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Portia Clark responds to B flow’s open letter to Taylor Swift

Headlines Portia Clark responds to B flow's open letter to Taylor Swift


Australia based ,Zambian singer Portia Clark responds to B flow’s open letter to Taylor Swift.

she posted the following on her facebook page :

“I feel really ashamed calling myself a Zambian musician when there is a “Zambian Musician” that has recently been posted abroad representing Zambia and writing to one of the biggest and talented pop singers in the World criticising her latest music video, as if she will even take the time to read the useless letter, I truly believe you learn from those doing it better than you and not criticise them, who in Africa let alone Zambia has been as successful like Taylor Swift. I was just with Taylor’s manager Scott Borchetta the Director to one of the most successful labels and he will not even glance his eye over this stupid letter, please don’t fool your fans to believe that you are actually doing anything sensible and will make any impact, if you want to do something then get to work and make it in your own music career, by the way your letter was more racist than Taylor not having African people or as you put it Blacks in her video, By the way we are not Black. We are all
One now stop criticising the best in the business and go and do something sensible with your time,”

Read B flows letter here : https://www.lusakatimes.com/2015/09/11/b-flow-thanks-taylor-swift-for-her-wildest-dreams/




  1. Who is this unknown squint eyed dull musician. I doubt she understood the letter that bflow wrote.
    If she did, then she most definitely didn’t get the reasoning behind.

    Get a life. Portia Clark. Please tell us what songs you have done, maybe, just maybe i can change my opinion of you.

  2. Portia you’re useless!!!! What kind of music are you into because i have never heard about you. Very useless chap. Get a f*cking life

  3. at I Zambian, Portia Clark???? if you’re ashamed being Zambian then I am ashamed that you’re Zambian. I will go with Bflow opinion. yours on the other sides shows why we are not breaking through as Zambians in the music sector. you’re hell bent to please the colonial masters…..I believe even after being exposed outside Zambia, you still remain purely colonised in the mind.

  4. who ever this chick is, am guessing its the type which wants to marry a white man just like she has changed her name….well guess what? it wont change who you are, what ever you are and call yourself….so jump out of it….

  5. They say there is no such thing as bad publicity. I guess they are right, because this response is pathetic, but at least several people now know that there is a singer called Portia Clark somewhere.

  6. this is the dumbest zambian girl iv ever known. she is the classic of a dumb and dull girl together with mampi and dambisa. ba portia u MISUNDERSTOOD he’s message ENTIRELY. either read it again or go back to skool u lame ass. ur as dumb as u used to work at shoprite. oh my…what’s wrong with these female zambian artists. and by the way, for the record, am no fan of B-flow. am just appalled at how dull ur. ur also a nonentity. yo musik is flat. yo gig at city lodge(former smugglerz inn) opposite my home was WHACK and poorly attended even if dre’s son was there(dre confirmed hez not even in his will). as if things cudnt get worse my man CRISIS dint even show up. u only get to go to those places coz of that white fag u married to. otherwise, u just a f**k bag. i suppose even hez friends…

    • Hey why do I have this feeling that you got something very personal against this Portia whatever her last name is? Your post is really ”gross” to say the least, couldn’t you find a better way of putting it other than using those f*** words…eish munakalipa guys! By the way of two I think I have B Flows’ music, what genre is PC into?

  7. I think you guys are hating portia for no reason,read the later and understand what she ment,it’s like this B flow guy put a black linen on all of you,lying I follow his page and so do I follow portia’s and mampi’s,portia is doing good stuff for our nation of which no other musician has ever done,artist misrepresenting our country should be told but I agree she should have said it better.mampi should have lead by example not reposting portia’s statement that’s a sign of being immature and disgusting like her music.i will give portia another chance because the girl can really sing.

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