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Zambia has NOT been taken back under the PF Government-Kambwili

General News Zambia has NOT been taken back under the PF Government-Kambwili

Chishimba Kambwili with Amos Chanda at Statehouse Press Briefing
Chishimba Kambwili with Amos Chanda at Statehouse Press Briefing

INFORMATION and Broadcasting Services Minister Chishimba Kambwili has rubbished claims that Zambia has been taken back under the Patriotic Front (PF) Government.

Former MMD national secretary Major Richard Kachingwe was quoted in yesterday’s edition of The Post Newspapers that the country had been taken back to square one under a distorted leadership.

But Mr Kambwili said in a statement in Lusaka yesterday that Maj Kachingwe should be the last person to accuse the PF because he presided over a political party which was kicked out of power because of poor performance.

“Contrary to Maj Kachingwe’s assertions, government developmental projects being implemented countrywide are there for all to see. They include investment in infrastructure such as roads, schools, universities and hospital aimed at improving people’s living standards.

“Maj Kachingwe should not pretend that he is not seeing the various development projects the PF Government is implementing since coming into office such as the ongoing L400 aimed at widening and modernising the road network in and around the city of Lusaka,” he said.

The Government however, notes with satisfaction that Maj Kachingwe acknowledges that things have improved under the PF because the “square one” he referred to was the former MMD’s chief executive officer.

Additionally, the Government harbours no illusions about the enormity of the developmental challenges at hand but it is resolved to ensure that Zambia becomes a better place for all.

Mr Kambwili who is also Chief Government Spokesperson also advised former Church of God overseer Bishop John Mambo to take a lead in preaching love and peace instead of hatred and supporting The Post’s hate speech against President Edgar Lungu.

He assured that the Government had no agenda of harming any of its citizens including The Post editor-in-chief Fred M’membe.

Mr Kambwili advised Bishop Mambo to leave the pulpit and join the political arena instead of pretending to be a preacher of the word of God when in fact he was a politician.

The Minister noted that Government was not asking for too much from the media, particularly The Post, by asking the private newspaper to be ethical and professional and avoid pursuing a political agenda.

“In the same breath, government wishes to register its disappointment with the Press Association of Zambia (PAZA) for its failure to condemn unethical and unprofessional conduct by some media houses.

“For reasons best known to itself, PAZA finds it easier to praise rather than censure obvious and overt unethical and unprofessional conduct by some media houses,” he said.

Mr Kambwili was reacting to yesterday’s Post story quoting PAZA president as saying that it was wrong for President Lungu to look at criticism by the post as a battle between him and Mr M’membe.

Mr Kambwili said as a senior media practitioner, Mr Sakala was expected to see that the private newspaper had embarked on an all-out political agenda against the PF government and its leader.

The Chief Government spokesperson also labelled Prof Oliver Saasa of being prophet of doom and a UPND cadre who was selling his integrity for political expediency.

This followed claims by Prof Saasa that Zambians should brace themselves for more suffering as quoted in yesterday’s edition of the Post newspaper.


  1. Mr Kambwili, MMD was kicked out of power because of your party’s propaganda. The kwacha purchasing power has diminished. Who has more money in their pockets? I would not be wrong to suggest that the slogan was meant for PF councillors, DC’s and members of parliament.

    • This Kambwili is very fun, the Co-Prssident to Edgar , RB is from MMD. Bwana, just admit that you failed and so miserably. Everything in the country is worse off than before 2011.

  2. Kambwili has reacted to every thing that was written in yesterday’s Post newspaper. This is unprecedented, He only fell short to reacting to the ‘letters to the editor’. Fred please forgive them:)


  4. Sad to say but true, MMD did a better job than PF. The ZKW was doing better even our forigne reserves had increased. Though RB was a sangwapo president, he did not take everything like these guys and had better advisors compared to the kaponyas advising PF.

  5. This man has a twisted mind, no wonder syiakalima called him an ***** a fool a nuisance stupid a bugger in the post. I m surprised he hasn’t responded to that.

