clean his ministerial chair and table after he leaves it as dirty as he is?

  8. actually mr shamenda you are one of those useless ministers who is supposed to be dropped you are just spending tax payers money. the economy you are talking about you dont understand. find out from non pf cAdres they will tell youwhat is on the ground.

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