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Two year old girl chokes to death on a Malaria tablet

Rural News Two year old girl chokes to death on a Malaria tablet

A TWO-YEAR-boy of Zimba district in Southern Province has died after swallowing a malaria prevention tablet which choked his gullet.

The named boy, of Mapatizya Constituency, died on Wednesday last week around 20:00 hours. This was after his father, Gift Shankambo, gave him the tablet for malaria prevention.

Southern Province Police Chief Joseph Mutale confirmed the incident in an interview yesterday.

Mr Mutale said that Mr Shankambo gave the tablet to his son from some health personnel who is reported to have been conducting a malaria prevention programme in the area.

Mr Shankambo reported to Mapatizya police post on Friday last week around 03:30 hours that his son, whom he had given the tablet, had died after it choked his throat.

“The father (Mr Shankambo) gave his son a malaria tablet which he took but it choked him after swallowing it…it could be that the deceased suffocated after taking the tablet,” Mr Mutale said.

The body was taken to Zimba Mission Hospital where a post-mortem was carried out.

Mr Mutale said, during the post-mortem, the tablet was found in the deceased’s throat which concluded that the boy died from suffocation.

Police have instituted investigations on the matter.


  1. “Heimlich Maneuver” teach people basic first aid. Especially school kids, they can teach the parents. I have seen how people respond to car accidents. Most of those lives could be saved if only people knew basic first aid. like please don’t move victims with suspected spinal injury unless absolutely necessary, wait for professional first responders.

    • @Derigo:
      What an Ar.se you really are!! You are such a silly basta.rd! Why dont you just say what they should have done instead of exposing your ignorance and talking about First Aid and a fake accident!! Say what they should have done!! May the little boy’s soul rest in eternal peace!!

    • Which responsible parent gives a two year old tablets? And when the poor child started choking, the father had no clue on how to save the kid


    • Two year old can’t swallow a whole pill. Either crash the damn thing or break it up into smaller pieces. Anyway why isn’t their liquid pediatric malaria prophylaxis?

  2. LT ,
    Girl or boy?

    The headline is in conflict with the rest of the news item on the gender of the deceased child.
    It is very sad for a person to die this way.

  3. Comment: Negligency frm part of a parent,why didnt he cut it in pieces and add water for easy taking than swallowing,lets cherish God’s gift as children to us parents plz, sorry death has no return

  4. nothing can be stranger than the timing of a human demise….putting up measures to prevent you from dying but the very measure ends up killing you…..
    …one white man stopped his car on a lay bye to attend to his mobile phone….obviously trying to avoid an accident – driving while attending to the phone….from nowhere a speeding truck lost control and bashed into his parked car and died on the spot….the boy could have probably survived a malaria bout just like the white man could still have been alive today had he continued driving while attending to his fon or just to ignore the call…

    • @chilyata. Be civil, NO need for insults no matter the low esteem you may have about me. Thanks and have a wonderful day.

  5. We all carry death on our shoulders, it is a question of time. Negligence on clinical staff. Medicine should have been taken at the clinic not home.
    Sad indeed!!

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