  6. ….Kabwili reminds me a story of a pensioner who got substantial amount of money when he retired….being a senior officer, he was give six months to stay in the institution house….during that six months he embarked on building a mansion in some high cost residential area with some additional funds he loaned from a bank…at the same time socialising big time with young ladies…by the time the six months elapsed for him to vacate the institution house…the mansion was half done, walls not plastered, no ceiling, electricity not connected…water source was a well dug within the ‘yard’ and he had run out of money but were forced to move into the unfinished building…no food no car no nothing…when the wife and children ask him where all that money he got had gone….the best he…

    • cont’d
      …all he could do is point at the uncompleted house…
      …yes we can see a road being worked on here and there, a school, a clinic there…at the end of the day we need to see the clinic with modern equipment, drugs…schools with desks, chalk…and above all…the people using those facilities must be able to afford three square meals a day…have decent accommodation…clothing…and atleast afford a smile every day…
      …how can we build such a inappropriate police headquarters in Muchinga..??..some road leading to nowhere…7 bedroom estate for a 90 year old former president(KK) with ‘no family’…we have to be serious as a people..

  7. Kambwili is simply explaining what the PF thinks of every other Zambian – we are all ignorant and our opinion does not matter! Call it whatever, but I for one think PF are extremely arrogant and need to be booted out as soon as there is a chance.


    PF have created their own downfall. They should have listened to the people by avoiding excessive borrowing in order to please and blind the people. They did not foresee the plummeting Kwacha, the erratic power supply, falling copper prices, RISING UNEMPLYMENT, and worse of all UNOBJECTIVE AND INCONSISTENT POLICIES which change every day depending on which side someone woke up.

    I seriously feel BAD GOVERNANCE has cost them the popularity.

    • All major decisions by PF that affect the country are taken according to the following rules
      1. How can individuals enrich them selves and who is included in that gang
      2. If things don’t work, how long before the natives investigate.
      3. How long before the pipo see the short term gains, forget the long term consequences.
      At this point in time there are no leaders in GRZ who put the country first. The country is something they use to enrich them selves.

  9. Kambwili needs to look around and see all the tangible evidence that shows Zambia has regressed during PF: where do I start from? Load shedding of 8-12 hrs a day, corruption, national debt, Kwacha performance, job losses. The list is endless. But no they have built roads while some citizens can only afford one meal per day. He with his colleagues have benefited but not the poor.
    Kambwili needs to be realistic.

  10. This dull A$$HOLE has really just focused our attention on all the failings of Sata, Lungu and the PF.

    Zambia has been set back AT LEAST 20 years! And maybe even more than that.

    That is how long it will take to PAY BACK THE BORROWED MONEY that PF has squandered and stolen!

  11. Mr Kambwili you are very useles. Please tell the nation,how many people started the struggle for independence, it’s like you were not there when Kaunda and his small group were fighting for independence. Fr chiti is representing alot of people over the constitution. PF promised to give Zambian people constitution in 90 days.
    On Sunday you failed to explain how you will end load shedding,you were referring the problem to God.
    Suppose God refuse to give us rain what are you going to do as the government.
    In 1991 when Chiluba won elections there was no rain but we didnt have any load shedding.
    By the way, Kambwili do you go to church.
    An interview is were you respond to what ever question they ask you. It is not good to attack people who are not part of the interview.
    Kambwili are…

  12. The problem with all the bloggers above is that they think they are superhuman with extreme brilliance. That is one thing I hate about them and their party UPND I believe. Prideness! They think they are gods who can turn the economy overnight. Actually the anti Kabwili bloggers above are the dullest and myopic. Chishimba Kambwili is right. MMD never built a single road except in times elections. Am not a cadre or PF member but I am impressed with their development agenda. Link8000, Kitwe-Chingola dual carriage way, Pave2000, 650 health posts, shopping malls, Burma dual carriage way, upgrading of UTH, towniship tarring of roads all over the Zambia etc. So the useless bloggers above don’t see all these? Me and my family is for PF. Period! The plummeting kwacha is due to external forces…

    • @CCN…
      …Obviously you must be below 30…if you can f00lishly say.. ‘MMD NEVER BUILT A SINGLE ROAD…’…its either you were not born by 1991 or you were still a toddler….not all above bloggers are UPND…but certainly are Zambians…not all citizens can be frustrated, disadvantaged or disappointed by PF policies and agendas…there are some of you who are very happy, enjoying every day that comes and are very hopeful of the future….but the question is…how many of you are genuinely happy as opposed to the other group…??…remember only a handful… below 30% vote…despite winning elections, that cannot be construed to represent the whole country being happy and hopeful…..read my comments above and see the other side of the equation…

  13. CCN- Cannot Channel Nothing, How about the bloated cabinet ,jobs according to connections? Not all currencies have been hit .Check the rand broo.Your PF is the worst government ever.

