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PF will win next year’s General Elections due to my leadership style-Lungu

Headlines PF will win next year's General Elections due to my leadership style-Lungu

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu receives a banquet of flowers from an Eight years old Judith Chilufya at Sinazeze school ground in Sinazongwe district
PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu receives a banquet of flowers from an Eight years old Judith Chilufya at Sinazeze school ground in Sinazongwe district

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu says he is confident that the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) will win next year’s general elections due to his leadership style of embracing everyone.

Mr Lungu said a good leader preached oneness, peace and unity and not one that promoted differences and divisions.

He has since urged the people of Southern Province to vote for a President who did not promote tribalism and one whose aim was to develop the nation.

He challenged the Southerners to vote him out of office if he failed to take development to the area.

“With the purpose of oneness and unity, I am confident that we will win next year’s elections once the date is set,” he said.

The President said this at a rally at Kanzinze grounds in Maamba yesterday.

He said there was no tribe that was superior to the other as it was possible for anyone from any tribe including Tonga to become the President.

He pledged to work with the people of Southern Province and urged them to offer solutions so that they too could contribute to the betterment of the country.

“Ndakoomba atubelekele antomwe tusumpule ciisi caa Zambia ( please let’s work together to promote Zambia) ,allow me to work because I am the current President, I promise to work with you,” he said.

He said his party believed in oneness and the uniting motto saying those promoting tribalism at the expense of gaining political mileage were headed for doom.

The President has also called on people in the Province to register as voters in numbers.

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  1. Jamasoni – Zambians do not feed on your leadership style or lack thereof to survive. What leadership have you shown because the economy have been declining, kwacha freefalling, load shedding, unemployment etc since you came to power. So what leadership style can you inspire in all of this. Nothing at all. You have done nothing for the people of Zambia. You are in southern province due to desperation because you know you will lose.

    Kuya bebele

    Viva HH

    • When a blind man says he is going to stone you, he has his foot on a stone; goes a ngoni saying. The other parties must begin to examine such statements closely.

    • Edgar, we are equally working hard to vote you out with your bunch of mediocre advisors..Davies Chama, Mumbi Phiri and Chichimba Kambwili. I voted PF in 2011, now determined to take a 1000 along with me to vote HH

    • leadership style with no accountability and transparency….the lazy bum can not even mention the word corruption or simply host a press conference!!

    • Well he showed leadership has a new definition at Mulungushi Rock, in the courts, when tossing out Scott without so much as a thanks for putting up with me. Not sure you have ever won an election as it is so of course you can be announced Prez next year ‘despite’ your leadership…

  2. Mr, sir you have to do something significant for you to win next year and it’s way to early to be talking about wining next year. You seem too preoccupied about next year forgetting today.Right now you appear useless as you’re doing little to fix many issues affecting the country. Stop it and for once focus on today, otherwise at the rate we’re going people will be yelling and insulting you next year. We surely don’t want to be inviting more load shedding and a useless kwacha next year by voting for you. The president needs some real advisers not the a$$ lickers he has, for us to get better.

  3. Its HH chabe .we have examined critically and have concluded that you have no spine to develop Zambia so no matter what you say we are voting for HH.

  4. Banquet of flowers and not bouquet of flowers? Banquet means meal and bouquet bunch. And that to me looks like a bunch and so should be a bouquet of flowers. Unless the editor is telling us that the president has now taken to eating flowers – to ease pressure on the limited maize stocks. Eli lwanya! By the way, is it PF policy that only a Bemba girl should present this meal of flowers wherever the president goes?

  5. Is it just the media who select what to report or this is the patented trademark message the President has to deliver to the people of Zambia?

    I would rather hear development plans than the political crap of self justification all the time.

  6. He only talks about two things:
    how he will win next year’s elections and tribalism
    He has never outlined his economic plan.

    • Yes, but since when has anyone in this government had a “plan”?

      Hint: policy flip-flops, rhetoric, insults, under the table deals, “fixing” opponents, “buy” elections, threats, and cronyism don’t count. By comparison even the headless chicken knows what to do – its plan is to run around!

  7. Jameson is the worst joke Zambia has ever got…A number of us who have formed some social networks at church, work places etc voted for Vodka.

    Not now, we are voting for HH!!

