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President Lungu’s speech has calmed anxieties created over the past few weeks-Sunday Chanda

General News President Lungu's speech has calmed anxieties created over the past few weeks-Sunday...

Sunday Chanda
Sunday Chanda


Lusaka, Zambia, 18th September 2015 – We wish to reiterate that His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu remains unstoppable in his quest for a better Zambia.

The State of the Nation Address to Zambians through Parliament has re-assured the anxieties created over the past few weeks.

The clear and strategic sense of direction given by the Head of State today is what Zambia needs beyond fifty (50) years of Independence. The reforms pronounced by the Head of State provide a firm foundation on which generations of today’s Zambia can build dreams of that land of work and joy in unity promised by our forefathers and captured in our national anthem.

We commend the President’s splitting and re-aligning of Ministries in order to serve better the future aspirations of our nation. We also commend President Lungu for bringing to a stop the Construction of Houses for Former Heads of State. This decision must be commended by all who mean well for Zambia.

The Head of State’s clarion call for a National Day of Prayer deserves the support of all Churches in the Country, including all other Faith movements. This is because in order for Zambia to make the desired strides, nothing must replace the place of Faith in God.

In the days, weeks and months that lie ahead, we are asking Zambians to stand with President Lungu and his PF administration as he steers the nation to greater heights. There is no time for mere politicking as President Lungu has summoned the nation to hard work and dedication.

Issued by: Sunday Chilufya Chanda, Vice Chairperson, PF Media and Publicity Committee

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    • i think an inquiry into how much Jameson was consumed writing this shallow speech is in order. What the president did was create jobs for his cronies, don’t be surprise is Sunday is appointed to head one of these Ministries created.Is it a priority to spend millions of kwacha creating Ministries ? He also increased electricity tarriffs

  1. Steering the Nation to greater heights?????

    Well, that will be easy Sunday Chanda, will it not?

    Seeing as we are IN THE DITCH NOW!

    • Yes steering the nation to greater heights makes the joke of the day. I’m guessing these heights mean in the next weeks or months there will be less unemployment, stronger kwacha, less load shedding, lower inflation, lower trade deficit, higher GDP etc. These are the issues that make the most sense to Zambians in every day life.

      It takes very little intelligence to know that Lungu will not achieve any of the above

  2. Zambians were cheated by these same pf chap Sunday Chanda don’t think they will be taken for a ride again whoever the speech writer tell him it will never work you remember the 90 days lies you think we have forgotten?

  3. Comment:No anxiety will be calmed as long as little is done to correct the current economic situation. As for the speech as much as it sounded inspiring,nothing is new there, we have been Hearing those pronouncements over And over with no implementantion. And moreover,those measures are more of medium to long term solutions if at all they will work, with all this fiscal indiscipline we are witnessing with the current Govt. For now it is merely academic,but what happen to the “now problems”, the free fall of the kwacha,the loading sheding ,the high cost of living,lose of jobs,pending closures of companies, people falling out of business,increased budget difficit due to bloated cabinet caused by spliting of ministries which may be good for efficience but the timing is wrong,this time…

  4. Kikikikikikik…it all depends on what sort of eyes you are wearing. If you wear upnd eyes all you can see is misery and despair all around you, and HH in state house..you cannot see beyond your nose and see opportunities staring you in the face. By 2030 your family will still be living in abject poverty and will still be hoping HH gets into state house for that is your ultimate goal rather than uplifting the livelihood of your family. On the other hand if you are not wearing upnd eyes you can see hope and opportunity in the speech, and in 2030 you will have left a prosperous set of children and grand child,

    • On the other hand, if you have decided to become blind to the reality and lick from the floor few crumbs fallen from the high table, you may find his speech “inspiring” to the point to have courage to ask for the job in his kingdom of thieves as paid-up blogger?

  5. @ Terrible – and in 2030 you will have left a prosperous set of children and grand child – that are no longer prosperous because they will be working LIKE SLAVES to pay back the money that Chikwanda has borrowed!

  6. Its laughable with the same “old brooms” as one Chama Chakomboka used to say expecting the same results..the lazy Bum Edgar couldn’t even mention corruption!!

    • Why mentioning it? Corruption has become way of life, way for development, way to create one party state inhabited by malnourished and uneducated slaves.

    • And just watch the Kwacha go! It used to be one Kwacha to TWO Rand.

      Soon one Kwacha will not even buy ONE rand!

      New heights indeed!

  7. The President asked for an end to tribal factionalism and the promotion of a united one zambia one nation.

    Under his very nose Chama launches a scathing tribal attack, but he is neither rebuked nor corrected by the President.

    Let the President lead by example and set an example that he is serious with his words

  8. The anxieties on the impeding job losses in the mining sector have not been addressed. How can more than 5000 jobs be on the line and as head of state he keeps quiet and merely glosses on mining and it’s 80% contribution to the countries exports. The investor is supposed to create employment for the nationals, and not leaving the nationals out to dry! Where is the job security for your own people? Miners want and need that security, the mining sector alone is the largest employer of your people after government. .We need to hear you on this one.

  9. Sadly, the back patting begins. Keep it in context. It was just a speech. One which a person sleeping hungry tonight or losing their job next week, could not care less about.

    It’s a lot like going to the cinema. You watch a great but over the top, unrealistic movie where someone saves the world, then you walk back outside and no one else is feeling that adrenalin buzz except for you and the others who saw the film…

    You can’t expect everyone to fall in line just coz ED gave you the warm fuzzies…

  10. The president gives policy direction and visionary leadership and then technocrats will do the implementation while line minister enforce it inline with their manifesto and the people recieves the much needed service. Off course we didn’t expect the president to go and criticize himself like you but to provide guidance and solution regarding what is obtaining on the ground. Now critics of development should just support the speech or remain mute as you await for your time in 2050 if ever you will survive next year dissolution of your party after a sweeping lose to pf

  11. Ba Chanda, the economy is messed up, we Zambians, expect tangible actions and not speeches. We have been there before, we have heard that rhetoric before, and there is no going back. We are moving forward!
    We want actions that will rebound our Kwacha, actions that will create and prevent job losses, actions that will bring about diversification of the economy and actions that will reduce power shortages.

    Let’s see the results and our anxieties will be calmed down.

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