    • Let me tell you the currency countries that has been hit hard! Ghana, Zambia, SA, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Ivory Coast, Niger, DRC, Botswana ( though not much) etc. Countries like SA can survive because their industrial base is the largest in Africa and does not depend on Cu alone. To tell you the truth the PF will continue after 2016

  14. Anti PF bloggers are the dullest! The question I pose for them is 1) How do they expect to rise the water levels TODAY to normalize electricity deficit? 2) How long does an investment in energy take? Who is responsible for Cu price reduction? Do the above dull bloggers know what a recession is? Who deliberately creates this recession? Edgar Lungu has been in power for a few months, what miracle do you want him to perform? Does an economy improves abracadabra? Can the so called economic managers from a named party tell us for how long they will revert to its normal course? When MMD was in power the Cu price shot to above $10,000/ ton but what is the price today and what bearing does it have on our kwacha? To above dull bloggers answer me these simple questions expressed in layman’s…

    • 1. Low water levels are a result of their incompetence, installing thirsty turbines, even though we have had bumper harvests past 2 yrs, the water is not enough.
      2. Since PF took over in 2011, CU prices have been declining on av 1000$\ton\year. They should heave sensed this instead they went on a borrowing frenzy to finance highly inflated road works that will not creat wealth immediately instead of pouring money into manufacturing. We all know why they all concentrate on expensive Rd works, it’s corruption.

    • Cont…
      PF has been in power with a bloated cabinet since 2011, that is enough time to fix the economy. If PF need one person to show them how to work, we don’t want PF, a one track party.

    • ..CCN..
      …forget about ECL being in office for only 8 months…talk about PF 4yrs in govt…a coin has only two sides….. tails or heads…so place yourself on which side you belong…are you on heads…with the brains..eyes..ears..nose and mouth… or are you the tails whose functions include parrying away flies from the head…blindly follow where ever the head goes with no eyes of your own…no brains etc…
      ..one thing I have noticed is that you are a good debater only that you debate at a cadresim level…of which iam afraid I cannot go that level..in short you have won…congratulations to you..

    • Am cadre but not for PF but and let me give you a definition of who a cadre is! “It is
      a small group of people specially trained for a particular purpose or profession.”
      1) I have bachelor’s degree in mineral sciences. 2) I have a degree in mineral resource estimation 3) I have qualifications in remote sensing and ArcGis softwares.
      And for that matter be aware that in terms infrastructure development PF has outperformed all other parties given the economic scenario we have today as compared to UNIP or MMD times. We needed a leader like Sata who can bulldoze the economy to infrastructure prosperity. A friend who left Zambia 6 years ago couldn’t believe his when he came last week. I am educated and I have educational theories. I am tired of theories. I want someone who is practical…

  15. Kambwili is a man of action and the opposition especially the UPND are feeling his weight politically.Zambians have nothing to do with a few disgruntled individuals such as Kachingwe,Mambo,Msoni,Mulongoti,membe,luonde etc.

  16. The Sunday interview where Kambwili was featured was excellently done and appreciated country wide.I am ready to sponsor the clip to be repeated every fortnightly to give an opportunity to those Zambians who missed it to watch.The lies by the Cartel,tribal party and the newspaper for haters need to be well known by all our citizens.

    Kambwili is a good leader and will have my support for presidency after Presido Lugu has done his two terms.

    • @ Sponsor, very true my brother. Kambwili’s explanations were clear and to the point. I have watched the interview 2 times with keen interest. Haters can only point to his physical appearance and insult! But what they forget is that even the most beautiful or most handsome person on the face of this earth will turn to dust in death whether the ant Kambwili bloggers like it or not

  17. Kambwili should understand that people are not going to eat his L400 road in Lusaka he keeps referring to as development because nothing is happening at Emusa village in Lundazi. The people of that part of the country have not seen development since GOD knows how long . They still use pit latrine toilets or the bush. They don’t know what tap water or having electricity means. The development Kambwili is talking about has mostly happened in house and to his bank account which is bursting with taxpayer cash.

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