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President Edgar Lungu directs FRA to export Maize and bring in FOREX

A stack of over 14, 000 bags of maize purchased by FRA at Chipoka satellite depot since the marketing season exercise commenced.

A stack of over 14, 000 bags of maize purchased by FRA at Chipoka satellite depot since the marketing season exercise commenced.
President Edgar Lungu has directed the FRA and other relevant authorities to export the maize and bring into the country the much needed foreign exchange.

President Lungu says government will buy all the maize from farmers and export it because most countries in the region have no food.

And the President said it is sad that the opposition are claiming that they will open up more mine companies if voted into power.

President LUNGU was speaking at a rally in Luwingu Boma to drum up support for PF candidate in the Lubansenshi by election George Mwamba.

He said that government is looking at measures to address the challenges facing the economy.

Meanwhile President Lungu says his government has taken steps to improve the agriculture sector.

He says one of the measures that his government has taken is to rehabilitate and construct roads so that agriculture areas have easy access to the market.

President Lungu who was speaking when he addressed a public rally at Muchilaka Primary school to drum up support for PF candidate GEORGE MWAMBA in the September 24th Lubansenshi parliamentary by election said it is for this reason that farming inputs have already been delivered this year.

And President Lungu held two public rallies to drum up support for the PF candidate in the September 24th parliamentary by-elections.

Meanwhile, President Lungu has recognized Senior Chief Shimumbi of Luwingu.

The President says he values the role traditional leader’s play in national development.

The President was speaking in Luwingu yesterday when he paid a courtesy call on the traditional leader.

President Lungu urged the chief to embrace all Zambians despite their political affiliations.

He said he is happy with the campaigns in Lubansenshi and called on the chief to help maintain the peace in the area.

Meanwhile the President said he is not happy with the state of Senior Chief Shimumbi’s house and he has pledged that his administration will immediately start building a house for the chief.

And Senior Chief Shimumbi said he is happy with the President’s move to recognize him.

The Chief through his representative noted that the move by President LUNGU is an indication that Government is concerned with the welfare of the People.

He said he received his recognition letter on 8th September delivered to him by Northern Province Minister Freedom Sikazwe.

And President Lungu has instructed PF structures in Northern Province to be united and focused if the party is to grow stronger ahead of next year’s general elections.

President Lungu says he is saddened to learn that the party structures have not been coordinating well and urged the leadership to ensure that harmony is restored.

Speaking before departure to Lubansenshi at Kasama Airport this morning, Mr. Lungu, who is also PF president, said there is need for the party to remain solid in view of pending parliamentary by-election in Kasama Central Constituency.

He advised PF structures in the province to immediately come up with programmes that will help to consolidate the ruling party.

The president counseled the electorate in Kasama against electing selfish leaders whose drive is centered on boasting about their wealth once the date for the impending by-election is set.

President Lungu urged people to elect a humble and selfless leader once the date for the impending

The head of state noted that money should not be used as a tool to woo electorates but one’s development agenda.

Meanwhile, President Lungu has reiterated his call for peaceful campaigns in the September 24 Lubansenshi and Solwezi West parliamentary by-elections.


  1. When we were young, drought meant yellow maize; yellow nshima from imported or donated maize… but enough electricity. Now that we are older, drought now means bumper harvest, enough corn to export… and loadshedding.

    • So Lungu is comfirming that the PF government is so broke that they should start selling maize even the maize buying period is not yet over.This is chimbwi no plan.I thought FRA was created to provide reserves to the country in hard times of famine,before FRA buys enough he is saying lets sale.Vote this lazy man out pliz.

  2. Vote for humble, poor Kelvin Sampa who has been splashing money around Kasama. Dictionary definition of humility, really.
    How does he know the outcome of case in court & why is he fanning a by election 10 months before general elections.

  3. After farmers have sold maize for a song to brief case guys, thats when you say you will mop the maize and export. Who will have the last lough? Its grz and the maize dealers that moped it at a lower price from farmers. They will benefit from the weak kwacha since current situation favours exporters. Visionless president leading a visionless party. You have failed mr. Lungu. Just dissolve parliament and call for fresh elections.

  4. Wakangiwa Jemasoni!
    Only visionless farmers have sold their Maize at K75, cheated as usual.
    Clever ones have held on till time of scarcity when one bag will fetch more.
    To most of our farmers, Maize growing is a hobby mistaken for business.
    Government Floor prices don’t make business sense for the poor farmer who can’t factor in the cost of production! Most have sold at a loss and will unwittingly vote for the same visionless comrades!

  5. These pronouncements are not supposed to be made during by elections or other elections because these are mayor politics since we all know that developmental projects are budgeted for therefore to excite people is not good for we all know that these things will not take effect now during the next election you will be failing to go back to solicit for votes because of your lies

  6. so the maize will bring in forex? but what price will mealie meal be for us here in Zambia when stocks are low, we will be using the same forex to buy mealie meal at inflated prices from the same countries we will sell to;

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