  8. Why are you campaigning if you know that people think you have done well, because of your leadership style?

    You say and I quote “Mr Lungu said a good leader preached oneness, peace and unity and not one that promoted differences and divisions”
    I don’t agree with you sir. For me a good leader by example shows what oneness, peace and unity are and does not promote differences and divisions. This can only by judged by your employers who in your case are Zambian people. Please stop praising yourself and leave that to the people

    You further go on to say; “He has since urged the people of Southern Province to vote for a President who did not promote tribalism and one whose aim was to develop the nation”. Please leave this to the people to judge you. Developing the Nation is a…

  9. cont…… is a mandate of a sitting kamfulumende unless the developmental funds are coming from your pocket. After all you are paid for doing that, it is not for free and you applied for the job on voluntary basis. No one forced you

  10. What is going to determine about your winning in next year ‘s elections Mr. president is the performance of the economy and you should reduce poverty levels among Zambians

  11. If Voting was done on LT and ZWD, HH would have been president long time ago and the eagle on the Zambian flag would have long been replaced by a cow. Come next year it will be kolopa.

    • I totally agree with you that is why i stopped reading ZWD a long time ago and I think, other than the Post the next media i will stop reading is the LT.

    • Hmmm… KCI, I take it you associate cows with HH? I don’t think it would matter what animal is on the flag. An eagle is not special or associated with any tribe if you put it that way. After all most Zambian’s diets consist of milk and beef.. all coming from a cow! or maybe a lot of us eat eagle instead?????

    • @Nelle what is you point. Does anyone need to explain to you what a cow is associated to. The cow is associated to Kachema, tribal, provincial under five party of perpetual presidential loser. Can I say more? as of the eagle on the Zambian flag just revisit grade 7 syllabus.

  12. I will vote for the candidate that HOLDS A PRESS CONFERENCE and tells his employers (the Zambian People) what his plans for the economy are, and how he is going to manage to implement them.

    “Press releases” by Amos Chanda are really not good enough! Hiding away money borrowed that we will have to pay back is not good enough.

  13. We appreciate you efforts ba President but this job is not for the faint hearted!!! Look at what has happened in 7 months!!!!! Being a President of a country is like being a father of a home. You have to make sure that your children have eaten breakfast, lunch and Dinner. A country is a home at a bigger level. Almost all the sectors have been declining from the time you took over from ba Sata. Is this being a good leader? No sir things are very, very bad in the country. I will be very surprised if people will choose to continue suffering for another 5 years. Another leader might not be the best but in 7 months the damage that has been created is massive. Your leadership style of travelling everyday is not the best in an environment that we are going through.

  14. Time will tell guys.
    HE Lungu is extremely popular with the illiterate. I just spend 3 weeks in Milenge in Luapula Province. President Lungu is extremely popular there. I tried explaining economics, the falling Kwacha, load shedding, mines closing. It was like water on a duck’s back. Nobody was concerned. Once they get cassava, kalembula and fish…THEY ARE HAPPY!

  15. China,
    Yelling on top of your voice shall never cool anybody so that they vote for your favourite candidate. Hold your horses as there is every thing for ECL to show.
    Imwe lunkonena fye…but mumutwe tamuli nangu fimo. ECL is still winning by elections. Increasing the numbers for PF membership. So what do you have to show yourself. Do you want ECL to pretend to act…like the under-five does by addressing the nation as opposition leader. ECL only talks about what he is doing. ECL is busy answering to the promises PF made to he people, thus people continue to vote for PF. Look, even Siamunene has chosen to work with PF. You guys…don’t you ask yourselves questions?
    And Dreadson Mwewa, Zambian voters are not illiterates but WISE voters. After all they are the ones you seek votes from…

  16. It is the PF manifesto that is the Economic plan my friend. It spells out everything the PF has planned. Continue wasting your time

  17. @Dreadson, I once met a man who said “ifwe tukala teka, imwe tukala mi pela inchito shabu minister”. I looked at his teeth, they were yellow & his breath smelly. The fellow couldn’t afford even toothbrush, more so toothpaste. I wept.

  18. One thing I like about UPND cadres is once they catch a word they cling to it like a flea on a cow. These days catch word is “Jameson”.


  20. Members of Cow dung are disgruntled elements.They thought ZWD would win elections for them but they failed in Jan 2015.I feel pity for them because nega nega formula will not work in 2016.ECL is now known and accepted country wide for the good work he doing of uniting the country and taking development even to areas where they did not vote for him like Southern province.

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