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It’s Childish to Always Oppose Everything Government Does- Sakwiba Sikota

Headlines It’s Childish to Always Oppose Everything Government Does- Sakwiba Sikota

United Liberal Party leader Sakwiba Sikota (L)
Sakwiba Sikota (L)

United Liberal Party (ULP) president Sakwiba Sikota says it’s childish for the opposition to always be opposed to everything that government does.

Mr. Sikota says Zambia will never develop if opposition political parties continue opposing everything that government says.

He says instead of merely opposing, political parties should look at a particular issue and assess it on its merit whether the issue needs to be support or not.

Mr. Sikota has told Qfm News in an interview his party does not pick a position on a particular issue based on the position another political party has taken, but looks at the issue and uses the issue as the basis upon which to take a position.

He says, for instance, it is coincidental that the ULP has agreed with government and the donor community that holding a referendum alongside the 2016 general elections makes more sense.

Mr Sikota notes that his party does not however, agree with the incarceration of Barotse secessionists because it holds the view that the issue of the Barotseland Agreement of 1964 requires a political solution.

He says the ULP still thinks that what is needed to resolve the Barotseland Agreement issue is the creation of situation where genuine and honest dialogue can take place to reach political solution.


    • There is no one who opposes everything that government does. Unfortunately everything in the PF government is done either hastily without thoroughly thinking through it, or to enrich oneself or a relative, or simply for political mileage. Sakwiba knows that he may be implicated together with RB in some deals so he has to play nice to the government.

  1. It’s equally childish for Saki to purport or represent himself as an opposition party leader when in fact not since he is just a PF vuvuzela. While Saki is a shrewd lawyer of note, his political calculations are just downright disastrous.

  2. These are what we call intelligent and sober minded brains of Zambia and not the so called Syakalima and the Under 5. He is brief, concise, accurate, independent and impartial. ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN ONE DAY!!!
    Any one reading this article with an independent mind can clearly see that there is civility in it as opposed to cynicism.
    Bo Sakwiba, thank you for being a true and a genuine opposition leader. Some people will never step foot in State House and this is the truth based what God has reviewed to genuine Christians.

  3. Spot on Hon.Sakwiba.You are worth to lead the party not the enemies of the State.Fellow Zambians let us support the GOVT.of the day.As for me will not speak ill of our President but to pray for him and the country at large.

    • You should respect other peoples views. If Lungu is representative of what you consider you hero, am sorry we do not. We deserve much better than that clueless drunk from Chawama as please respect our views

  4. Thanks bo Sikoto, please tell people in power that it is also childish to demean all ideas and suggestions from the opposition. I have in mind uterances from Mumbi, Kambwili & Chama

  5. Interesting. This is a guy who disagreed with everything the government did and Mwanawasa said during the reign of late Levy Mwanawasa. Indeed the cloak of statesman is sought even by questionable characters.

  6. People would not oppose the government if they were doing sensible things, building roads halfway and over inflating the cost of their jobs does not warrant a pat on the back; are you in the country sir? if you were then you would have seen what is frustrating the people of the country.

  7. It is childish for PF to hold on to power even when they know they’re finished. No one likes you, no one respects you so what’s left? Just leave it for the next people who are educated and better informed in today’s globalized world. Most members lack a simple grade 12 yet there they are, eating the nations money wearing fancy suits while our economy is dwindling away. Travelling abroad is all they know staying in fancy hotels ordering Jameson for room service. That money you are washing away is needed in our economy. The reason people are saying enough already!!

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