AN underground fuel tank at Vuma Filling Station in the central business district of Mazabuka has exploded.

The Energy Regulation Board (ERB) has since been informed about the incident and the filling station has temporarily been shut down until investigations are concluded.

Southern Province Police Chief Joseph Mutale confirmed the incident which happened in the early hours of Thursday.

Mr Mutale said in an interview that at the time of the incident, among other motor vehicles that were refuelling was a police vehicle.

Mr Mutale, however, said that no death or injury was recorded and the Energy Regulation Board was informed about the explosion of the tank.

“The fuel tank which is underground exploded, but there was no fire except some smoke which was seen coming out and was immediately put off,” he said.

He said the preliminary investigations had revealed that the subversive fuel tank could have had a fault leading to the explosion.

He said that the filling station has temporarily been shut down to prevent any similar occurrence until investigations were concluded.

Mr Mutale, however, said the situation at the filling station was normal.

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  1. He said the filling station has been temporarily shut down……Mr Mutale said the situation at the filling station was normal. ba LT efintu


  2. This LT is becoming so confusing. Exploded then put out, or just smoke coming out. Did it Spontaneously combust then put out? is the tank in one piece. a filling station under ground tank explosion is like a bomb. n lives within a certain distance.

    it like the other story, headline says girl story says boy. Maybe the writer just came from born and bred show. lol


  3. Ladies & gentlemen, we all have just been Jamesoned.
    The headline in one daily said “Lungu spells out Zambia’s solutions”.
    Let’s all go to sleep, case closed.



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